10 Best Men’s Middle Part Curtains (Bangs) Hairstyles You Can Rock In 2023

Are you looking for an attractive and stylish hairstyle that you haven’t tried? Then you have probably heard about the middle part hairstyle.

In this article, we will talk about and answer the most common questions about this timeless hairstyle.

We will also show you what this style has looked like on some of the most popular celebs who effortlessly rock this style. Let’s dive in!

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What Is A Middle Part?

Middle-part hairstyles were one of the most popular haircuts during the 90s until it reached the point that almost every boy in the town wore this same kind of hairstyle.

The middle-part haircut has a long fringe parted in the middle or sometimes on the side. This middle parting resembles a curtain, which is why it is also called the curtain hairstyle.

Men’s middle part hairstyles are also one of the most versatile haircuts that can easily fit into your lifestyle and fashion taste. They can perfectly complement different hair types, such as wavy or curly hair, different hair textures, and even various face shapes.

Is The Middle Part Still In Style For Men?

Yes, of course. Like many things in the fashion world, hairstyles are cyclical. And actually, the middle-part hair for men is making a fierce comeback, but now with a modern twist to make it more universally flattering.

Now that we are in a generation where gentlemen are getting more comfortable with the idea of grooming themselves, a middle-part haircut can draw attention and turn almost any guy into an instant heartthrob.

But this haircut can only be done if you have enough length and volume of hair in your head. Unfortunately, this style doesn’t work for men with extremely thin hair and very kinky or afro hair.

Which Types Of Hair Do Curtains Work For?

Curtain haircuts can work with various hair types and textures. But with today’s modern taste in fashion, the most common hair type that compliments well with this haircut is the following.

Straight Hair With Middle Part

Nick Carter Middle Part Hairstyle

If you have a straight hair type, wearing a middle-part hairstyle would absolutely enhance your look. It will emphasize your facial features, complementing your face shape. This is especially true if you have a round face.

These middle-part hairstyles are made perfectly for individuals with straight hair. This is because no other hair type can give you the same curtain effect as people with straight hair.

Dreads With Natural Middle Part

Ty Dolla Sign Middle Part Hairstyle

Thanks to the newfound appreciation for the natural texture of men’s hair today, people with dreads can even wear a middle-part hairstyle nowadays.

Middle-part hairstyle on dreads has gained popularity in the past years. As more people appreciate its simple and stylish look, which is easy to customize and can be styled in various ways.

What Is A Middle Part Haircut Called?

A middle-part haircut is also known as curtain fringe or curtains hairstyle. It got its nickname from the curtain look of the hairstyle with a strong middle part paired with long messy bangs.

Although curtain haircut has been around for several decades, this hairstyle is coming back again. And now, it can be updated by making it more personalized to every man who wants to wear this style.

For some, the curtain hair is also called an eboy haircut.

What Should You Ask Your Barber For

First, you need a decent amount of hair on top of your head to wear this hairstyle. If you already got that, it’s time to go to your barber.

Remember that the middle-part hairstyle for men involves an element of combing the back of your hair, so depending on your hair texture, this may need a fair amount of growth.

The next thing you should do is to identify with your barber your favorite curtain haircut.

If you have curly or wavy hair, the better option for you is to go for a slightly longer version to avoid getting a really thatched look.

If you have straight and long hair, you can ask your barber to keep the length of your hair at the level of your cheekbones, as this will frame your face shape. You can opt to leave it long or layered at the back.

Or, if you want a much more classic look, you can bring the lengths to just beyond the ears and keep it close to the faded sides.

Here are some looks you can use for inspiration.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Middle Part Hairstyle

Brad Pitt’s curtain haircut is the perfect example of the ’90s most iconic middle-part hairstyle for men. With his thick and straight hair, this hairstyle gives him more flexibility and makes his natural hair more manageable.

To achieve this style, the curtain bangs should reach your cheekbones while keeping the back and the side shorter, but let the top grow to the middle of your ears.

And to pull this off, you need to wash your hair with conditioner to make it soft and comb it down using a round brush. You can also use a styling cream to help you design and shape your curtain fringe.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Middle Part Hairstyle

With his long and messy hair look, Chris Hemsworth’s middle parting hairstyle has become one of the favorite haircuts for people with long hair in Hollywood today.

Of course, it is impossible to achieve this hair length overnight, which is why these long hair curtains may not apply to all of us. But if your hair is shoulder-length, then you are lucky enough.

To replicate these hairstyles, wash your hair and add some conditioner. Long hair would require more of your attention to make hair healthy and strong.

Then, with the wide-tooth comb, create a part slightly to the center part of your head. You can also comb your hair to the sides to create an even part and mist them with a sea salt spray.

Using sea salt spray is the most effortless way to steal this style, especially if you need to add texture to finer hair.

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet Middle Part Hairstyle

We all know that Timothée Chalamet is one of the celebrities with a perfect head of hair. He is also one of the reasons why the curtains haircut has become popular again amongst the youth.

Here, we can see that he wears messy, wavy hair and a mid-length curtain hairstyle that gives him an elegant and unique look. These kinds of middle-part haircuts are perfect for men with naturally wavy hair. But if you have straight, voluminous hair, unfortunately, this is not for you.

To achieve this hairstyle for your wavy hair, you need to use a salt spray or other styling product to protect it from the heat of blow dry and humidity.

