Find Out How Much A Massage Chair Weighs (Before Moving It)

Imagine trying to pick up a dumbbell at the gym. It is a small and tiny object that seems light as a feather. But, when you actually approach it and try to lift it up. It is close to impossible to move!

This phenomenon applies to massage chairs. They can look bulky but be very light or look flimsy but are immovable.

So what makes a massage chair’s weight and how much do some of the best massage chairs weigh?

If you’re wondering how much does a massage chair weigh then you are in the right place. In this article we will cover massage chair weight and factors to consider based on weight.

Let’s dive in!

How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh? – Answered

Here is the answer to the question of how much does a massage chair weight:

A massage chair can generally weigh 150 to 400 pounds (lbs.). The weight of a massage chair is determined by its size, materials, motor, and other features. There is no “perfect” weight for a massage and it is dependent on the brand or manufacturer.

With this out of the way, let’s breakdown massage chair weight a bit more.

What Determines Massage Chair Weight?

Wooden building blocks increasing in height.

Each massage chair is unique and its weight is dependent on the below factors:


An obvious factor which determines massage chair weight is the size of a massage chair. Wider and large massage chairs can be heavier while smaller, compact chair’s are not.


The ingredients that are used to build a massage chair also play a large role in chair weight.

For example, materials like wood and metals add to the total weight of a chair. On the other hand, lighter materials like fabric, carbon fiber, and plastic help keep the total weight of the chair down.


Massage chair motors are what drive the massage rollers, airbag system, and recline features.

With motors it is a double-edge sword. The more powerful motors are generally larger and they last longer.

However, lighter motors are weaker and hold a massage chair back from doing more.

Other Features

Additional features or functionality is the last piece of the chair weight puzzle. More features means a heavier massage chair.

For example, the addition of bluetooth speakers, adjustable footrest extensions, and remote control devices add up to extra pounds.

Different Massage Chair Types And Their Weight

Massage therapist providing massage to a woman in a massage chair at the spa.

There are a few different types of massage chairs available on the open market today. Each type or category has nuances that cause chair weight to increase or decrease.

Here are a few examples of different types of chairs and their weight:

Type Of Massage ChairChair Weight
Massage Therapist Massage ChairApproximately 15 lbs.
Electric Reclining Massage ChairGreater Than 150 lbs.
Full Body Massage Chair150 to 300 lbs.
Zero Gravity Massage Chair200 to 400 lbs.

Weight Of Top Massage Chair Brands

Each massage chair brand is unique where they have varying features and designs. To give you a better idea of massage chair weight, we have selected five top brands and specified chair weights and maximum user weight below.

Human Touch

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

This brand takes a unique approach to design. Human Touch leverages the skill of top engineers and medical practitioners to generate game changing products to eliminate pain and stress for their users.

Human Touch produces chairs that pack a lot of power and that is sometimes reflected in the massage chair’s weight. Their latest product is the Super Novo which is a high end massage chair suitable for taller people on the top of the height range.

Weight Of Top Models:

Massage ChairChair Weight
Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair320 lbs.
Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair294 lbs.
Human Touch Quies Massage Chair207 lbs.
Human Touch Certus Massage Chair252 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

Human Touch massage chairs are powerful, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The maximum user weight capacity offered by Human Touch Massage Chairs is 285 lbs.


Kyota Yutaka M898 Massage Chair

Kyota massage chairs are choreographed and built in Asia which is the birthplace of massage. They design easy to use massage chairs for those who want to stay healthy and maintain active lifestyles.

Massage chairs from Kyota weight range from 280 lbs. to 265 lbs. in weight. Their latest product such as the Nokori is a large massage chair great for bigger body types.

Weight Of Top Models:

Massage ChairChair Weight
Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D Massage Chair364 lbs.
Kyota Yutaka M898 4D Massage Chair304 lbs.
Kyota Kansha M878 4D Massage Chair323 lbs.
Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair285 lbs.
Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair292 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

The maximum weight capacity recommended for Kyota massage chairs is up to 300 lbs.


Osaki OS Pro Ekon Massage Chair

This brand is one of the leading producers of electric massage chairs as well as other massager devices. Their number one priority is to produce products that help relax your body, so users can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Osaki’s massage chair products range from 150 to 250 lbs. 

