How To Explain Undercut Disconnected Vs Connected Men’s Haircuts

Undercuts are still one of the most trendy and go-to hairstyles for men. It can give you a unique style that can bring you an instant edge that turns heads whenever you walk into a room.

Although this hairstyle has been here for the past few decades, people are still confused about the difference between disconnected undercuts and connected haircuts.

So today, we will try to explain the difference between disconnected and connected undercut hairstyles and why men still prefer and love this haircut. We will also show you some of the best and trendiest undercut variations worthy of your attention.

So If you want to give yourself a new look this year, keep reading and try these modern undercut trends!

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What Is An Undercut Haircut Style?

This haircut is a high-contrast style that can perfectly fit every man’s face shape and hair texture. The Undercut hairstyle’s key features are longer hair on top that is enough to be slicked back while having short or shaved sides.

But avoid thinking that an undercut is just a one-trick hairstyle. This eye-catching haircut can be mixed into different hairstyles to make picture-perfect hair on top of your head.

This hairstyle is quite known for its versatility. It doesn’t matter if you have longer or shorter hair, as long as you can style it right. It can also work with every hair type, even if you have wavy hair, straight or curly hair.

Styling depends on your undercut hairstyle variation, but the common thing you need for styling a hair undercut is to blow dry your hair while brushing or combing and using hair products to add texture and design.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut Haircut

The disconnected undercut hairstyle relies on a sharp contrast between your top hair and the shaved or short sides. This disconnected haircut is named because the hair on top of your head is “disconnected” from the short hair on the sides and back.

These disconnected undercut hairstyles are ideal for guys who want a bold, daring, and exciting contemporary look.

By combining it with other classic hairstyles, such as french crop, faux hawk, or even a side swept hairstyle, you are guaranteed to be a stunner wherever you go.

If you want this undercut hairstyle, your hair should be long enough to have the desired effect. The minimum length required for the disconnected undercut hairstyle is at least 2 inches of top hair for you to make a style out of it.

Connected Undercut

Connected Undercut Haircut

In a connected undercut, there is a smooth transition between the side and the top hair, even though they differ in length. To make this, your barber will incorporate low or high fade to graduate smoothly from short to long.

The main difference between this haircut and a disconnected haircut is the sharp contrast between short sides and long top hair. 

When you get an undercut, the section of hair at the round of the head or the top area on the back and sides will be trimmed. In a connected haircut, this is the area that a barber will use to blend the sides of the haircut into the top.

Undercut Pompadour

Undercut Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour undercut is a hairstyle where the top is styled into a classic pompadour while the sides are shortened with low fade and left disconnected from the hair on top. This classic style gives every man who wears them a refined impression that never gets old.

Unlike the similar style that became a favorite in the 50s by rock and roll icons, the contemporary pompadour undercut has shaved sides or undercut fade to achieve a sharper and more modern aesthetic.

When styling this haircut, the high-volume hair on top should be blow-dried, and combed backward until it dries. Then add a considerable amount of pomade, depending on your hair length, to create a wet-looking appearance.

Undercut with Braids

Undercut with Braids Haircut

With long braided hair on top and undercut fade on the sides and back, these undercut braids are perfect for men who were gifted with afro-textured hair.

This braided undercut makes the volume of the long top hair look thinner, which helps to highlight the facial features of every man who wears it.

This haircut is also one of the most versatile undercuts that you can have. You can wear this hairstyle loose and down or tied up and make a mini man bun of braided hair to make your look stand out from the rest.

This hairstyle will only work for people with long hair to medium-length hair. But if you have shorter hair, you might want to consider other hairstyles for men as alternatives.

Undercut with Slick Back

Undercut with Slick Back Haircut

A slicked-back undercut is a modern take on classic hair fashion that is styled with short hair on the sides and a long top haircut. The result is a clean and sexy look that blends traditional Patrick Bateman-esque and contemporary men’s hair trends. 

This slicked-back hair with a disconnected undercut hairstyle implies shaving off the hair on the sides and pushing the elongated top toward the back of your head.

