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How To Pick A Watch For My Husband That He Will Love


Want to impress your husband? Get him a brand new timepiece. Learn how to pick him a watch here!

Ah imagine the feeling of a new luxury handbag. 

Just amazing!

Well, men feel the same when they get a new watch for them to show off.

And if you are planning to surprise your husband with a new timepiece, then go ahead, we can personally guarantee you that he will love that present. 

However, buying a watch for him is not an easy task to do and sometimes can be tricky too.

So to help you find the best timepiece for your husband, we will share with you today some helpful tips on how to pick the perfect watch for him.

Now, if you want to learn more about this topic, continue reading our detailed guide.


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How To Choose A Watch For Your Husband

Buying a watch for your partner can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing it and don’t know where to start. 

To help you with this problem, here are 7 things you need to consider before you purchase a new watch for the man you love.

#1. Does He Prefer Thoughtful Or Practical Watches?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

Remember that not all men have the same taste when it comes to getting gifts. 

And now that the two of you are married, we assume you already know whether your partner is thoughtful (sentimental) or on the more practical side.

Knowing the difference between these two different types of personality can help you pick the right timepiece that would conform to your husband’s needs and wants.

If your husband is more sentimental and prefers a thoughtful gift, any type of wristwatch will be appreciated, as long as it comes from you. 

For him, the emotional significance and sentimental value are more valuable than the design, watch complications, or any in-house watch movements.

However, if your partner is more practical, they may favor a functional and quality watch. 

They may prefer timepieces with certain features, such as automatic watches that are water-resistant or mechanical watches with chronograph features.

#2. What Is His Lifestyle?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

Knowing the lifestyle of your spouse is also an essential point you need to consider before buying a watch for him. 

In the watch world, different types of watches are designed to cater to different lifestyles and activities. 

You must know whether your husband needs a dress watch for more formal occasions or a classic sports watch for daily wear or casual settings.

Aligned with this, the function and features of a watch are other elements to factor in. 

If your hubby is a fan of new adventures and loves to explore the sea, a diving watch might be a great gift idea for him, such as the Rolex Submariner.

But if you think he will be happy with a casual and budget-friendly watch, you can opt for an entry-level TAG Heuer Carrera model instead.

#3. What Is In His Wardrobe Currently?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

Now here is one of the practical tips you need to know.

Did you know that the things in your husband’s wardrobe can help you determine his choice of watches? 

Yes, it’s true. 

Although this is not the sole factor, this certainly helps you in your decision-making process.

By considering the items in your husband’s wardrobe, you can get a sense of understanding of his preferred style and fashion.

If his wardrobe leans toward formal or business outfits, dress watches made with precious metals and leather straps are perfect for them. 

On the contrary, if he has a more casual wardrobe, a versatile everyday timepiece could be the best option that aligns with his typical dressing style.

Your partner’s wardrobe can also provide tips on what color of watch he might want to have. 

For example, if he frequently wears formal business outfits, turquoise blue timepieces will blend nicely with his everyday fashion.

#4. Think About His Go-To Style

How To Pick Watch For Husband

When it comes to fashion, his day-to-day outfit is also an essential factor to take into account when choosing the best watch for your special guy. 

His personal style often reflects his personality, thus his preference for outfits and what type of watches he wants to wear.

Understanding your husband’s go-to styles will make your life easy in determining the appropriate watch for him that aligns with his personality and complements his overall fashion sense.

If your partner often wears a suit and tie most of the week due to his job, picking a stylish dress watch from Rolex or Cartier is definitely a great idea. 

You can also consider square and rectangular watches for a more elegant and defining style.

On the other hand, if he prefers casual wear on a daily basis, the much more affordable Bulova Lunar Pilot with quartz movement is one of the best options for you.

#5. What Do His Family Or Friends Think?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

Still can’t decide on what type of watch you want to purchase for him?

If that’s the case, another practical tip we can share with you is to spend time with his family and friends and get their opinion. 

Of course, what could be a better alternative than asking the people who know him best (besides you), right?

Their opinion can provide insights, which are essential to giving you more of an idea about your partner’s preference for style, functionality, and features in a watch.

This will help you to know if your husband prefers having a wristwatch with mechanical movements or quartz movements, a dress watch or a dive watch, and a metal bracelet or leather strap. 

