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Rolex Daytona Rainbow – Which Superstar Owns One? (Updated 2023)


Want to know the mega rich group of Rainbow Rolex Daytona owners? Take a look at our list of celebrities who are lucky enough to own one.

We all know that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

But what if I tell you that you can now see a rainbow, rain or shine?

Yes, we’re dead serious here.

Introducing one of the most desirable models of Rolex in the market today, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

This exceptional timepiece is not for everyone, not only because of the mammoth price tag but also for its exclusivity and rarity. 

To be honest, even if you have the money, there is still a chance that you can’t get one. The Rolex waiting list can last decades.

But who are the lucky owners of these exclusive watches?

Last time we featured well-known personalities who now owned a Rolex Daytona Eye of the Tiger, today we will show you a list of a few celebrities who managed to have a chance and finally get their own Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

So if you want to know them, keep reading for more!

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Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The Rainbow Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is one of the most coveted timepieces in the market today, thanks to its bold yet elegant design matched with functionality and reliability of the modern Daytona watches.

It was first introduced in Baselworld 2012 in white gold and yellow gold references (Ref. 116599RBOW and Ref. 116598RBOW). While the latest rose gold variation (Ref. 116595RBOW) was released in 2018 with a crystal sub-dial and updated hour markers.

This watch showcases a bezel hammered meticulously with 36 baguette-cut sapphires in a rainbow sequence. 

Moreover, its mid-case is embellished with 56 white diamonds, which creates an optical illusion of a single and double band on the timepiece.

Like other modern Daytonas, it is powered by an in-house automatic caliber 4130 that is water-proof for up to 100 meters and has functions such as hours, minutes, seconds, and chronograph.

The current retail price of this luxurious timepiece is more or less $97,000.

However, due to its limited supply and extremely high demand in the market, its resell value has surged to over $600,000!!!

Celebrities That Own The Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Here is the complete list of celebrities who own the Rolex Daytona Rainbow.

Adam Levine’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Adam Levine, the frontman of the band Maroon 5, is a certified watch lover. And this is demonstrated by his expansive collection of both vintage and modern Rolex watches.

But did you know that his favorite model from the famous luxury brand is the Daytona? 

Yes! In fact, he also owns one of the most sought-after pieces from this expensive series, the Rose Gold Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona.

And who will blame him if he has to spend thousands of dollars on this timepiece? 

With its stunning gemstones and precious metals used in it, it’s impossible to dislike this beautiful masterpiece.

John Mayer’s Rolex White Gold Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

We all know that John Mayer has an impeccable collection of luxury timepieces admired by many collectors. 

From Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Hublot, name it, John Mayer has it for sure.

So it makes sense that Mayer, one of the most influential celebrities in the watch community, also owns a Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona – a watch that conforms to his colorful career in the music industry.

If you want to see his awesome collection, check out our article about John Mayer’s expensive collection of watches.

Ed Sheeran’s White Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Ed Sheeran also joins the list of celebs with the delightful and playful Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow.

He owns a white gold version with the reference number 116599RBOW. 

And like other Rainbow Daytonas, his watch features a sapphire and diamond bezel while showcasing a dial adorned with brilliant cut diamonds as hour markers.

Seeing this on his wrist clearly tells us Ed Sheeran has incredible taste in his watches. 

And to further understand what we mean, you should also see other models in Ed Sheeran’s watch collection too.

Post Malone’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The famous American rapper Post Malone was also spotted wearing a rose gold Rainbow Daytona Rolex on his wrist when invited as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2019.

And after watching the interview, we must admit that even if we’re not used to seeing Post Malone in a formal outfit like that, the Rolex watch with the rainbow bezel he is wearing fits perfectly with his overall style.

Offset’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

In September 2019, Kiari Kendrell Cephus, a.k.a Offset, a former member of the hip-hop trio Migos, posted a video on his Instagram account while donning a newly acquired rose gold Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona ref. 116595RBOW.

With such limited quantities available even in the secondary market, Offset luckily managed to get his hands on this stunning Daytona model, proving that he is wealthy and successful enough to wear it on his wrist.

