L And S Track Technology Massage Chairs: What’s The Difference?

Imagine finishing up work for the day. Your back feels extremely tight and sore from sitting all day in an office chair.

On top of not thinking about work any more, the only thing that sounds better is a nice deep tissue massage.

Fortunately you can have a massage chair in the comfort of your own home. But wait, when you look for chairs there is all this jargon in the descriptions and you have no idea what it means.

Like what are L and S track technology massage chairs?

Friends, we have all of the answers for you here. Keep reading along!

S Track vs. L Track Massage Chair


S Track Massage Chairs

This is the most basic track technology. When we talk about S tracks, we are referring to the actual shape of the massage roller track.

S track follows the shape of your spine which is sinusoidal in technical terms and is just a fancy way to say a “wave” shape.

This massage roller starts at the top of your back or spine and then runs all the way down to your lower back. This ensures that each part of your spin is covered and thoroughly massaged.

Furthermore, S track rollers along with 3D or 4D move up and down and side to side beginning at your neck and go all the way down your spine accounting for your spine’s alignment. This helps in giving you an effective deep tissue massage.

L Track Massage Chairs

The L track massage roller technology is simply a longer version of the S track. L track technology allows the massage chair to cover an extended area.

Compared to the S track massage roller, L tracks will go past your lower back and go through hamstrings and buttocks.

If you have sciatic pain or lower back problems, then L track plus size massage chairs are for you.

Massage Roller Tracks

After diving into the pros and cons of L and S track massage chairs, here is more information on what massage chair roller tracks are.

Massage rollers are inside of a massage chair. They are what guides the massage across your body. Typically massage rollers start at your neck and then go all the way down to your lower back.

Historically, 2D massage chairs had flat roller tracks which would cause the massage roller to stop touching your back.

Today, the latest massage chairs have 3D and 4D rollers that go with S and L tracks to make sure the massage chair is always making contact with your body. 

Massage Chair Health Benefits

Studies have shown that a massage chair can lead to many and different health benefits. Therefore, these advanced chairs are not just some luxury, but an investment to ensure your wellbeing.

As a matter of fact, massage chairs help improve blood flow or even improve your immune system to fight off the cold or flu. From the comfort of your home!

Here are some of the top health benefits of massage chairs.

  1. Enhances Mobility
  2. Better Brain Function and Cognition
  3. Improves Sleep
  4. Strengthens Your Lower Back
  5. Removes Toxins From Your Body
  6. Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Improve Mood

SL Track Massage Chairs

There’s another type of massage roller track?!

Yes, the SL track!


Some of the cheapest massage chairs have only S track technology, but the new and best massage chairs come with combinations of S and L track technology.

SL track massage chairs have rollers which move from your neck area to your lower back where the massage is much deeper. Also, SL track technology can handle the twists and turns of your spine better than the other two tracks.

SL track massage rollers are great options for people with constant and nagging neck pain or those who have lower back issues.

Which Track Is Better? L vs. SL Track

Best Massage Track

The L track is just a longer version of a S track massage chair. L track massage chairs can cover your lower back and also your hamstrings.

But compared to SL track massage chairs, L track massage chair models are not the best. With the SL track massage chair you can cover a longer distance on your body and also get as close as possible over all of your body’s curves.

Putting It All Together

The kind of massage roller track included is an important thing to look for when buying a massage chair. Massage roller tracks ensure that the massage is making contact with your body and following its shape.

In addition to knowing the roller tracks, you want to know if your massage chair is 2D, 3D, or 4D. This will help you decide on what advanced chair you want based on your massage preferences or needs.

Once you understand how the technology works, picking the right chair for you is easy!

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