Do You Ever Wonder? What Would I Look Like Bald?

Your hair is coming out in droves. It’s as if someone just emptied the vacuum on your floor or in your shower.

So you start to feel your hair and notice it is not as thick as before. The first thought, after your stress settles is, “What would I look like bald?”.

Fortunately, the answer is easy, thanks to different apps that can show you what you would look like.

If this is something you have been thinking about, then balding might be in your future.

In this article, we will cover apps you can use, signs of balding, styles to go with a bald head, and some myths about hair loss.

Let’s begin!

Explore Bald Looks With Popular Apps

It’s the 21st century. This means there are tons of apps out there for you to know how bald looks on you. Below are our favorite face changer apps.


Baldify is an amazing application that will show you how you will look at different stages of the balding process. All you have to do is take a selfie, and the app will convert you into a bald head.

This app is available for Apple and android phones.

Best Features

  • Fast and easy to download
  • Crop face image easily
  • Fully animated app
  • Face is animated to smile, cough, and blink
  • Choose different bald hair styles such as friar and alfalfa

Download on Google Play

Download on App Store


An easy to use and fun way to know how you would look bald is the BaldBooth app.

Best Features

  • Works with photos from your photo library
  • Crop images of head shape easily with face detection feature
  • Adjust ears, eyes, and eyebrows
  • Save the results in your photo library

Download on App Store

This app is not available for android phones.

How Does It Feel To Be Bald

How You Feel

Until you go completely bald, you have no clue as to how much you hid behind your hair. Your hair is something that a lot of people instantly notice when they first see you.

But, going bald is a liberating feeling!

Some people have said they felt a sense of freedom and empowerment after shaving their hair. Even women!

Yet, this is not something that feels natural. Especially if you have spent most of your life looking towards other people to validate your bald style. But once you decide you take the step you will wish you had freed yourself sooner.

What Other People Think

There is no one size fits all answer. People are received differently by the world. Even celebrities get mixed reactions.

Movie stars and celebrities like The Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Patrick Stewart used to have hair before going full bald look. Yet, the world applauded their change in hair style. Most women think these bald guys are bold, masculine, and sexy.

On the other hand, regular people get different reactions depending on who you ask. Some people are even disappointed by the feedback they got.

Normal bald men are generally accepted by society with very few comments on their bald head. For women who go bald, they might receive more negative feedback due to them getting more appreciation with a long hair style.

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Best Bald Men Styles

To maximize your looks, here are the best bald styles for most men.

Bald Men Style For Glasses

Bald with Glasses
Bald with Glasses

When you have a bad head there are no other distractions if you are wearing glasses. With glasses and a bald head, people will have to focus on your face.

You want everyone to look at you, to stare at your eyes, check out your chiseled jawline, and be able to vibe with you.

This is one of the best styles for guys who want to go bald. It looks especially classy if you pair a bowtie while wearing eyeglasses.

Bald Men Style For Full Style Beard

Bald with Full Beard
Bald with Full Beard

Pulling off this look requires a clean shaved bald head and an exquisitely groomed beard.

The main reason for having a beard with a bald head is to even out your overall head shape.

In particular, this style is best for people with the below types of beards.

  • Full Beard
  • Garibaldi
  • Veron
  • Ducktail
  • Chin Curtain
  • Bandholz
  • Klingon
  • Extended Goatee

For gentlemen that have full beards, it is not hard to switch your beard style from one to another. You can either go very short or very long.

BowTied Tip: With a good beard, you won’t need to shave your head completely. You can keep hair on the side of your head, based on preference.

Bald Men Style For Stubble

Bald with Stubble
Bald with Stubble

Stubble is when you have very short facial hair. It is also known as a five o’clock shadow. 

Keeping stubble on your face is great for men with a bald head and a buzz cut on the sides of their head. The reason why this style is great for bald guys is because it is simple and easy to maintain the style.

Overall, a stubble beard is an awesome way to balance the balding of hair on your head. 

Bald Men Style For Clean Shave

Bald with Clean Shaven
Bald with Clean Shaven

This style isn’t necessarily a counter to baldness on your head, however this no-beard style is bold, confident, and attractive for a bald gentleman. This style shows everyone your masculinity and boldness.

Signs That You Might Be Balding

Man with Bald Patch
Man with Bald Patch

Going bald isn’t an overnight thing. Actually, you can spot a balding head many years before it happens. 

There are some signs that are passing, but other signs of hair loss are more permanent. The following are the most common signs of balding.

Thinning Hair

The most common sign of balding is thinning hair. It is a major sign that significant hair changes are coming. Both men and women see this sign when balding is starting to stop their natural hair growth process.

For men, they will notice thinning to start near their hairlines at the front of the scalp or balding around the crown near the back of their heads. On the other hand, women may start to experience thinning at the top of their head.

Patchy Hair

Instead of an entire area of the scalp thinning out, patching is another sign of balding. Patchy hair can begin all over your scalp, but it tends to lead to baldness.

It may not be clear and obvious, but you may notice missing patches more easily in the shower. If you find that more hair than usual is found when you wash your hair, you should check to see if patching is happening.

Loose Hair

This sign is much more scary and nerve wracking. Loosening happens when you just pull your hair and it starts falling out. Loose hair is another indication of baldness about to come.

With this being said, loose hair can also mean that you might not be taking care of your hair properly. If a hair product you are using damages your hair or you keep tight hairstyles then it may cause your hair to loosen. Taking better care of your hair can help slow the process of balding. 

5 Male Pattern Baldness Myths

There are many myths about being bald. Below we will discuss the most common misconceptions that you might hear when going bald.

Hair Loss Is Only For Old People

Your hair starts thinning as you get older, but this isn’t the main reason for male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness. Hair loss can start as early as your teenage years.

Many men who have bald genes in their family can start experiencing MPB as early as 20 years old. Fortunately, hair loss is easier to treat when you have most of your hair and are young. It becomes much harder to keep your hair as you grow old.

Bald Heads Are Only Good For People With Pattern Baldness

Generally, a shaved head is associated with people born with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Therefore, it is accepted when you shave your head when going bald.

However, this is not the case for people born with normal, healthy hair. People with healthy hair might be less appreciated if they decide to go bald.

Yet, the style of going completely bald is something that more and more people like today. Rich and high status men have taken on the bald man style.

Hair Loss Is Caused By Stress

According to the Hair Society, psychological and physiological stress increases your cortisol levels. Higher levels of cortisol can lead to gaining weight and potentially hair loss.

But stress isn’t the main reason for you losing your hair. What actually causes your hair loss is having the pattern baldness genetic trait.

If you have the predisposition to pattern baldness, then stress will negatively affect your hair. This is because stress decreases the flow of blood that carries nutrients to your hair.

In general, normal people who experience stress won’t go bald from having it.

Hair Loss Comes From Your Mom’s Side

The most important factor when it comes to hair loss, is your genetics. This is especially true for men. But, getting the hair loss genes from either side of your family is big.

Based on clinical studies, the X chromosome coming from your mom’s side is typically guilty of causing hair loss. But, new studies have shown us that the hair loss condition can come from both the X or Y chromosome.

Washing Your Head Less

This is absolutely false. But, there is some truth in this.

Average guys typically find the first thing they can buy off of the shelf. Even ladies use products that are bad for their hair.

However, bald people do actually use shampoo and conditioner.

There are times when changing your routine and moving away from shampoo can help your hair. Washing your hair too much isn’t going to help you get healthier hair. Using a conditioner is actually better at cleaning your hair.

If you want to keep your hair safe, try to avoid bad hair ingredients like parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfates.

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