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How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work + How To Get On It


Wondering about how to beat the Patek Philippe waiting list? We have the top 10 secrets for speeding up your next Patek purchase.

Want to know how the Patek Philippe waiting list works and how to easily get on it?

As we all know, Patek Philippe watches are some of the most desirable timepieces in the world of horology today.

But due to this high demand, acquiring one is nearly impossible for an ordinary person. You can’t expect to walk into an authorized Patek Philippe dealer and have them sell you one on the spot.

In fact, many collectors spend years trying to acquire a Patek Philippe watch. 

We have already shared with you how to beat the Rolex waiting list in our previous article.

So, if you are one of the interested customers who wants to buy a Patek but doesn’t want to wait for a long time, today we will show you some expert tips on how to shorten this process.

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Let’s dive in!

What Is The Patek Philippe Waiting List?

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

The Patek Philippe waiting list refers to the period of time when potential clients have to wait before they can purchase a new luxury watch from the brand. 

This waiting list involves a ranking system where customers are assessed and prioritized based on factors such as their prior purchase history, influence, ability to spend money, and other criteria. 

Customers only become eligible to receive new Patek Philippe watches from their authorized dealer after meeting these standards.

This process is not unique only to Patek as even Audemars Piguet has its own waiting list system.

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10 Factors To Beat The Patek Philippe Waiting List

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

#1. Work With Multiple Authorized Dealers

Visiting and checking with multiple Patek Philippe authorized dealers is one of the first things you need to do to increase your chance of acquiring a desirable watch from the brand.

Generally speaking, not all watch retailers are the same.

Some of them prioritize customers who have a good spending history with them. While most of them value the status and influence of their clients. 

Build a network and create a list of authorized dealers, as many as you can. After that, you’ll be able to choose which boutique or official dealer is the best to increase your chance of acquiring a new watch.

#2. Dress Smart

We always suggest that making yourself presentable and leaving a good first impression can positively impact your experience and potentially enhance your chances of acquiring a Patek Philippe timepiece.

Always remember that the moment you enter their business establishment, a well-dressed appearance often reveals your seriousness and how much you value the watch that you want to have.

Of course, not all ADs are like this. But most often, dealers are more likely to take your interest seriously based on your overall fashion and style.

#3. Grow Your Dealer Relationship

Establishing a strong and positive relationship with your chosen dealer is likely the most crucial factor to keep in mind if you aim to enhance your likelihood of obtaining your desired Patek Philippe watch.

You must remember that waiting lists are an arbitrary ranking system that gives official Patek Philippe dealers the luxury of deciding who to sell these incredibly popular watches. 

Be personable and build a solid connection with the sales associate and store manager to make it easier for them to remember, prioritize, and call you whenever they have a watch model that you want.

Ignoring this point can affect your bid to acquire a watch from them. Neglecting it can lead them to prioritize and sell to others since the market for these watches is substantial.

#4. Be Knowledgeable About Patek Philippe

Another sure fire tip is to have deep knowledge about Patek Philippe watches. This can set you apart from others and help you shorten the waiting list period. 

Understanding the watchmaking culture in Geneva, Switzerland, Patek’s popular models and their technical aspects can help you build credibility with your dealer and demonstrate your commitment to buying a watch.

Always remember to become the person they are eager to contact rather than the one who can easily be overlooked and forgotten.

#5. Let The Patek Philippe AD Know You Are Serious

The next tip goes hand in hand with the previous point.

In addition to demonstrating your knowledge about the product, you must also indicate to your chosen AD that you are a committed customer who is eager to put a Patek Philippe on your wrist immediately. 

Do your best to impress your chosen AD and assure them that when they contact you, they can expect you to visit their store as soon as possible and make a payment for the Patek Philippe watch that you want.

#6. Don’t Keep Changing Your Mind

Do your research beforehand, and be sure to be consistent on what Patek Philippe watch model you really want to have.

If you keep changing your mind about which Patek Philippe models to buy, this may reduce your chances of getting one as this makes you look less serious.

