Laser Hair Growth Helmet: iRestore Professional 282 Review

Many men and women experience hair loss. Whether it be from androgenetic alopecia or postpartum hair loss. The time when you lose your hair is scary and you feel less attractive as the days go by.

Fortunately, modern technology has created laser hair growth devices as a solution. 

One specific device is the iRestore Professional which we will be reviewing for you today. This device is able to stop hair loss in its tracks and even promote new hair growth.

What separates these devices from other products are features like 282 laser lights and a sturdy design.

To learn more about this hair growth device, keep reading along!

iRestore Pro Laser Hair Growth Helmet

The iRestore Professional laser helmet is a FDA cleared device that is designed to stop the hair thinning process and promote new hair growth using laser therapy. This laser hair growth system from iRestore is a home use laser device that features lasers, LED lights, and an advanced ventilated design.

Before & After Results

When it comes to treating alopecia or pattern hair loss, the iRestore Professional has produced amazing results compared to other hair loss solutions. 

Below are examples of visible results from satisfied customers who invested in this laser hair growth system.

iRestore Pro Before and After

You can see that after consistent use, patients were able to awaken dormant hairs and increase hair density for thicker hair.

iRestore Professional Key Features

  • FDA Approved
  • 82 Medical Grade Laser Diodes
  • Non-Invasive Laser Hair Growth Treatment
  • Clinically Tested for Hair Regrowth Results
  • Corded Device with 6 Meter Long Cord
  • Durable Helmet Design

iRestore Professional Cons

Less Lasers Than LED Lights

When it comes to hair growth, LED light energy is not as powerful as laser energy to have a therapeutic effect.

According to the Swedish Laser Medical Society, 680 nm is the optimal wavelength for treating hair loss and regrow hair. LED lights just can’t reach this wavelength.

Compared to other hair loss treatments we have reviewed, the iRestore Professional does not bring the same amount of power. With only 82 medical grade lasers, it will take longer for the iRestore to produce results compared to competitor devices.

No Battery Pack Included

Although you have to buy a battery pack separately for the iRestore, out of the box there is only a power cord.

This means the iRestore Professional hair growth device can only be used while plugged in. Therefore, we have to receive our treatment near a wall outlet.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you can purchase a battery pack for the laser helmet here.

Ugly Appearance

Let’s be honest, it’s already embarrassing enough that we have thinning hair. But, it’s more embarrassing to wear some dorky gadget on your head outside.

Unlike competitor laser baseball caps, the iRestore Pro is not fashionable or discreet enough to be worn outside.

Therefore, you should not expect to wear this laser therapy device anywhere but at home or somewhere private. 

iRestore Professional Pros

iRestore Pro Unboxing

Sturdy Design

When you invest in a product that is dealing with your head, you want high quality. And that is what we got with the iRestore Pro!

The iRestore laser hair growth system includes a hard shell with a combination of 282 LED lights and lasers inside.

Additionally, we get soft foam pads to rest on top of your head. The helmet might seem bulky, but when it rests on your head you don’t feel a thing. 

Uniform Delivery

Unlike laser combs and laser headbands, this laser hair growth helmet provides a complete hair restoration experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have hair loss around your crown or hairline thinning, the iRestore Professional is able to give you full scalp coverage.

What makes this possible is the lasers embedded inside of the helmet. There are hundreds of lights and lasers (282) that send energy at your hair follicles. These lasers are uniformly spread apart giving your scalp consistent low level light therapy.

Controller LCD Display

The journey to growing your hair back is a long one. You will see results, but it can take time.

Each session for the iRestore Pro is 25 minutes long. And you will need to put in that time everyday. But, in three to six short months you can expect to see results.

To make this journey easier the iRestore laser helmet comes with an attached LCD display. This display will tell you how long you have until your daily treatment is over.

This made our lives easier, as we didn’t have to constantly stare at a clock or our watches to remember when to stop treatment.


Below is a list of important specifications and features included on the iRestore Professional:

Laser Diodes82 Lasers
Treatment Protocol25 minutes
Safety ClearanceFDA Cleared
DesignLaser Helmet
BatterySold Separately

Who Should Buy The iRestore Professional

If you are a man with male pattern baldness or a woman with postpartum hair loss, your hair can be saved with one of the best laser hair growth devices in the market. The iRestore Professional laser helmet.

This laser helmet from iRestore is an upgrade from their older model, the iRestore Essential. The new and improved Professional model has more lasers and more LED light than the prior model. Therefore, this makes the Professional the most effective low level laser therapy device from iRestore to date. 

We would recommend the iRestore Professional if you are looking for the following features in your laser hair growth device:

  • High Quality Design: The Professional iRestore hair growth system features a laser therapy helmet with a hard exterior and comfortable interior. The helmet shell has a tough feel and isn’t flimsy while the interior has soft medical grade foam pads to easily rest the helmet on your head.
  • Broad Scalp Coverage: To fight hair loss the iRestore Pro provides broad scalp coverage using 82 medical grade lasers and 200 red luminous LEDs to cover your entire head. From a receding hairline to crown bald spots, this laser hair growth device won’t miss a spot.
  • User Friendly Display: In order for light energy to promote hair growth, you need to keep up with consistent laser therapy everyday for 25 minutes. To make your life easier and automate sessions, the iRestore Professional kit provides an LCD display to track your sessions. This way you won’t have the added stress of watching the clock.

For more information on the iRestore Professional, check it out here.

How We Rate Laser Hair Growth Devices

On our site, we test and hands-on review many different laser hair growth products or devices. 

However, it is difficult to rank these products without strict rules. 

Below are the three main areas we look at when we review laser hair growth products or devices.

  1. Effectiveness – Is the product or device good at it’s job?
  2. Appearance – What does the device look like?
  3. Safety – Is the product or device dangerous? Do we need to be careful using them?

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