Stormzy’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Besides having a Rolex Daytona Eye of the Tiger on his watch collection, Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., more popularly known as Stormzy, was also spotted wearing a pre-owned Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona. 

Interestingly, his Rainbow Daytona Rolex features a dial and bracelet filled with sparkling white diamonds, making it look like a jewelry trap inside a watch. 

Nevertheless, we absolutely agree that this watch is extraordinary.

Nicky Jam’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Stormzy isn’t the only celebrity that has a rose gold Rolex “Rainbow” Daytona with diamonds on the dial and center links of the bracelet. 

Nicky Jam has one too.

These iced-out Rainbow Daytonas are undeniably stunning, especially since the additional diamonds bringing more elegance and classiness to the already beautifully designed model.

In fact, these watches are amongst the few iced-out models that we admire, and that’s pretty rare.

David Beckham’s Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Besides being a popular football icon, David Beckham is famous for being a proud ambassador of Tudor watches. He even has a unique Tudor watch designed and assembled specifically for him.

But before being an ambassador, Beckham was spotted wearing some eye-catching models of watches made by other brands, and one of them is the yellow gold version of Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

You can also see our article about David Beckham’s watch collection to learn more about his taste in fashion and watches.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Another yellow-gold Rainbow Daytona on this list is owned by one of the best football players in history – Cristiano Ronaldo.

And this is not surprising, the elite footballer Cristiano Ronaldo owns a multi-million dollar collection of luxury watches!

However, Ronaldo’s Rainbow Daytona is pretty different compared to other yellow-gold Daytona on the list, as it features a mother-of-pearl dial instead of a black regular one, which is the standard for Rainbow Rolex Daytonas.

But nevertheless, whatever the dial is, this watch is still truly amazing.

Harry Kane’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The 2022 World Cup is the time for football players to showcase their skills and talent in front of the whole world. 

But besides watching exciting games, we were also busy scrutinizing the wrists of football players to determine the exclusive watches they wear.

And one of the most appealing timepieces we have seen is the Rolex Rainbow Daytona worn by the captain of the England National Team, Harry Kane.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The now-retired football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is famous for his creative plays inside the pitch as well as having a fabulous collection of Rolex watches that he proudly wore throughout his lengthy career.

Although he has a lot of Daytonas, we think that his rose gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona is probably his favorite, as we often see him wearing this whenever he finds himself in the public.

He also has a Rolex Daytona Eye of the Tiger and the famous John Mayer Daytona too. 

Antoine Griezmann’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Antoine Griezmann is also a member of the elite football superstars alongside Zlatan, David, Harry, and Ronaldo, who owns a rare Rolex Rainbow Daytona model.

On his wrist, you can see him wearing a Rolex Daytona Ref. 116595RBOW.

It is a rose gold version of this highly collectible timepiece that matches perfectly well with his denim jacket and overall streetwear, proving that this piece is one of the most versatile watches in the market that can be used in both formal and informal settings.

Gerard Pique’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Gerard Pique, the former Spanish football star, has an amazing collection of watches ranging from vintage to modern ones that we have seen worn on his wrist over the years.

But in January 2022, after he arrived in Saudi Arabia, Gerard Pique was also spotted wearing another exclusive and off-catalog timepiece from Rolex, the rose gold Rainbow Daytona Ref. 116595RBOW.

This means that he is still improving his watch collection, and probably, there is more to come. 

So we will be waiting for the next watch he will debut.

Patrick Mahomes’ Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Like the Rolex Eye of the Tiger, Rainbow Daytonas seems to be pretty favored among sports superstars. 

And Patrick Mahomes is not excused from this trend, as he was photographed wearing his rose gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona like in the picture above.

But besides this beautiful timepiece, Patrick Mahomes also has a great collection of watches worthy of our appreciation. 

You can check our dedicated article about Patrick Mahomes’ most expensive watches to learn more about them.

Virat Kohli’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer who once captained the Indian National Cricket team and is one of the most loved cricketers in the world.

And like Hardik Pandya, he loves watches.

One of his prized possessions is his rose gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona which he posted on his Instagram account.

