Find Out The Difference Between Pompadour Vs Quiff Mens Haircuts

If you are researching some of the best hairstyles for men, you’ve probably come across quiff and pompadour. These two popular classic hairstyles have been around for several years and still rocking on.

But what’s the difference between these two? Aren’t they the same?

To answer these questions and help you pick the most suitable hairstyle for you, we will compare these iconic haircut styles and show you the difference. And as a bonus, we will share with you some fashionable ways to wear these haircuts. 

So if you are ready to learn more about this topic, let’s dive in!

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Pompadour Vs Quiff: Key Differences

At first glance, you might say that pompadour and quiff are almost identical. Yes, because both the quiff and pompadour involve brushing up the front of the hair to add a look of natural volume.

But these hairstyles have some differences too that make them different from each other. These differences include the following:

#1. Pompadours Are Bigger

Yes, you heard it right. Pompadours are generally bigger than the classic quiff hairstyle or any other quiff variations.

In pompadour, all of the hair is brushed backward. While in quiffs, the hairs on the top of the forehead are the only hair that is swept backward.

Pompadours are brushed backward to make the hair texture denser and sleeker. And because of that, they are larger and much showier. They are usually the most notable aesthetic feature that you can see when you look above the neck.

#2. Quiffs Are More Versatile

In quiff hairstyles, the hair on the forehead is swept upward by using a round brush. But this can also be straight, messy, wavy, and sometimes even curly.

That is why quiff haircuts are a go-to style for men of all hair types and textures for their impressive versatility. The quiff hairstyle for men offers a very natural-looking hair volume that can be styled in a wide variety of styles. Even Ben Affleck rocks the quiff hairstyle!

On the other hand, pompadours can be styled in limited ways. But generally speaking, they’re just more precise, and you will know what to expect each and every time you ask your hairstylist for a pompadour.

#3. Pompadours Require More Work

Even a celebrity hairstylist can agree that pompadours require more work to create rather than quiffs.

To do this hairstyle, having a blow dryer is a must for you to craft an elegant-looking pompadour hairstyle in your head. You may also need a pre-styling mousse to protect your hair from the heat while blow-drying.

And let us tell you, styling your hair while blow-drying will take a much longer time and much more effort, even if you use a round brush or your own hands.

On the other hand, quiff hairstyles for men can give you extra room for error. Even if you make a mistake while styling a quiff, remember that a messy quiff is more acceptable in the fashion world than a messy pompadour.

Types of Pompadour Hairstyles

The primary characteristic of this fashionable hairstyle is a large volume of hair swept upwards from the forehead.

To create a picture-perfect pompadour, blow dry your hair and apply some styling pomade. Now, you can start brushing all the hair at the front of the top and comb it up and back.

But remember, to have this style, you should have a considerable length of hair on top and short hair on the sides and back.

Here are the types of pompadour haircuts you might want to use for inspiration.

Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour involves sweeping hair upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead. This timeless haircut was typically worn by men back in the 50s and 60s. It was also modeled by famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley and James Dean.

This hairdo can be easily recognized by the sheer volume of hair as well as its shine. Men’s classic pompadour hairstyle features long hair swept up and back at the top and flanked by slick or short hair at the sides.

The longer hair and most voluminous hair are usually at the front, decreasing in size and scope as it flows back.

A man with a round face shape can pull off this kind of pompadour hairstyle, but this is most suitable for men with square face shapes.

Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour

In the modern pompadour, the hair on the sides and back is relatively shorter than the top. This is the main difference between this contemporary hairstyle from its great predecessor.

Of course, the modern pompadour hairstyle represents a fairly drastic deviation from the classic pompadour. This stylish hairstyle shortens the hair on the side by way of undercut or short fades.

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In this hairstyle, there is still a heavy focus on making a volume in the front. But it is styled in an organized yet messy way as if you didn’t put in much effort into styling it at all.

Modern pompadours can also work with different hair types. Men with curly hair can wear a curly pompadour haircut with a low fade on the sides.

It can also work for people with finer hair. Just make sure to use a hair spray or other hair products that can add natural texture to your hair. 

How To Ask Your Barber For A Pompadour Haircut

If you are interested in having these timeless haircuts, request a pompadour haircut from your barber. It is best if you can show them a picture of the specific pompadour that you want to have. You should also discuss with them any specific details you want to achieve.

Also, keep in mind to have at least medium-length hair for you to have this hairstyle. A shorter hair type is not compatible for this hairstyle.

The ideal length of hair on top for this hairstyle is about 6-8″ long to start out with, specifically in the front. It doesn’t matter if you have straight, curly, or wavy hair — what matters most is to have enough hair length.

How To Style A Pompadour Haircut

Aesop Hair Polish

No matter what type of pompadour hairstyle you want, the styling method is still the same. To style this gorgeous haircut, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Wash your hair to remove dirt and excess oil
  2. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair while brushing it backward, from your forehead and temples towards your crown and the back of your head
  3. Apply styling products and resume brushing to style them until you get the desired shape you want. If you have thin hair, use some sea salt spray to add volume to your hair

Types of Quiff Hairstyles

A quiff hairstyle is characterized by longer length up top and seamlessly blended back and sides. The quiff offers a very natural-looking amount of volume to a wide variety of style types.

