how we RAte watches

Since 2008, we have been lucky enough to meet some of the most successful people in the world and see luxury watches first-hand.

Ever since then, we have an appreciation for classics and elegance.

Now, we want to share our knowledge with YOU.

overall rating & recommendation

Our objective is to provide our readers with an honest and transparent opinion. The recommendations we make are based on our experience, taste, and deep knowledge of the industry.

Horology is a very niche and deep business and we receive a wide range of readers.

So, there are a few key elements we will focus on.

  1. Design: What the does the watch look like aesthetically? Accessories such as watches are an extension of your style and personality.
  2. Quality: What materials is the watch made from? High grade materials will stand the test of time and allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Price: Are you paying more than necessary for the particular watch? We want to make sure each timepiece is reasonably priced.
  4. Value: Is the specific watch a good investment? Not only are watches accessories, but they are also assets. We want them to appreciate over time.
  5. Reliability: Will your watch be able to withstand the same pressures from life as you? Our team ensures that each watch is durable enough for the battles from everyday wear.

Design Appeal

Your watch is not only a functional timekeeping device, but also a statement about your style.

A good looking watch provides you with a touch sophistication and confidence.

When identifying a new watch, we look for a harmonious blend of design elements, such as an attractive dial, well-proportioned case, and a complementary strap or bracelet that all come together to show personal taste.

WAtch quality

A quality made watch for us means that it is reliable, durable, and can stand the tests of time.

When finding a watch of quality, we look for premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, precise movements, and reputable brands that prioritize excellence in watchmaking.


Our paths in life and very different. Each person has a different starting and end to their life journey.

This means that each person can afford more or less the others.

To accommodate all of our readers, we find a diverse group of watches from entry to luxury.

value & worth

In addition to monetary worth, we also consider the watch’s craftsmanship, heritage, and exclusivity.

A watch holds history and artistry, representing the pinnacle of horological expertise.

We look for watches that offer unique features, limited editions, and iconic designs so that the timepiece you purchase will appreciate and age gracefully over time.

watch reliability

Watches should be precise and have robust movement that remains accurate over extended periods of time.

For us, this is important because it ensures that exact timekeeping and functionality in all situations.

Our team looks for features such as water resistance, scratch-resistant materials, and a solid build quality.

why you should trust us

The advice and product recommendations at BOWTIEDLIFE are purely our opinion.

We purchase or rent products to test ourselves so that you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Although we do receive an affiliate commission on some of the products we mention and recommend, our recommendations are based on our personal experience.

Before we publish any content, we have our content thoroughly reviewed and validated for accuracy by the chief editor and our fine goods expert to vet what has been written on the page.

We hope you find our watch reviews helpful and informative. 

Read more here on our overall testing guidelines.