how we rate products

Testing productions and rating them.

At BOWTIEDLIFE, it is our mission to provide our readers with the most actionable lifestyle decisions, it’s that simple.

We thoroughly research and test numerous anti-aging, wellness, fitness, and fashion products with the goal of socializing honest reviews from our editors and experts.

how do we test?

We believe in using the products that we recommend therefore, we make it our priority to test products in real-life settings at home.

When testing, we are looking to scrutinize the product in three different areas.

  1. Efficacy
  2. Packaging
  3. Safety


Testing for efficacy considers how well the product achieves its intended purpose.

For example, when you use a recommended cleanser, does your face actually feel cleaner and do you notice visible improvement in your skin over time.

When we recommend products, our bottom line is that we want to see results.


Packaging or design is not important to everyone, but it is certainly important to us.

Nobody likes to see their products fall apart or explode on the way from the manufacturer or on the way home.

Also, the way in which a product is stored really provides us with the excitement to want to even use it.

Finally, we are reviewing products for their ability to be easily accessed and portability.


Safety, safety, safety!

If it’s not safe we don’t want you going anywhere near the product. When considering safety we are looking at the after effects from a short, medium, and long term perspective.

Also, we understand everyone is not the same.

Therefore, we consider how different groups of people will be impacted by our recommendations.

Overall, we are trying to understand what the composition of the product is and what is included.

why you should trust us

The advice and product recommendations at BowTiedLife are purely our opinion. We purchase or rent products to test ourselves so that you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Although we do receive an affiliate commission on some of the products we mention and recommend, our recommendations are based on our personal experience.

Before we publish any content, we have our content thoroughly reviewed and validated for accuracy by the chief editor and our experts to vet what has been written on the page.

We hope you find our watch reviews helpful and informative.