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Exclusive Survey: 90% Of Women Think Men Without Watches Are Less Attractive


Want to know the secret to what women think is attractive on men? Well, we surveyed over 350+ women to understand what they care about and their thoughts about guys wearing watches.

So, do you want to know what women really want?

Well, if you’re a guy, it was probably the opposite of what you thought all along.

Now, we will spill the secret and let you know what women find attractive on guys. 

In this article, we will explain what women think about mens style based on a large survey we conducted.

For more details on the survey, process, and results. Keep reading along!

Are Watches Attractive On Guys?

Survey says…

Yes! Most women think watches make men more attractive.

But just how many?

Well, our team polled women all over the US to find out what they think about guys’ style and if watches were important. Here are the results…

  • 88% of women think watches make you more attractive
  • 73% of women think watches indicate you have more money
  • 74% of women think watches indicate you are more trustworthy
Watches attractive on guys

Why Is What Women Find Attractive Important?

In our opinion, you want to make life as easy as possible. Life is already throwing punches at you left and right. Why not do yourself a favor?

And as a guy you should optimize your style to be as attractive as possible. 

This is in addition to wearing what suits your tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, a guy can do or wear so many things to enhance their look. So it is important to figure out what actually makes a difference and what is fluff.

Study Source & Answers

When we found out that we loved watches and became watch enthusiasts. We wanted to understand if women care about watches too.

So, we went out and surveyed 354 women across the US. This population varied from college students to girlfriends to wives to mothers. 

Also, we tried to gain as much diversity as possible by surveying women of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Not every single person we approached answered this study, so these answers may have some bias towards either end of the spectrum. But we will assume this sample was sufficient.

Process & Methodology

The survey that was ran asked 9 different questions to females. Here they are:

What is the first thing you notice about a person’s style?

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Shoes

What is the first thing you notice about a person’s accessories?

  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Belts
  • Rings

Do you find wearing a watch is more attractive? Yes or No?

Do you think a guy wearing a watch has more money? Yes or No?

Do you think a guy wearing a watch is more trustworthy? Yes or No?

Do you know what a Rolex watch is? Yes or No?

Do you know what a Seiko watch is? Yes or No?

Do you know what a Tissot watch is? Yes or No?

Would you buy an Apple watch? Yes or No?

When organizing the survey we knew that the order of the questions made a difference. If we asked about watches right away then there would be alot of bias in the responses.

So, we made sure to sequence the watch related questions last to remove any bias.

We also wanted to gauge how savvy women were when it came to watch shopping. So, we also tried to ask questions about different watch brands to understand their experience.

The Results

Here are the results from our survey:

What Is The First Thing Women Notice About A Guy’s Style?

Watch attractive on guys.

What Is The First Thing You Notice About A Man’s Accessories?

Watch attractive on guys.

Women’s Thoughts About Style & Watches

Watch attractive on guys.

Insights & Conclusion

And now it’s time to draw conclusions from the results of our survey!

First, it is clear that women favor guys and are attracted to men who wear watches. Over 90% said they think men who wear watches are more attractive.

In addition to attractiveness, women thought that guys who wore watches were also more likely to have money (73%). This means that guys who wear watches are perceived to have more status and power.

Also, men who wear watches appear to be more trustworthy (74%) to women. Not only do watches show trustworthiness but also reliability. Especially when it comes to keeping proper time.

However, accessories like watches are not the only thing important to women. They also look at men’s clothes. Actually, it was quite even.

47% of women looked at a man’s clothes and 47% looked at a man’s accessories.

In terms of men’s fashion accessories, watches were by far the most important accessory. Over 68% of women said that watches are the first accessory that they notice. They were followed by necklaces and rings.

Finally, it is clear that women know about different watch brands. Especially some of the top Swiss watch brands.

Virtually all of the women survey knew what a Rolex watch was (96%). But, they also knew what Seiko (83%) or Tissot (69%) watches are as well.

The final question about watches was in reference to Apple watches. Even though women know about luxury watchmakers. They would still consider buying an Apple watch (78%).

This means that women care about watches in general and find them attractive. Not just the luxury watches.

So if you’re a guy you probably want to start researching watches. A good place to start is our guide to beginning a watch collecting hobby.

And if you are more experienced, then check out some of the best turquoise dial watches.

Now, if you are a lady, you should consider picking up a watch for your boyfriend or your husband as a gift.

If you have questions or comments on this study, let us know in the comments below!

Ethan Hunt is the executive editor of, a luxury lifestyle website. With a background in education, he has a keen interest in educating readers on the finer things in life, particularly in the realm of fashion and luxury style. His love for these topics has led him to pursue a career in editorial work and he continues to share his knowledge with readers around the world.

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