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Perfect Your Collection With These Luxury Watch Accessories From Essential To High End


Discover the best luxury watch accessories to improve your watch collection inside this article.

Only serious watch collectors would understand that collecting luxury timepieces goes beyond simply acquiring multiple watches.

The passion for building an extraordinary watch collection also entails having additional accessories to enhance aesthetics, functionality, and maintenance of their treasured timepieces.

But what kind of watch accessories do we need? How do they function? Do we really need it?

To answer these questions, today, let’s talk about some of the must-have accessories that watch collectors like you should have.

From watch boxes to watch rolls, even up to watch winders, here are the best watch accessories for watch enthusiasts.

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Essential Watch Accessories For Every Collector

Besides collecting watches themselves, there are watch accessories to help keep watches in their very best condition or just for staging watches and appreciating them.

Here is our list of essential watch accessories below.

Watch Travel Cases

Luxury Watch Accessories

Travel cases are an essential watch storage accessory that every watch collector needs, especially if they love to travel and bring a few of their timepiece options with.

These storage cases will protect your watches from getting scratched while in transit. 

Watch travel cases come in various designs and materials at different price points. And choosing the best watch case for travel depends on your preferred style and needs.

Most watch rolls in the market are made of durable and high-quality leather. The inside of a watch roll has slots for each watch and bolstering to prevent the watch from being scratched or crushed.

Protection like this will minimize the amount of times you need to get a luxury watch service.

If you prefer a portable watch case that can hold 3 to 4 watches, a watch roll might be an ideal accessory for you. Watch rolls are relatively more compact and can easily fit within your luggage.

On the other hand, if you just want to bring a single watch, it would be better to use a watch wallet instead, as it offers the same protection watch rolls can do while taking a lesser space.

Watch Boxes

Luxury Watch Accessories

A watch collector box is a case where you store a watch after removing it from your wrist. It is a storage system designed to protect your personal collection of watches and is kept at your home or office. 

Some watch boxes feature a glass lid that displays and showcases your priced collection. It is often protected by a key and lock feature, and its interior is commonly made of suede or microfibers to give gentle and non-abrasive protection. 

Aside from the style and materials used, watch boxes also vary in the number of timepieces they can house. Some can carry a maximum of 3 watches, others have 4 slots, and some can even hold 6 or more.

The best watch boxes also feature extra compartments that can store and hold additional accessories, such as straps and bands, replacement batteries, spring bar tools, or even jewelry and sunglasses.

Watchmakers Toolbox

Luxury Watch Accessories

Over the years, due to wear and tear, it is inevitable that a timepiece will malfunction. That is why it is necessary to have a wide range of tools that you can use for simple adjustments or repairs to your watches.

So if you are going to shop for these tools, here are some of the items that you should look for:

Watchmakers Screwdriver – an essential tool for watch collectors used to remove and re-insert delicate screws of a watch. No watch repair toolbox can be complete without having a high-quality set of these screwdrivers.

Bracelet Removal Tool – also known as a spring bar tool, is used to remove or replace the bracelet or strap of your watches. These tools allow us to pull the spring bar that connects the watch lugs and bracelet.

Watch Calipers – a tool used to measure the dimension and thickness of a watch and its parts.

Alternatively, you can get a full watch repair tool kit instead of separate pieces. This will help when you have make any watch adjustments or battery replacements by yourself.

High End Watch Accessories For Serious Collectors

Apart from the essential tools we featured above, other watch accessories can help us further enjoy our personal collection.

Of course, you can still continue this hobby without having these accessories. But if you take this hobby seriously, these items will undoubtedly elevate your watch-collecting experience to another level.

Watch Winders

Luxury Watch Accessories

Want to keep multiple watches wound while you’re not keeping them on? If so, worry no more because there is an easy solution to this. Watch winders.

The best watch winders are designed to keep an automatic watch wound even if you’re not wearing them on your wrist. This prevents the power reserve of the watch from dying and keeps its time and date function accurate.

Besides their primary function, watch winders can also be used as a storage and display case for your collection.

Watch Stand

Luxury Watch Accessories

A watch stand is an accessory used to display your favorite timepieces. These stands showcase your watches in a much more appealing and stylish way.

It is also a tool where we can store our watches for a few hours to prevent them from getting scratched while we work or sleep.

I know that many may say that this accessory is not necessary. But again, if you’re a serious watch collector, only you can see the convenience and elegance that these watch stands bring.

Protective Sticker Kits

Luxury Watch Accessories

Protective sticker kits are ideal accessories for watch enthusiasts who want to give their watches an additional layer of protection while wearing them. 

This sticker works similarly to a screen protector for your phone, as it prevents your watches from getting marks and scratches. 

However, at any point, these kits cannot absorb nor prevent damage caused by hard impact, so you still need to be cautious while wearing your watch.

Watch Locks

Luxury Watch Accessories

A watch lock is a safety accessory that prevents your wristwatches from being lost or robbed from you while wearing it. It is an extra layer of security to avoid accidental or intentional opening of the clasp.

Some may argue that these can’t prevent a violent robber from stealing your watch, especially if they are committed to stealing it. But these watch locks will still buy you some time to ask for help from nearby people.

Watch Straps

Luxury Watch Accessories

An additional watch strap may be the perfect option if you want to mix and match your watch with different outfits.

Watch straps can give your watches a new look that can work for different occasions and settings, depending on the strap or bracelet you use.

Leather watch straps can give your timepiece a more classy and elegant look, perfect for formal gatherings. On the other hand, NATO-style watch straps can provide a much more youthful and contemporary style, great for a typical everyday watch.

Indeed, changing the strap or bracelet may not add extra market value to our watches. However, these can give you more flexibility with your style and personal satisfaction, which is priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Watch Winder Do?

A watch winder can keep your automatic watches running even if you are not wearing them actively.

What Tools Are Needed To Fix Watches?

Some of the most common tools used to fix watches are spring bar tools, watchmaker’s screwdriver, tweezers, and watch calipers. 

How Do I Protect My Watches When Traveling?

The best and most efficient way to protect your watches while on a trip is by placing them inside a watch travel case.


And there you have it! Those are the best and most functional watch accessories that every watch enthusiast needs to elevate their watch-collecting experience. 

We hope that this guide helps you further understand these awesome watch accessories.

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