For example, if you wanted a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar last week but now prefer an Aquanaut, this could force you to the back of the waiting list again.

Remember that for your dealer, there is a fine line between a serious client and someone indecisive. 

This can also make your AD believe that you are not truly committed to buying a watch, which would result in not prioritizing your request.

#7. Don’t Say You’re A Watch Flipper

If you are into buying luxury watches as an investment, avoid openly admitting or declaring that you are buying watches to flip them later on the secondary market for a profit.


The short answer is that official watch retailers can get in trouble with brands if they are found to be selling to flippers. That is why they prioritize people who are not only willing to purchase a luxury timepiece but also people who will keep their watches for a long time.

Moreover, this will also limit the supply and demand in the pre-owned market, which may affect the retail price of their products.

#8. Build A Purchase History

Establishing a good purchase history with your authorized dealer is another effective method for fostering a strong rapport with them.

This doesn’t imply that you must acquire costly watches or high-end watch accessories. 

Simply purchasing items of value from your AD can significantly improve your position on their waiting lists, particularly when combined with the other tips we’ve previously discussed.

#9. Leverage Social Media Following

If you happen to be an influencer with a massive social media following, here’s another tip to help you bypass the Patek Philippe waiting list: leverage your online presence to generate engagement.

To do that, just go to your preferred AD, create engaging social media content about their watches, and tag them on your post. 

If you’re lucky and these posts start making a splash online, the dealer might notice your hard work and see you as a valuable customer worth their while. This means they might extend preferential treatment and prioritize you on their waiting list.

#10. Go To AD After Big Watch News

Each year, different watch brands introduce their latest timepiece models to the global watch community at the Baselworld event in Switzerland.

This event often encouraged collectors and enthusiasts to transfer their names from one waiting list to another, attracted by the allure of these new offerings. And this is exactly what happened when the new Pateks were introduced.

Due to this, the period following this event gives an ideal opportunity to visit your preferred AD and secure your position at the forefront of the waiting list, capitalizing on the tendency of others to shift to alternative waiting lists for newly released watch models.

Chart: Patek Philippe Waiting List Size And Wait Times

Knowing the exact waiting time for Patek Philippe watches is hard to predict as this was affected by several factors, such as the production capacity, trends and demand on the market, and many more.

But after weeks of studies and research, we have collated the table below to give you an overview of the average waiting time for each Patek Philippe watch.

Patek Philippe ModelAverage Wait Time
Patek Philippe Nautilus5 to 8 years
Patek Philippe Aquanaut3 to 5 years
Patek Philippe Calatrava1 year or less
Patek Philippe Complications3 to 5 years
Patek Philippe Grand Complications5 to 8 years
Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse1 to 3 years
Patek Philippe Gondolo4 to 6 years
Patek Philippe Twenty-42 to 3 years
Patek Philippe Vintage*Only available in grey market

Patek Philippe Nautilus Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 5 to 8 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the most iconic timepiece model and its classiest luxury sports watch line. Currently, they are also the most in-demand timepieces from the brand. These timepieces were designed by the legendary watch designer Gerald Genta in 1974.

Some of their most common complications are time and date, chronograph, moon phase, power reserve indicator, annual calendar, and perpetual calendar.

Due to their popularity and the current high demand for these models, they are amongst the most challenging timepieces to acquire from them.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 3 to 5 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

Another luxury sports watch line offered by the brand is the Patek Philippe Aquanaut. These timepieces are often more affordable than the Nautilus and are designed for more youthful customers. 

Launched in 1997, they are the first Patek Philippe watches originally paired with a rubber strap.

Despite being more affordable compared to the Nautilus line, Aquanaut watches maintain the exceptional craftsmanship and prestige that Patek Philippe is known for.

They are one of the most in-demand models by Patek Philippe, which has led to a considerable waiting list for enthusiasts and collectors.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 1 year or less

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava collection features timeless and classic designs. These round-shaped watches are known for their elegant touch, making them one of the most coveted dress watches in the market today. 