Although a slicked-back undercut may look cool, this cut is not for the faint of heart, which is why it was not previously popular among men, and only hipsters wear this hairstyle. But now, it is considered one of the most popular Hollywood haircuts you can wear.

Lastly, this haircut is easy to maintain and can be pulled off on any hair texture, from straight hair to curly hair. And if you have a beard, this will look perfect for you.

Undercut with Side Part

Undercut with Side Part Haircut

This hairstyle features undercut sides while the longer hair on top is swept over to the side. Like other side parted haircuts and combed-over style, in this haircut, you can opt for long, mid-length, or short hair on top.

In the early days, this hairstyle used to be worn as a disconnected undercut. But now, fade or taper can make this more modest while giving a modern and much more stylish look. An excellent option for men who want to wear a simple yet refined undercut hairstyle.

This hairstyle is best suited for men with straight hair to highlight the neat lines and sharp appearance of the longer hair above. And if you have fine hair, investing in some styling products that add more volume is essential such as salt spray and root-boosting powders.

Undercut with Textured Top

Undercut with Textured Top. Haircut

This undercut features a tightly shortened back and sides, with a disconnect between them and the hair that is styled forward on the top.

If you think your hair is thick, messy, and unmanageable, then this is the most suitable undercut for you. To get this, ask your barber to shave the back and side tightly and trim some hair on the top while gradually leaving it longer towards the front.

This is also a good option for men with receding hairline as forward-lying hair helps hide some parts of your scalp skin.

This cut is easy to style. You can only use your fingers to work a matte paste through damp hair to produce texture and separation, then leave it until it is dry, and that’s it.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Undercut Haircut

Before going to the barber, you need to be sure that you have enough length for the style you want to have. If you want this haircut, your hair length should be at least 3 to 4 inches long. But this also depends on your hair texture.

You can describe the particular details you want to have with your barber. But it is also helpful to show a picture of the exact undercut styles you desire. And depending on your undercut, indicate how long you want the hair on top to be.

For the sides and back, let the barber know if you want it shaved or faded for your desired look.

How To Style The Undercut Haircut

Aesop Hair Polish

As we said above, there are several undercut variations that you can choose from to wear and style this haircut. But in general, here are the ways to style your new undercut haircut.

  1. After washing your hair, you can use a blow dryer or towel to dry it until it’s damp 
  2. Add a small amount of styling product that you want. This will help you add control and a little bit of hold to set your foundation in place
  3. Next, use a comb or brush and comb your top hair to the position where you want them to go 
  4. Then blow dry your hair in the same direction you comb or brush it. You can also add some styling products to ensure that they will hold your hair throughout the day

How To Maintain Your Undercut Haircut

Getting a disconnected undercut hairstyle is a fun way to add some edge to your overall look. However, the short hair in the back and the sides grows out super fast, which is why you need to visit your barber every 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance trim.

Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner is also essential to remove dirt and excess oil that might be stuck in your hair and scalp. You may also want to take natural hair growth supplements to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Undercut Haircut Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Style Of The Undercut Haircut?

The slicked-back undercut is probably the most famous style in the world’s undercuts community. Although it is slightly different from other undercut styles, the slicking makes it appear unique and appealing.

How Do I Know Which Undercut Haircut Is For Me?

An undercut hairstyle is a versatile haircut that can fit every face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. This is good for almost every man as long as they have enough length of hair to start on.

What Type Of Hair Is Good For Undercut?

An undercut can work with all hair types, but it appears specifically sleek with straight hair. 

Undercut Haircut – Conclusion

And those are the things you need to know about the undercut hairstyles for men. We hope that  with this article, we have answered some of your questions regarding this popular hairstyle.

And now that you know the difference between disconnected and connected undercuts, this is time for you to know more about the trendiest fade you can use to elevate your undercut hairstyle.

To learn more about the fade haircut and how to boost your overall style, see our article on the most stylish different fade haircuts today.

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