Like a pompadour, the quiff hairstyle is a high-contrast cut that brings a trendy, confident aesthetic to any guy’s style. Moreover, the modern quiff style is one of the few hairstyles that are low maintenance and can easily fit with your overall style.

So if you want to rock this haircut, here are some of the best quiff hairstyles that are worthy of your attention.

Medium Quiff

Medium Quiff

The medium-length quiff hairstyle has a considerable volume of hair on top with shorter sides and back. This is also one of the most common quiff hairstyles that many men enjoy wearing because it is easy to style and can be worn for any occasion.

The ideal hair length for this hairstyle should be 3 inches long to make a perfect quiff on top of your head. Anything longer with this is considered a long hair quiff, while anything shorter with this is called a short hair quiff.

You can enhance the look of this hairstyle by having an undercut on the sides and back to make an elegant-looking medium hair undercut quiff.

Long Quiff

Long Quiff

A long-hair quiff is considered the rarest quiff hairstyle because it is more tricky to create a quiff with longer hair.

Traditionally, a quiff haircut is enjoyed by men with shorter hair, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have at least a basic quiff if you have long hair. With this length, the hair tends to be weighed down, which is why you need hair products with a stronger hold, such as hair wax.

To make this hairstyle, you need a hair dryer, styling wax, and a brush. You only really need to focus on the section at the front and comb this up and over to one side to keep it out of your face.

To make this style look balanced, you can try a side-swept quiff to give your hair a look of more height and volume.

Unfortunately, this hairstyle is not for every hair type, particularly if you have fine hair on your head.

Curly Quiff

Curly Quiff

With shorter and tight hair on the sides, a curly quiff is perfect for men who want a look that is both unexpected and bold.

The curly quiff has a relaxed air to it and fits well with facial hair. This stands true for guys with wavy hair who are thinking about having a quiff haircut.

To create a quiff with your curly hair, you can do the same way with the other quiffs. If you want to retain the curls on top of your head, blow dry your hair lightly and use minimal styling product to keep the curls from going flat.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Quiff Haircut

To get this haircut, ask your barber to close-clip the sides and the back of your hair to create a more noticeable front quiff. The minimum hair length for this is at least 3 inches long.

And because there are many variations of quiff haircut, you might also need to show them the exact quiff style you want in your hair. Tell exactly to your barber what quiff variation and particular details you want to achieve in your haircut.

Here are some other quiff haircuts you might want to order from your barber:

  • Textured Quiff
  • Messy Quiff
  • Undercut Quiff
  • Rockabilly Quiff
  • Breezy Quiff
  • Psychobilly Quiff (wedge quiff to others)

How To Style A Quiff Haircut

Styling a quiff is easy and does not need a lot of time to prepare. Here are the 4 easy ways to create and style a picture-perfect quiff.

  1. Start with clean damp hair and apply the styling products you want to use
  2. Blow dry hair upwards to add lift and volume to the roots
  3. Brush the hair forward to create vertical volume at the front of the head that is light and airy
  4. Once the hair is dried, use your comb to reinforce the side part. If you have thinner hair, put some pomade to direct the hair backward and for added texture

Pompadour Vs Other Men’s Hairstyles

Besides quiffs, there are other hairstyles that are almost similar to the pompadour, and only people with expert eyes can distinguish the difference.

Pompadour Vs Slicked Back

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyle is precisely what its name suggests. This style gained immense popularity in the 50s with hairstyles like a pompadour.

With this hairdo, most of your hair on top will get drawn back tightly. However, it should not have a line induced by combing the hair into a part or does not show the natural parting of your hair.

And to complete this style, the slick back needs to have a wet appearance which is why pomade is usually used to style this haircut.

Pompadour Vs Combover

Combover Hairstyle

The modern comb-over hairstyle and pompadour have many similarities and are considered by many hairstylists as equally trendy.

But the difference between these two fashionable hairstyles is that in the comb-over hairstyle, your hair is combed, and the hair on top has evenly sized and spaced neatly in bundles.

This hairstyle is traditionally associated with men with male pattern baldness as the sweeping of the hair can cleverly conceal the areas where hair loss has occurred.

Now with a contemporary twist, the comb-over hairstyle has been revived and reinvented for modern men like us. Because of its versatility, this classic look can add modern aesthetics to inspire your new look.

Who’s A Good Candidate For A Pompadour?

It is true that wearing a pompadour can elevate your overall style and looks in an instant. And although this hairstyle can be worn by almost any man, we must always consider if this haircut could fit our face shape.

The ideal candidates for this timeless pompadour haircut are men with a square face. While men with round faces can still rock this classic hairstyle. 

Pompadour Vs Quiff – Conclusion

Pompadour and quiff are two classic hairstyles that are now reemerging as some of the best and trendiest contemporary haircuts for men. Both of them can boost your style to another level.

And with that comparison, we do hope that you have learned a lot about the difference and similarities between these two leading men’s hairstyles.

But if you think that these hairstyles are not for you because of your receding hairline, you can check out our article about trendy hairstyles for balding men.

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