Patience is also necessary to grow the hair long enough. And as it grows, you can regularly visit your barber to keep the hair healthy and strong.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Middle Part Hairstyle

Reeves has displayed his hair in different lengths over the years, but his curtain fringe with his long bangs is the most memorable of them all. His hair has the perfect thickness and texture to be an excellent example of long or short hair curtains.

You can create your own version of this “Keanu Reeves” middle part hair with regular short trims that will remove the splint-ends that may slow down the hair growth.

Moreover, using all-natural shampoo and conditioners and taking superb hair growth supplements can help your hair to grow healthy. It can also make it thicker and more vibrant while preventing hair loss.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Middle Part Hairstyle

Here is Johnny Depp’s version of messy short hair with a clear and classy center part that compliments well with his facial hair. In the ’90s, he wore it long and relaxed. But today, he improvised his version of these classic middle-part hairstyles for men with curtain bangs.

To get this haircut, ask your barber to make it a little bit longer on the side to blend into the back a little more subtly. But sometimes, modern styles of this haircut are often incorporated with undercuts at the back or faded sides.

To style the center part, you can simply brush it down from the top and use pomade clay or texture powder for a natural shine and distinct texture.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine Middle Part Hairstyle

With his medium-length wavy curtain haircut, casual tan jacket, and shirt, Chris Pine undoubtedly is one of the most handsome men in the film industry. In this picture, he wears his signature middle-part hairstyle with a low fade on the side

To have this kind of hairstyle, you should add emphasis on the back and sides of the hair. These parts would add an incredible dimension to the curtain haircut that suits men with oval or diamond-shaped faces.

Add texture and movement by using some sea salt spray. But if you have a little greasy hair, you can also try using dry shampoo to lessen the hair’s natural oil. This can also add texture to give you a more youthful look overall.

This style is perfect for wavy or curly hair, similar to the Jay Alvarrez haircut.

David Beckham

David Beckham Middle Part Hairstyle

We all know how good David Beckham is in terms of playing football. But besides his skills in sports, he has an incredible sense of class when it comes to hairstyle.

Here in this picture, he certainly shows his love for highlighted curtains hairstyle during the early days of his football career.

To get this look, you should ask your barber to scissor-cut the back and the sides until it reaches a finger-length size while maintaining a much longer length on the top. Ideally, the top should have no layers and reach down to the ears and past the eyebrows.

In styling, you need to blowdry your freshly washed hair until it is nearly dry. Then, part it using your fingers and apply a small amount of styling cream through the mid-lengths and ends.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Middle Part Hairstyle

Zayn Malik demonstrates that even if you have preferred a slight side parting, you can still rock that curtain-heavy look by letting that long length up top fall backward to frame your face. 

The undercut on the side also gives this classic middle-part hairstyle a contemporary twist that is perfect for people who want to reinvent their classic hairdo.

To achieve these kinds of curtain hair, you should have thick, straight, or slightly wavy hair. Adding a pomade or wax will help to add some texture. And with a brush, you can comb it upwards and create a center part over the top of your head.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto Middle Part Hairstyle

Jared Leto’s long middle-parted hair pairs exceptionally well with his beard. It created a rugged and masculine look while maintaining a classy and well-refined style.

As we can see, if you want to have this hairstyle, you need a considerable length of hair. To copy this hairstyle, the first thing to do is to wash your hair to remove dirt and excess oils on your scalp. 

Second, blow dry your hair from top to bottom. And lastly, use styling products and brush your hair down until you get the look you want to achieve.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale Middle Part Hairstyle

Christian Bale has a beautiful S-shape curtain hairstyle that compliments perfectly with his facial features. This middle part hair is long enough to reach his shoulder and more than enough to cover his ears.

Although it is a longer curtain haircut, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and recreate.

Like the other curtain hairstyles, you need to maintain healthy hair to acquire this look. Regular hair washing and using shampoo and conditioner can help with this. When it comes to styling, a brush and hair dryer can do wonders to achieve this look.

How To Style Your Hair

#1. Wash Hair

Washing our hair is just like washing our skin. Water will help to remove dirt or any other debris that might be stuck on our hair or scalp.

Shampoo and conditioners can also help the water to clean our heads and remove odors, such as the unpleasant smell of smoke and sweat. Washing hair can also help to remove excess oil that can make our hair look greasy and dirty.

#2. Add Product

Malin Goetz Pomade

You can go for waxes, pomade, creams, and other grooming aids that can help you easily style up your hair. Additionally, these products can help to create a striking look and protect natural hair from damage and breakage.

#3. Blow Dry

Blow drying the hair can save you money from treatments and services the salon used to offer.

Blow dry can give you curly hair, waves, or even straight, shiny hair. Blow drying can give you more control over your hair to help you style it easily and freely.

And with some styling products, you can wear your favorite curtain style whenever and wherever you want, making it an ideal hair styling partner.

Men’s Middle Part Hairstyles – Conclusion

If you want an attractive-looking hairstyle today, having a curtain haircut is always a worthy consideration. This style became trendy again after adding some modern touch to this iconic haircut of the 90s.

And with this guide, we hope we have helped you to pick the best middle part hairstyle that would fit your lifestyle and fashion taste.

And if you want to know more about improving your overall hair health and preventing hair loss, check out our article about organic foods for natural hair growth.

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