Weight Of Top Models:

Massage ChairChair Weight
Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Massage Chair239 lbs.
Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE 4D Massage Chair245 lbs.
Osaki OS Hiro LT 3D Massage Chair185 lbs.
Osaki OS 4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair335 lbs.
Osaki OS Aster Massage Chair200 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

The maximum weight limit Osaki massage chairs can handle is 300 lbs.

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Kahuna EM 8500 Massage Chair

This company is a creator of exquisite massage chairs where they try to provide their customers a breadth and depth of massage chair choices. Kahuna tries to develop the most unique products with top of the line craftsmanship.

Weight Of Top Models:

Massage ChairChair Weight
Kahuna Kings Elite EM-8500 Massage Chair298 lbs.
Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair199 lbs.
Kahuna SM-7300S Massage Chair230 lbs.
Kahuna HM-Kappa 4D Massage Chair300 lbs.
Kahuna SM-9300 4D Massage Chair339 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

Coming in at the top end for user weight, Kahuna massage chairs can handle up to 350 lbs. of weight capacity.


Brookstone Mach 9 Massage Chair

Brookstone was founded in 1965 and is a trusted manufacturer of distinctive, innovative, and quality products. In addition to the smaller consumer products, they design and produce their very own massage chair models.

Their massage chair’s weight ranges from 180 to 260 lbs.

Weight Of Top Models:

Massage ChairChair Weight
Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair253 lbs.
Brookstone BK-650 Massage Chair244 lbs.
Brookstone BK-450 3D Massage Chair181 lbs.
Brookstone BK-250 Massage Chair198 lbs.
Brookstone BK-150 Massage Chair198 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

Although Brookstone chairs weigh less than some of the other top brands, they can still withstand a significant amount of user weight. The max user weight for Brookstone is approximately 320 lbs.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Massage Chair – Based On Weight

Husband and wife moving heavy kitchen boxes out of their house.

Massage chairs are a big deal. They are a significant financial investment towards your health, but they also will take up space in your home. Furthermore, moving them around isn’t a walk in the park either depending on your help.

So, it is important to consider a few factors when looking for massage chairs for the home.

  1. Type Of Massage Chair: The biggest factor to consider is the capabilities of the massage chair as more functionality generally means more weight.
  2. Usage: The next major factor is who will be using the massage chair and how frequently. For example, if you have someone with a larger body type or someone that will be using the chair more often, then you will likely need a plus size massage chair and sturdy meaning more weight.
  3. Location In Home: Just like massage chairs each home comes in different shapes and sizes. So, consider how often you will be moving the chair around or how easy it will be to move a chair in and out of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Move A Heavy Massage Chair?

It can be hard to move a heavy massage chair, depending on the circumstances. If you don’t have any help and you’re not particularly strong, it could be a real challenge. But there are some guidelines you can follow to make it a bit easier.

Here are a few things to remember.

1) First of all, try to identify where the heaviest part of the chair is. This will be either the base or the seat, so try to get help from at least one other person to lift it. 
2) Once you’ve identified the heaviest part, use that as your pivot point and lift with your legs instead of your back. 
3) You may also want to try pushing rather than pulling, since this will put less strain on your back muscles.

Where Can You Find The Weight Of A Particular Massage Chair?

There are a few places you can find the weight of a particular massage chair.

First, check the manufacturer’s website or product page. They should list the specifications for their chairs, including the weight.

If not, you can always contact the company directly and ask them for that information.

Finally, there are some third-party websites that keep track of massage chair weights (along with other specs) for different models. A quick Google search should reveal a few of these.

How Much Does The X77 Massage Chair Weigh?

The X77 massage chair weighs 251 lbs. and can handle a maximum user weight of 265 lbs.


As you can see massage chairs do not have a common weight and it is difficult to say what the ideal of a massage chair is.

Based on our research massage chairs can range from 150 to 400 lbs. With a maximum user weight of up to 375 lbs.

When buying a massage chair you should consider the features you want, who will be using the massage and how often you will be moving the massage chair around in your home.

We hope this helps you understand massage chairs better and helps inform your decision making process for this purchase towards your wellness.

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