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WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders 2023: Battle Of The Best


Not sure about which watch winder to buy? We compare WOLF vs MOZSLY watch winders, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Unsure about which watch winder to buy?

There are so many brands out there who claim to be the best watch winders for your luxury watch.

And through our exhaustive research, we found that the two most-trusted brands of watch winders are WOLF and MOZSLY.

So what really separates WOLF and MOZSLY watch winders?

Well, that is why we will have a head-to-head comparison between MOZSLY vs WOLF to determine which brand is better for our watches.

We thoroughly examined the overall features and compared them for design, performance, and quality.

In summary, it was close, but after days of detailed review, here’s what we discovered:

  • WOLF offers outstanding quality and functionality
  • MOZSLY offers a more modern and eye catching design

We ultimately chose WOLF as the winner, with the WOLF 270002 Heritage being great for both casual watch wearers and avid watch collectors.

And so if you want to know more about each brand, read our detailed review below.

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Our Pick For Best WOLF Watch Winder: WOLF 270002 Heritage

WOLF 270002 Heritage

Check Current Price | Best Watch Winder Overall | Rating: 5 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Was able to run 24 hours a day continuously
  • Completely silent
  • Customer service extremely helpful


  • Faux leather not real leather

Our Experience With WOLF 270002 Heritage

Looking for a watch winder you can trust to wind your automatic watches?

If so, then we would definitely recommend using the WOLF 270002 Heritage.

This WOLF watch winder offers a functional, classically designed device for winding your automatic watches on a daily basis.

It features a single-slot winder, a latch closure with a glass cover, and a chrome-finished house case covered with smooth black vegan leather.

This model has pre-programmed rotation settings that can do 900 turns per day (TPD) in a specific direction, such as clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. 

It also has sleep and pause functions to prevent over-winding.

Moreover, it is run by an ultra-quiet motor with a dual power supply feature that can be powered by batteries or AC, so you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

With its quality and functionality, we are sure that timepieces in your watch collection will never run out of power again.

Here is a table summarizing the top watch winders from WOLF in 2023. If you want more details on what our experts think about a specific device, keep reading along!

Best WOLF Watch WinderBest Feature# Of Watches
WOLF 270002 HeritageBest Watch Winder Overall1
WOLF 270102 HeritageBest Dual Watch Winder2
Cub Single Watch WinderBest Watch Winder For Rolex1

Our Pick For Best MOZSLY Watch Winder: MOZSLY Automatic Single Watch Winder

MOZSLY Automatic Single Watch Winder

Check Current Price | Best Single Watch Winder | Rating: 5 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Generous customer warranty
  • Offers customization for timing of spins and pad size


  • Motor prone to being overworked
  • Short warranty

Our Experience With MOZSLY Automatic Single Watch Winder

Simple, elegant, and practical — those are the main features you can get if you choose to have a MOZSLY Automatic Single Watch Winder to take care of your automatic watch. 

The handmade MOZSLY watch winder is made of high-quality leather that is dust-proof and easy to clean. 

It also features clear acrylic glass that gives extra protection to your timepiece while still allowing you to display its beauty.

It is equipped with a Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor with multiple settings for TPD & rotations to cater to the winding needs of different types of automatic watches and their movements.

Moreover, it allows multiple MOZSLY watch winders to be linked together via connecting cables and be powered by a single AC power supply, making it a perfect watch winder option for people who have just started their watch collection.

Here is a table summarizing the top watch winders from MOZSLY in 2023. If you want more details on what our experts think about a specific device, keep reading along!

Best MOZSLY Watch WinderBest Feature# Of Watches
MOZSLY Watch Winder for Automatic WatchesBest Single Watch Winder1
MOZSLY Double Watch Self Winding BoxBest Automatic Watch Winder2
MOZSLY Double Watch Winder with Quiet MotorBest Multi Watch Winder2

WOLF And MOZSLY: Brand Overview


WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders

WOLF is a fifth-generation company that was founded in 1834. They are famous for creating high-quality, functional, and reliable watch winders used by thousands of watch collectors worldwide. 

Thanks to their outstanding craftsmanship and innovations, WOLF watch winders received several awards and global recognition for their quality and designs.

Besides creating high-quality watch winders, WOLF is also recognized for their jewelry boxes, watch rolls, and other accessories, which earned them a reputation in the luxury watch accessory industry.


WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders

MOZSLY is a watch winder company based in South Croydon, UK.

It was founded by Sheldon, also an avid watch collector, to create a line of watch winders that would not only keep the watch wound and ready to wear but also add a touch of luxury to the whole experience of wearing a watch.

Their team is composed of 20 individuals who are highly trained and skilled craftsmen creating high-quality handmade watch winders each day.

