how we RAte Laser Therapy Products

Man Wearing Laser Therapy Hat

At BOWTIEDLIFE, we know that hair loss and balding is terrifying.

So our editors and experts devote time to reviewing laser therapy hats thoroughly to give our readers the most actionable advice. 

To give you a better idea of how we review laser therapy hats, below is some information on what we look for in these products. 

overall rating FACTORS

We believe in using laser therapy hats that we recommend therefore, we make it our priority to test laser hats in real-life settings at home. 

When testing, we are looking to review the laser therapy hats in the following areas.

  1. Safety
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Appearance


FDA Approved Safety.

If a laser therapy hat is not approved by the FDA then we don’t want you going anywhere near the device. 

When considering the safety of your hair scalp we are looking at the after effects from a short to medium term window.

We want to make sure the product doesn’t damage your scalp or makes your hair loss even worse. So we are looking for side effects over time.

Also, we understand that everyone is not the same. Therefore, we consider how different hair loss types and age groups will be impacted by our recommendations. 

Overall, we are trying to test if the product will give you the results you desire without risking your health and safety.


Testing for effectiveness considers how well the product achieves its intended purpose. 

In our case, when you use a recommended laser therapy hat, is your hair production actually stimulated and do you notice visible improvement in your hair over time and how quickly.

A Lot of times this comes down to the type of technology in the device. Therefore, we are looking for what lasers the hats come with.

Overall, when we recommend laser therapy hats, our bottom line is that we want to see hair growth results.


Appearances are not important to everyone, but it is certainly important to us when it comes to hair loss. 

Nobody likes the feeling of everyone looking at their bald spot or thinning hair.

We want to be able to regrow our hair in private. That way our hair is back to normal without anyone noticing.

Therefore, we consider how much you can notice the laser therapy hat that is worn and how disguised your hair loss is.

why you should trust us

The advice and product recommendations at BOWTIEDLIFE are purely our opinion.

We purchase or rent products to test ourselves so that you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Although we do receive an affiliate commission on some of the products we mention and recommend, our recommendations are based on our personal experience.

Before we publish any content, we have our content thoroughly reviewed and validated for accuracy by the chief editor and our expert dermatologist, to vet what has been written on the page.

We hope you find our hair product reviews helpful and informative. 

Read more here on our overall testing guidelines.