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How To Start A Luxury Watch Collection (10 Mistakes To Avoid)


10 tips and ideas on how to build a stellar watch collection and become a successful luxury watch collector.

So you are planning to start your own watch collection, right? 

If so, you must understand that the most challenging part of this exceptional journey is knowing where to begin.

Even if you manage to get your first purchase of a watch, in real life, it is inevitable for you to commit mistakes along the way. In fact, even the most seasoned collectors experienced it too.

But don’t worry. We got your back.

Today we will share with you some tips and ideas on how to build a stellar watch collection and become a successful watch collector. So if you are ready, here is a luxury watch-collecting guide specially tailored for you. 

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#10. It’s A Marathon, Not A Race. Take Your Time

Watches on a table.

New collectors need to understand the basics of watch collecting. That is why the first tip on our list is about taking time.

Building a superb watch collection requires patience, research, and a deep appreciation for every watch you encounter. Rushing things would only lead you to frustration and even regret in the long run.

Watch collecting is not all about owning several watches and watch accessories in a short period of time. In contrast, genuine watch collectors take their time to assess and think about the decision they need to make to improve their watch collection and avoid impulse buying.

Remember that to be great in this passion, you must learn how to enjoy the process of finding the perfect watch for you.

#9. Understand What You Prefer In Watches

It is wrong to think that all watch enthusiasts have the same taste when it comes to collecting watches. 

Some may want vintage watches like the vintage Rolex Daytona. While others prefer more modern watches from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection.

That is why it is essential for a new collector like you to understand your own preference before starting a watch collection.

It is even more key to understand personality when buy a watch as a gift for your dad, husband or boyfriend.

And when we talk about preference, it’s not all about the design and style of a watch. You may also need to consider its function, comfort, and values you want to convey while wearing it on your wrist.

Remember that wearing a nice watch should never transform who you are. Instead, the best timepiece in the world is the one that can represent the true you.

#8. Learn How To Analyze Watches And See The Details

Man with suit and wristwatch.

There are watches in the market today that can instantly captivate you with just a glance, the same way you feel when you first meet your partner, right?

But please, if you experience this, don’t buy it on the spot and fall into a trap.

As we said earlier, watch collectors should not only consider the overall style and design. Although they are necessary for choosing a new watch, you should also pay attention to other details, such as its movement, complications, power reserve, and the list goes on.

Many collectors fall into this kind of trap. 

So spend time researching every detail you should know about a watch. This will help you understand if that timepiece would fit your taste and lifestyle.

If there are details that you don’t understand, you can always check our watch nomenclature guide to help you.

#7. Buy A Watch For It’s Features, Design, And Not The Brand

Another essential tip new collectors should know is that you should not be a watch snob, especially to other independent watch brands.

I certainly agree that timepieces from Rolex or Patek Philippe are all great watches. 

But that doesn’t mean that Grand Seiko watches or an Omega Speedmaster are not good. In fact, some of their models are known for their innovative design, quality, and functionality.

Always keep in mind that you should buy a watch for its features and designs based on your preference. Brands are just names, and it doesn’t always guarantee the fulfillment you should feel while wearing a watch on your wrist.

#6. Get A Classic Everyday Watch First

Rolex with yellow jacket.

You can buy all the watches that you want. Whether it is a diving watch, a sports watch, or even a dress watch, as long as your bank account can afford it.

But if you are eyeing your first watch as a new collector, we recommend getting a classic timepiece that can serve as an everyday watch. 

Why? Well, it is always better to start simple while you are still exploring the complex world of watchmaking.

This means buying a simple, less complicated, practical, and enjoyable watch to wear. There are a few gem affordable luxury watches in the market that could fit into this category, and one example of this is a Rolex Submariner.

But remember, this is only true for your first watch. After this, you may explore more utility watches or pieces with innovative designs and complications.

#5. Don’t Buy The First Watch You Set Your Eyes On

Like other collectors who are new to the watch collecting hobby, if you’ve seen a lovely piece you really want, the first thing that goes through your mind is to purchase it as soon as possible.

But let me tell you this. Don’t buy that watch, at least not today.

Why? This is because you should know that even if you have set your preference or a theme for your watch collection, this could change in the coming months or after a few years. A beautiful watch you see today could not be as attractive as you see it after some time.

So try to resist the temptation of buying it for at least three to six months. After that time, if you still like it, then who are we to stop you now?

#4. Learn About The History Of The Watch And Brand

IWC on book with pen.

Some brands like Breguet and their watches may look simple and very straightforward and thus, making them less impressive for you. But that will change after learning about their long history of remarkable watchmaking.

Another example of this is Rolex Ref. 6239. At first glance, it may look outdated and less attractive compared to new Daytona models. But did you know that this iconic watch was once worn by Paul Newman and is considered one of the most expensive watches ever made?

So what we are trying to say here is that we should learn the history behind every watch we encounter. A watch may look simple as it is, but knowing its history may change your perspective.

There are some classic books you can read up on to get a deeper dive on the history of watches. Check our picks for the best books about watches here.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you become a great watch enthusiast in the community.

#3. Find Inspiration On The Social Media

If you are looking for inspiration on what other watches you can add to improve your watch collection, the easiest way is to use social media.

As we all know, many celebrities like Jay-Z and LeBron James post their mesmerizing watch collections on their Instagram accounts. On Youtube, you can find review videos on various watches from different Swiss watch brands.

So next time you want some inspiration, don’t worry. Now with our modern technology, inspiration is just a click away.

#2. Learn More About Watches From Internet Forums

Checking watch price on phone.

Another advantage of our time is the existence of online watch forums on the internet. In terms of information, reviews, and personal impression on different watches, you can consider these forums as a gold mine of ideas.

These forums also serve as an online gathering of many collectors in the watch community where they can share their opinion and experience on their own watch-collecting journey, which is important as you may experience it later too.

You can also use it to interact and ask questions or solicit expert advice from other collectors around the world.

If you need more advice or other thoughts about watch collecting, here are some subreddits you can always check on:

  • r/Watches – A subreddit for discussion of wristwatches and pocket watches.
  • r/Rolex – Reddit’s go-to source for news and discussion about Rolex watches. 
  • r/VintageWatches – A subreddit community to discuss different vintage watches.

#1. Never Compromise

Hamilton watch on wrist

The last tip (or should we say bits of advice) that we could share with you is to never ever compromise unless you are not afraid of disappointment and regret.

If you don’t like a particular feature of a watch, don’t buy it even if it is overall good. 

Don’t settle for less because of financial constraints. Instead, start saving for a much better luxury watch.

Lastly, don’t buy a watch out of peer pressure from other watch collectors, even if you don’t like it. Building a watch collection represents your values and yourself, not the preference of other people or what is in demand on the market.

If you learn not to compromise no matter what, believe me, you will be a terrific watch collector in no time.


There you have it! Those are the 10 tips for new luxury watch collectors that would undoubtedly help them in their journey in the complex world of horology. 

And we hope that this guide can help you to build a fantastic watch collection in the near future. In fact, we are excited to see it too!

And to have a short recap, let’s sum up the tips we have shared today. Here they are: 

#1. Never Compromise

#2. Learn More About Watches From Internet Forums

#3. Find Inspiration On The Social Media

#4. Learn About The History Of The Watch And Brand

#5. Don’t Buy The First Watch You Set Your Eyes On

#6. Get A Classic Everyday Watch First

#7. Buy A Watch For It’s Features, Design, And Not The Brand

#8. Learn How To Analyze Watches And See The Details

#9. Understand What You Prefer In Watches

#10. It’s A Marathon, Not A Race. Take Your Time

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