How To Move Osaki Massage Chairs: Explained

Imagine you bought some new furniture and need to rearrange your rooms. Part of your furniture is your relaxing Osaki massage chair. 

A massage chair is a large investment and you certainly don’t want to damage it while moving it around your home. Or even worse damage your home itself.

So, today we will walk you through how to move your Osaki massage chair and other considerations you need to be aware of. 

Let’s dive in!

How To Move A Osaki Massage Chair

If you had someone else install your massage chair or it has been a while since you installed the chair yourself. Here are the steps you and a friend can take to move an Osaki massage chair.

  1. Separate or disconnect the electrical connectors and air hose from the footrest.
  2. Take off the leg rest according to the Osaki user manual instructions for the specific chair model.
  3. Stand behind the Osaki chair and tilt the massage chair on an angle by pulling the backrest until the chair is raised onto its wheels. To make this step easier, have someone help you by lifting the front of the massage chair while you pull on the backrest.
  4. After the massage chair is raised onto its back wheels, you should be able to roll the chair to the new location easily.

Considerations When Moving A Massage Chair

In addition to knowing how to move your massage chair around, there are other considerations to know about.

Measure Your Doorways

Before you start pushing your massage chair around your home, you should plan out which doorways you will have to go through.

To plan properly, you will need to find out the dimensions, specifically the width, of your Osaki massage chair and the doorways inside your home.

One thing to note is that the doorways going outside are wider than the doorways inside going from room to room. This is certainly true for rooms in homes that are older.

Finally, to easily get the dimensions of your Osaki massage chair, refer to the user manual.

How Much Does Your Massage Chair Weigh

Massage chairs can make you feel light as a feather, but they don’t weigh anything close to feathers. Osaki massage chairs can weigh over 200 lbs on average. Sometimes as high as 350 lbs.

So, before you go ahead and move your chair, learn about its weight, so you can decide how to go about moving the massage chair.

Also, it might not be the smartest decision to move the massage chair by yourself. In the chance that something does go awry, you do not want to be alone.

Instead of moving the chair by yourself, try to have a family member or a friend there to help. To make the process of transferring weight easier, you can also use moving tools like, for example, furniture sliders.

Read Through The Osaki User Manual

To make sure you are safe when moving your Osaki massage chair, you can use the critical information provided in the user manual. In particular, pay special attention to the safety guidelines mentioned.

Additionally, look for specific pieces that are detached such as the leg rest, air hoses, and electrical connectors. You can find information about these parts in the user manual.

Hiring Professionals

If you are moving your chair and are not physically capable or even are moving the massage chair upstairs then you should consider hiring professional movers.

Movers will save you time, energy, and protect you from risk of injury. Professionals are really good at lifting and maneuvering heavy objects. They also have special tools and equipment in order to move massage chairs more efficiently.

For mental peace and your safety, getting expert movers is a great way to move your Osaki massage chair.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to moving your Osaki massage chair, there are a few things you should understand and consider.

First, moving a chair yourself requires tilting the massage chair and sliding the chair into another room using the massage chair’s wheels.

However, before you move the chair be sure to take a look at the instruction manual and review how much the massage chair weighs.

Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable moving the chair yourself and want some peace of mind, hire professionals to handle moving your massage chair.

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