The Best WOLF Watch Winders

#3. Cub Single Watch Winder

Check Current Price | Best Watch Winder For Rolex | Rating: 4 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Extremely quiet
  • Available in beautiful color tones
  • Suitable for watches of any size


  • Only clockwise rotation

Our Experience With Cub Single Watch Winder

If you want to wind your watch in style, the Cub Single Watch Winder is probably the best model that fits your needs. 

Available in 12 vegan leather colors, these watch winders are meticulously built with sharp designs and reliable functionality that can take care of your favorite watch with ease.

The key features of this winder include a glass cover, a grosgrain faceplate, a chrome-finished case, and a single winding module. 

It is run by an ultra-quiet motor, which works so silently that you can barely hear it even if it is operational.

This WOLF Cub Single Watch Winder also has a lock-in dynamic cuff for ultimate protection and a low-density foam to accommodate all watch sizes and watch brands, including Rolex, TAG Heuer, or even Richard Mille watches.

#2. WOLF 270102 Heritage

Check Current Price | Best Dual Watch Winder | Rating: 4 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Built in 12 hour start delay
  • Very elegant and quiet
  • Luxurious packaging and cloth bag included


  • Does not completely wind sometimes

Our Experience With WOLF 270102 Heritage

The WOLF 270102 Heritage is a two-slot winder that has an intermittent rotation program to keep your watches from being wound excessively, even if you leave them inside at night while sleeping.

It has a smooth faux leather exterior that is dust-proof and a chrome clasp closure to add another layer of protection, besides having a sturdy interior watch cuff.

And although it takes a lot more space with a dimension of 7.5 x 10.25 x 6.25 inches, this is a little bit understandable as it can wind two watches at the same time.

If you are looking for a great gift idea for men who love collecting watches (like you), then giving him a WOLF 270102 Heritage would absolutely make him happy.

The Best MOZSLY Watch Winders

#3. MOZSLY Double Watch Winder with Quiet Motor

Check Current Price | Best Multi Watch Winder | Rating: 4 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Extremely quiet
  • Elegant and modern design
  • 3-year warranty


  • External material starts to fray slightly

Our Experience With MOZSLY Double Watch Winder with Quiet Motor

If you have multiple automatic watches that need to be wound simultaneously, the MOZSLY Double Watch Winder is one of the best options to consider.

This double-watch winder showcases a classic design with its high-quality faux leather that is also available in a lot of finishes and colors.

Like the previous MOZSLY winder, it is powered by an ultra-quiet Japanese-made motor with 3 direction options (clockwise, counterclockwise, and both) and 4 TPD settings from 650, 900, 1,200, or 1,500 that work with most mechanical watches on the market.

It is powered either by an AC adapter or any disposable batteries, making it an ideal watch accessory to accompany you even if you need to travel.

And to prove the quality of their winders, MOZSLY offers a 3-year warranty on every product they sell. 

Nice deal, right?

#2. MOZSLY Double Watch Self Winding Box

Check Current Price | Best Automatic Watch Winder | Rating: 4.5 out of 5

WOLF vs MOZSLY Watch Winders


  • Spacious enough for larger watches
  • Anti-magnetization feature
  • 3-year warranty


  • Bulky and not suitable for travel

Our Experience With MOZSLY Double Watch Self Winding Box

If you are going to ask us, the MOZSLY Double Watch Self Winding Box is one of the most reliable automatic winders in the market today that comes at a very reasonable price.

It showcases a classic redwood design that exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement.

And besides having a solid motor that powers the winding box, it also has an anti-magnetization feature to prevent any potential damage to the delicate mechanisms in your automatic watches. 

But that’s not all! 

It also has a built-in telescopic watch pillow that can stretch and retract freely to adapt to different watch cases and strap sizes. 

This guarantees your watches are wound securely and comfortably.


Where are MOZSLY watch winders made?

Although the company is based in the UK, MOZSLY’s watch winders are made in China. 

Where are WOLF winders made?

All WOLF watch winders are made in a private facility in China.

Can you overwind a Rolex in a watch winder?

No, a watch winder cannot overwind your Rolex watch, especially if you use a high-quality winding box.

WOLF vs MOZSLY – Conclusion

And that’s a wrap-up for the battle of the best brands famous for creating the most in-demand watch winders on the market.

Both WOLF and MOZSLY stand out when it comes to creating a reliable winder that we can trust with our watch collection. 

And to tell the truth, deciding which is better sometimes depends on your personal taste.

However, for us, the best overall watch winder is the WOLF 270002 Heritage.

Other top WOLF watch winders include the WOLF 270102 Heritage and Cub Single Watch Winder.

Regarding MOZSLY watch winders, our top choice is the MOZSLY Automatic Single Watch Winder.

Other excellent MOZSLY watch winders you should also try are the MOZSLY Double Watch Self Winding Box and MOZSLY Double Watch Winder with Quiet Motor.

And if you want to find out which will win if you compare the WOLF vs BARRINGTON watch winders, you can also check our detailed comparison here.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? We want to hear from you, so feel free to comment down below!

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