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Tom Brady Watch Collection (Updated 2023)


Tom Brady's watch collection value is estimated to be $81,000+. His net worth is approximately $250 million.

Did you know Tom Brady has played in the NFL for more than 50% of his life?

Tom Brady is the undisputed best football player to ever play the game and has played over 300 NFL games.

Given his successful football career and business ventures, Brady has accumulated tons of wealth. With this money he has invested in homes and cars. Also, like other elite athletes such as Floyd Mayweather and Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady collects elite watches.

Today, we want to give you a peek into his sophisticated watch collection.

So, if you are interested in watches or an horologist, we hope you learn about some of the most sought after timepieces out there.

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What is Tom Brady’s Watch Collection Worth?

Watch Collection Worth:$81,000+
Born:August 3, 1977
Height:1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Country Of Origin:USA
Source Of Wealth:Athlete
Last Update:January 2023

The 5 Most Expensive Watches In Tom Brady’s Watch Collection

The below list of watches and values have been sourced from trusted sources around the industry by our fine luxury goods expert.

These are the 5 most expensive watches in Tom Brady’s collection:

#5. IWC GST Chronograph Rattrapante – $6,500

IWC GST Chronograph Rattrapante Tom Brady Watch Collection

The GST Chronograph Rattrapante from IWC rounds out our top five for Tom Brady. Of all of the IWC’s that Tom Brady owns, this is the only chrome plated IWC.

Making quite a statement, the Rattrapante features a pure white back dial, hints of red color, and then the 3 different subdials.

#4. IWC Pilot Worldtimer – $7,000

IWC Pilot Worldtimer Tom Brady Watch Collection

Another IWC Pilot watch that is owned by Tom Brady is the Worldtimer. It is a classy watch that features a 24 hour time display and an alligator leather strap.

One of the best features about this watch is the labeling of over 20 different cities across the outer circumference of the dial.

#3. Rolex Milgauss – $7,200

Rolex Milgauss Tom Brady Watch Collection

The Rolex Milgauss is one of the most unique Rolex’s out there. It is not a surprise that it is also owned by Tom Brady. This watch comes in at third place on this list.

The special traits that this watch has include the green sapphire crystal, intense black dial and the orange lightning bolt watch second hand.

#2. IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner – $12,300

IWC Pilot's Watch Timezoner Tom Brady Watch Collection

Made by the International Watch Company (IWC), the Timezoner is a pilot’s watch perfect for those who are world travelers. With one turn of the bezel you are able to change time zones which means no headache when traveling across the world.

The coolest aspect of this watch is the engraved plane on the case back. Looking at it will never let you forget about the elite company you are in. Including Tom Brady!

#1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rubber Diver – $35,000

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rubber Diver Tom Brady Watch Collection

Coming in the top of this list is the AP Royal Oak Diver which is more of a sporty looking timepiece. Made for adventurous types, this watch is perfect for a gritty athlete like Tom Brady.

The Royal Oak Diver comes with a sapphire crystal case and rubber clad screw-locked crowns. Our favorite part about this watch is the thick rubber strap which provides a nice sense of comfort and also makes this quality watch acceptable for daily wear.

Life Overview

Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. He played college football at the University of Michigan and was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. 

Brady was with the Patriots for the majority of his career and has led them to six Super Bowl championships. After leaving the Patriots, Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has also led them to a NFL championship.

Known for his strict diet and rigorous training regimen, Brady is an inspiration to athletes everywhere. He has also been very successful off the field, launching his own lifestyle brand, TB12.

The TB12 Method focuses on pliability, which is the idea that if you can make your muscles and joints more flexible, you will be less likely to get injured. Brady is a big believer in this method, and credits it for his long career and lack of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Tom Brady worth?

Tom Brady’s net worth is approximately $250 million.

How tall is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is 6 foot 4 inches or 1.93 meters tall.

How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady won and lost?

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl record is 6-3. Brady has lost 3 championship games.


There you go! We hope you liked this list of expensive watches and appreciate the classy watch collection owned by Tom Brady.

This collection has inspired us to get a top flight watch someday.

Here’s a quick recap of the 5 most expensive watches in Tom Brady’s collection:

#1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rubber Clad – $35,000

#2. IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner – $12,300

#3. Rolex Milgauss Green Crystal – $7,200

#4. IWC Pilot Worldtimer – $7,000

#5. IWC GST Chronograph Rattrapante – $6,500

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