Questions that you can’t ask your partner, especially if you want to surprise him.

#6. Do Luxury Brands Matter To Him At All?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

If you are looking for a watch for your spouse, knowing his preferred luxury brand can narrow down the options. 

This will help you decide on the best timepiece for him, making your life a bit easier.

If he prefers high-end luxury brands of watches, you can choose between Rolex or Patek Philippe. Both of them are known for their impeccable designs and top-tier quality watches with in-house automatic movements that no other watchmakers can match.

But remember that high-end luxury brands are often associated with expensive watches.

If the brand doesn’t matter to your guy, then you can opt for other watches with a more budget-friendly price tag. 

Remember, just because a timepiece on his wrist is not from a household name brand doesn’t mean it is inferior to others. 

In fact, sometimes, it’s just a personal preference.

You can also check our list of affordable luxury watches for inspiration and ideas.

#7. What Is His Wrist Size?

How To Pick Watch For Husband

Does size matter? 

In terms of watches, yes, it does! 

The case diameter of a timepiece and the circumference of his wrist are crucial elements you need to consider when picking a surprise watch gift for your husband. 

Knowing your partner’s wrist size allows you to choose a watch that will fit him comfortably. 

Wristwatches that are too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable to wear and can affect the overall satisfaction your husband can feel after receiving your gift. 

Moreover, the wrist size and the dimension of a watch can also affect the overall aesthetics of a timepiece when worn.

Also, having the correct wrist size information before buying a watch can save you time and money for readjustment or resizing.

Can I Buy A Watch For My Husband?

Yes, you can! 

Surprising your husband with a new watch will undoubtedly be much appreciated by him, as all men will be. Watches are a timeless gifts to commemorate their path from being your boyfriend to now husband.

Buying your partner this type of gift can be a meaningful present for him, especially if you consider his preferred style and features of the timepiece he is looking for. 

Besides, gifting a watch can be a daily reminder for him of the person who gave it to him, which in this case is you.

Which Watch Brand Is The Best For Husband?

Swiss Luxury Brands

Swiss luxury watchmakers are often regarded as the best watch manufacturers in the world. In fact, Swiss-made watches are almost synonymous with excellent watchmaking.

As of now, the most famous Swiss luxury brand is none other than Rolex. 

Their watches have been featured in several James Bond films and can also be found on the wrist of well-known personalities.

However, if you are looking for more complex watches with high-end movement and design cues from the most iconic timepieces ever made, the “holy trinity” of the watch industry are the best brands you can choose from. 

These are composed of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet.

Other Watch Brands

Besides Swiss-made watches, there are also a lot of other watch brands in the market that offer high-quality timepieces with spectacular designs and aesthetics. 

Some of the most popular non-Swiss watch brands are Grand Seiko, A. Lange & Söhne, Hamilton, Bulova, and many more. 

Generally speaking, watches from these brands have more affordable prices.

But again, that doesn’t mean watches from other non-Swiss manufacturers are inferior to Swiss-made watches. 

Many of them also offer the same excellent quality, intricate complications, and durability you can trust.

How Important Is A Watch For A Man?

Even now that we are living in a modern and fast-paced world, watches are still one of the most important accessories a man can wear. 

In addition to keeping track of time, watches are one of the easiest ways for a man to display his sense of style and fashion.

Moreover, modern wristwatches also offer other features and functionality, such as chronograph functions, calendars, alarms, and countdown timers, which can be valuable in various activities and professions.

So whether it’s a mechanical or a quartz watch, watches remain one of the most reliable devices and accessories for modern gentlemen of today.


And there you have it! With the expert tips we have shared with you, buying a watch for your husband can now be as easy as ordering a pair of shoes from your phone.

And to have a short recap, here are the tips you need to consider before buying a new watch for the special guy of your life.

#1. Does He Prefer Thoughtful Or Practical Watches?

#2. What Is His Lifestyle?

#3. What Is In His Wardrobe Currently?

#4. Think About His Go-To Style

#5. What Do His Family Or Friends Think?

#6. Do Luxury Brands Matter To Him At All?

#7. What Is His Wrist Size?

Now that you learned the things you need to consider before buying a new timepiece for him, let us know what you think by commenting down below. 

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