And there is no question that this watch is one of his treasured assets, as this timepiece alone has a market value at about $600,000.

Anthony Davis’ Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

We admit that LeBron James has a more expensive collection of luxury timepieces, especially since he is one of the owners of Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany Blue. 

But his long-time teammate, Anthony Davis, also has a personal collection that will definitely amaze you, especially now that he also owns a rose gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

Besides having this precious timepiece, Davis also has some rare Audemars Piguet and Rolex pieces in his watch collection.

Jake Paul’s Rose Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The YouTuber-turned-MMA fighter Jake Paul is not new to controversies throughout his career.

And one of them that still hounds him today is that he was allegedly wearing a fake Richard Mille RM-055 Bubba Watson.

But in 2020, he was spotted wearing a rose gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona before his victorious fight inside the ring.

Well, we don’t know if it’s fake or not, but we hope that it’s not because we are pretty sure that with his $60 million dollar net worth, he can definitely afford one.

Kevin Hart’s Rose Gold Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

We, on our team, are proud fans of Kevin Hart’s humor (who would not be, right?). 

But more than his jokes and sarcastic lines, we are enthusiastic followers of Kevin Hart’s vast collection of luxury watches.

Just so you’re aware, Kevin Hart is a serious collector of watches and one of the most prominent in the community.

And one of the most admired pieces in his horological collection is the Rolex Rainbow Daytona Ref. 116595RBOW that he wore when he was invited as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019.

Mark Wahlberg’s White Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Mark Wahlberg is one of the most respected celebrity-slash-watch-collector of today’s generation.

Wahlberg’s wristwatch collection is phenomenal. It includes rare and complex timepieces from Patek Philippe as well as exclusive Rolex pieces.

Knowing that Mark Wahlberg is a genuine watch lover and an avid collector, it makes sense that he also owns a now-discontinued white gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona on his wrist, just like what we see in the picture above.

Steve Harvey’s Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Like Kevin Hart, the famous comedian, actor, and TV personality Steve Harvey belongs to the elite circle of celebrities who owns a Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

Compared to the Rose gold version, Steve Harvey’s Yellow Gold Daytona showcases another eight brilliant-cut diamonds set as hour markers. 

It also has Arabic numerals on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, while the Rolex crown logo serves as the 12 o’clock marker.

Sylvester Stallone’s Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The last celebrity on our list who is a proud owner of the yellow-gold Rolex Rainbow Daytona is the Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. 

Since he was young and new to the film industry, Stallone had a deep affection for Rolex watches

In fact, the first wristwatch that he bought for himself was a vintage yellow-gold model, the Rolex Submariner, with a rare nipple dial.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow – FAQ

How much is the Rolex Daytona Rainbow?

The current market value of the Rolex Rainbow Daytona is over $600,000.

How many Rainbow Rolex Daytonas are there?

There are three types of Rainbow Rolex Daytonas. It is made in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Why is the Rainbow Rolex Daytona so expensive?

Due to limited quantity and high demand in the market, the Rainbow Daytona is considered one of the most expensive modern Rolex watches. 

Rolex Daytona Rainbow – Summary

So there you have it!

Those are the celebrities who are lucky enough to own the highly coveted Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

And now that you know who they are, we hope that this article has inspired you to get one someday.

Here is a recap of the personalities who already own a Rolex Rainbow Daytona: 

  1. Adam Levine
  2. John Mayer
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. Post Malone
  5. Offset
  6. Stormzy
  7. Nicky Jam
  8. David Beckham
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo
  10. Harry Kane
  11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  12. Antoine Griezmann
  13. Gerard Pique
  14. Patrick Mahomes
  15. Virat Kohli
  16. Anthony Davis
  17. Jake Paul
  18. Kevin Hart
  19. Mark Wahlberg
  20. Steve Harvey
  21. Sylvester Stallone

But did you know another Rolex is creating a frenzy among watch enthusiasts? 

Yes, and that is the Rolex “John Mayer” Daytona. And if you want to know who are the people fortunate enough to have them, read our article dedicated to this topic. 

And if you have questions or thoughts, feel free to comment down below!

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