It is also one of the oldest and active watch lines in the current Patek Philippe catalog.

Although they only often have a date and time complication, if you want a brand new Calatrava, you must expect  9 months to 1 year before your dealer can give you one.

Patek Philippe Complications Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 3 to 5 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

The Patek Philippe Complication, as its name suggests, goes beyond the simplicity of timekeeping and offers a range of intricate functions and features besides telling time.

These timepieces often have two to three other complications that vary depending on the model of the watch.

Because they offer more features and functions, these hand-made watches take longer to create, which equates to the extended waiting time required to acquire them.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 5 to 8 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

Like the previous model above, Patek Philippe Grand Complications are watches that push the boundaries of Swiss watchmaking with their intricate and highly complex mechanisms.

These watches display the mastery of Patek Philippe in the art of watchmaking, showcasing their dedication to precision, innovation, and exceptional knowledge in the world of horology.

Currently, the Grandmaster Chime is the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch ever made, with a total of 20 complications with a reversible case and two independent dials. 

The development and assembly process of this watch takes a staggering 100,000 hours or more than 11 years. So, imagine this. If you want this watch, you really need to wait.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 1 to 3 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

First introduced in 1968, the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse watches are another dress watch model from the Swiss watchmaking brand. They feature an elliptical case between a circle and a rectangle. 

They are often paired with elegant watch dials that boost their overall refinement.

These timepieces draw inspiration from the concept of the “Golden Section,” a mathematical discovery made by ancient Greek mathematicians.

These time-only watches are less complicated than the other timepieces above. But you should still expect 1 to 3 years before having one unless you have built a strong relationship with your current dealer.

Patek Philippe Gondolo Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 4 to 6 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

Released in 1993, the Patek Philippe Gondolo watch embodies elegance, creativity, and adorning elements that make the model unique.

They are famous for their rectangular, tonneau, or cushion-shaped cases that showcase the contemporary interpretation of the Art Deco style. 

These watches are often made of precious metals like gold and platinum and adorned with precious gems and stones.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get hold of the model Gondolo. But if you are lucky enough to follow the tips we mentioned above, this can significantly shorten the waiting time needed for these watches.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Waitlist

Average Wait Time: 2 to 3 years

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

Known as the exclusive ladies’ watch of Patek Philippe, the Twenty-4 watch line combines timeless classiness with contemporary sophistication.

Introduced in 1998, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watch collection was created for women and remains so until today.

However, in terms of prioritization in Patek Philippe’s watch production, this model is one of the most limited, which is why the most common waiting time you need to spend to wear one is about 2 to 3 years.

Patek Philippe Vintage Waitlist

Average Wait Time: Only available in grey market

How Does The Patek Philippe Waiting List Work.

Vintage watches from Patek Philippe are available in various versions and models, each with unique charm and historical significance. 

Vintage Patek Philippe watches are considered to be a highly collectible item for many watch enthusiasts. These watches often appreciate value over time, making them both a passion and an investment.

These watches, however, are typically only available through the online secondary markets and have already been discontinued by the brand.

Patek Philippe Waiting List – FAQ

How long is the waitlist for a Patek Philippe?

The average waiting time for most desirable timepiece models from Patek Philippe often takes 8 years.

Do you have to pay upfront for a Patek Philippe?

No. You don’t have to pay upfront to be included in a Patek Philippe waiting list.

Do you have to pay a deposit for a Patek Philippe?

It depends upon your watch dealer. Some might request at least a 10% deposit. However, most ADs don’t require their clients to pay a deposit fee.  

Patek Philippe Waiting List – Conclusion

And there you have it! 

Those are the ten ways to beat the Patek Philippe waiting list. With this guide, we hope that we can help you shorten the wait time before you can get your very own Patek Philippe watch.

And if you want to know more about Patek Philippe timepieces, you should also check our article about five of the cheapest Patek Philippe watches you can buy online.

If you have questions, comments, and suggestions, feel free to leave us a message below!

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