Our Real Thoughts: Kiierr 272 Premier MD Review

Welcome to our review of the Kiierr 272 Premier MD laser hair growth cap!

We all want to stop hair loss from ever starting. But if we are already experiencing thinning hair then we need to find a way to stop it in its tracks.

Fortunately, we can buy laser hair caps for our hair that we can use regularly to get our beautiful hair back.

There are many laser hair caps on the market and the Kiierr Premier MD laser hair cap is one that’s worth considering.

But it is one of the most expensive laser caps on the market.

Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out!

This article will look at the Premier MD’s features, pros, and cons so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your hair.

Kiierr’s 272 Premier MD is a laser cap that can regrow thinning hair by using low level laser therapy. Featuring premium laser technology, the Premier MD unleashes 272 medical grade lasers on your scalp to stimulate natural hair growth to produce new healthy hair. This device successfully reversed hair loss for 93% of people by stopping follicle miniaturization. The Premier MD is an upgrade to the Kiierr Premier laser hair cap model.


  • Easy to use and lightweight design
  • Recommended by dermatologists and healthcare professionals
  • Efficient treatment sessions
  • Safe and effective hair loss treatment


  • Might have side effects including rash or itchy scalp if you have sensitive skin

What Is Kiierr?

Kiierr based in Salt Lake, Utah has a variety of hair growth products but they are best known for their FDA cleared hair growth laser caps. 

The Premier MD is available from Kiierr in two models, standard size and XL size. The standard size model differs in scalp coverage and price. Compared to the Premier from Kiierr, the Premier MD has a larger cross section for more scalp coverage.

Kierr laser caps are often used in conjunction with PRP treatments, topical Minoxidil, Finasteride, or after hair transplant surgery.

Kiierr 272 Premier MD Features & Benefits

At a similar price point other laser hair growth products don’t have as many features like the Kiierr Premier MD device.

Here are features of the Kiierr 272 Premier MD that we particularly like.

Medical Grade Quality

Premium Lasers Stimulate Hair Cells
Premium Lasers Stimulate Hair Cells

The Kiierr 272 Premier MD is a perfectly safe hair growth device for stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. Additionally, this is a FDA cleared medical device for stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss in adults that have androgenic alopecia or pattern hair loss.

Due to the amazing results, Kiierr LLLT devices are used in doctors offices and hair restoration clinics across the world.

The increased efficacy of the Premier MD laser hair cap is due to the 272 medical grade laser diodes. Competitor laser device products only have around 200 diodes making them less effective.

Extended Battery Life

To maximize hair growth results, the Kiierr Premier MD needs to be used daily or every other day for 30 minutes. With the power cord connected to the device, you can have frequent sessions. However, if you are on the go you will likely need longer battery life to keep up your treatments.

The Premier MD is an update to the Kiierr Premier laser cap and features an upgraded battery that can get up to three more treatments per charge. Also, the full battery provides extra life at 19,000 total hours.

Finally, to conserve the laser hair cap’s battery the Kiierr Premier MD features automatic shut off technology. This feature shuts the devices down after the 30 minute session is complete.

Large Cross Section

Another upgrade to the older Kiierr Premier model is the availability of a larger cross section on the XL Premier MD.

The standard model allows for a 23.5 inch circumference. However, if you have a larger sized head then the XL model will provide 24 inches in hat circumference. This for heads that are approximately 25% larger.

Does The Kiierr Laser Cap Work?

Benefits of Kiierr Laser Therapy
Benefits of Kiierr Laser Therapy

Yes, the Premier MD laser cap from Kiierr absolutely works. The laser hats use LLLT to improve cellular respiration and function by galvanizing hair cells. Enhanced respiration allows your hair follicle cells to function better resulting in thicker hair follicles.

Based on clinical studies of hundreds of patients at doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics, there is a 93% hair growth success rate. This means that using the Kiierr cap is almost a sure thing when it comes to saving you from balding hair and to reverse hair loss.

To maximize your hair growth results, you can pair the Premier MD Laser Cap with Kiierr’s DHT blocking shampoo, conditioner, and vitamin hair growth bundle.

Is Kiierr FDA Approved?

Using laser therapy hats or any other medical device, it is important to protect yourself and make sure there is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. The FDA ensures a high level of safety and compliance for results.

Kiierr’s LLLT devices and hair treatments are all cleared by the FDA as well as the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

The 272 Premier MD from Kiierr uses safe, low-level lasers that are specifically designed to excite hair follicles to grow young and healthier hair.

If you have light sensitivity or other health risks, make sure you talk to your primary medical professional to make sure light therapy is good for you.

How We Rate Laser Hair Growth Devices

On our site, we test and hands-on review many different laser hair growth products or devices. 

However, it is difficult to rank these products without strict rules. 

Below are the three main areas we look at when we review laser hair growth products or devices.

  1. Effectiveness – Is the product or device good at it’s job?
  2. Appearance – What does the device look like?
  3. Safety – Is the product or device dangerous? Do we need to be careful using them?

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Kiierr 272 Premier MD Specifications

Below is a list of important specifications and features included on the Kiierr 272 Premier MD Laser Cap:

Laser Diodes272 Lasers
Safety ClearanceFDA Approved
DesignPlain Black Standard Ball Cap
BatteryPortable Power Pack
Total Battery Life19,000 hours
Session Duration30 minutes

Who Should Buy The Kiierr 272 Premier MD?

As featured on our best laser hair growth devices, the Kiierr Premier MD with 272 lasers is a powerful device for reversing hair loss. This laser hair hat uses premium lasers to enhance cell respiration and stimulate hair follicles.

The Premier MD laser cap comes with two size options, a better portable battery, and deep base to promote thicker hair. The high quality makes this device a top choice for doctors and hair clinics across the world.

We would recommend the Kiierr 272 Premier MD Laser Cap if you are looking for the following features in your laser hair growth device:

  • Effective at New Hair Growth: Laser light technology is an advanced and powerful hair regrowth treatment. The Kiierr Premier MD uses 272 lasers to cover your scalp with laser light to stimulate blood flow to your hair.
  • Disguised and Fashionable Design: Walking around with bald spots or thinning hair can be embarrassing. This laser hair hat from Kiierr will hide your hair loss and regrow your hair at the same time.
  • Money Back Growth Guarantee: Investing in your hair can be the first step in stopping your hair loss. But sometimes it is an expensive investment, So, to protect your investment Kiierr offers a two year warranty on their device and seven month grow guarantee if their product doesn’t produce results for you.

For more information on the Kiierr Premier MD Laser Cap, check it out here.

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