Laser Hair Growth: Hairmax Laser Headband 82 Review

We know losing your hair sucks. You are seen as being ugly to the opposite sex. Nobody wants to be seen with a balding man or woman.

To combat your hair loss, there are a number of hair growth devices and options. 

But hair regrowth can become a very expensive treatment. Hair transplants cost more than $10,000!

Here comes the Hairmax Laserband 82!

Hairmax is one of the most well known and well respected brands in the laser hair growth space. The Hairmax laser devices are known to be cutting edge and produce results against hair loss.

Today we will review the Laserband 82 and provide you with everything to know before you decide to buy back your hair. Keep reading along!

Hairmax Laserband 82

The LaserBand 82 is the latest FDA cleared laser hair growth treatment from Hairmax. The new device is able to stimulate hair growth faster and easier than ever before. This device is able to deliver amazing results with its 82 medical grade lasers, soft-touch hair parting teeth, and a short treatment time.

Before & After Results

The Hairmax brand has been known to provide men and women around the world with thicker, stronger, and more healthy hair. To really understand the power of Hairmax’s laser devices you need to see real results.

Below are before and after photographs of users who have used the Laserband 82.

Before and After using the Hairmax Laserband 82

Hairmax Laserband 82 Key Features

Hairmax Laserband 82 Features
  • 82 Medical Grade Laser Diodes
  • Wide Hair Parting Teeth
  • Laser Coverage Across Scalp
  • FDA Approved
  • 2 Year Warranty

Hairmax Laserband 82 Cons

Results After Many Sessions

Although we saw results over time, the Hairmax LaserBand 82 takes a while to grow your hair back. This is due to less medical grade lasers compared to other laser hair growth devices.

Also, this laser headband has a relatively short treatment time and frequency, based on the instructions provided by Hairmax. 

We think you might be able to achieve better results and faster if you use the device longer and more frequently.

As always, you should test out the device by following the instructions and then scale up over time.

Weak Battery

While the Laserband 82 is lightweight and wireless, there is no clip-on battery pack included with this device. Therefore, the laser headband is not able to stay charged for long or many sessions.

To make this device easy enough to travel, the Hairmax headband uses a smaller built-in battery. This created a problem for us as we needed to constantly recharge and had to bring the charger with us everywhere.

Relatively Expensive

This laser hair growth device from Harimax absolutely works as intended. However, the price point is about the same as some of the laser hair caps we have tested.

This means you can get the same or better results from a laser hair cap for about the same price as this laser headband.

Hairmax Laserband 82 Pros

Hairmax Laserband 82 Laser Hair Growth Device
Hairmax Laserband 82 Laser Hair Growth Device

Hands-Free Device

Regrow your hair from the comfort of your home to gain back confidence and make yourself attractive again. The Hairmax Laserband 82 is small, compact, and cordless allowing you to walk around and handle other business while receiving hair regrowth treatment.

The hair growth device provides the power of 82 medical grade lasers without clunky cords and battery.

With the compact size we were also able to take the headband on vacation with us. This way we never had to skip any hair treatments ensuring our hair comes back faster.

Patented Teeth

A favorite feature of ours is the patented headband teeth. This makes this laser hair band highly effective when the wide teeth are paired with the powerful medical grade lasers.

The patented teeth are able to spread your existing hair follicles apart and deliver low level laser therapy directly onto your scalp.

Comfortable Fit

With the headband design, the Hairmax Laserband 82 is able to provide laser light across a section of your head. Due to the U-shape of the device, it was also able to sit tightly on our heads.

Furthermore, the patented teeth in this laser hair growth device makes sure that the headband never slips off while you are getting treatment.


Hairmax Laserband 82 Inbox View
Hairmax Laserband 82 Inbox View

Below is a list of important specifications and features included on the Hairmax Laserband 82:

Laser Diodes82 Lasers
Treatment Protocol1.5 minutes
Safety ClearanceFDA Clearance
DesignLaser Headband
BatteryRechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Our Final Thoughts

Providing consistent and uniform delivery of light energy, the Hairmax Laser Headband 82 is one the best laser hair growth devices for hair loss. The laser device is FDA cleared to treat thinning hair and other conditions such as androgenetic alopecia.

The Hairmax Laserband 82 features powerful lasers that deliver laser light for new hair growth unlike LED lights. The clinically proven device also includes state of the art soft touch teeth which allow for more effective treatment of your scalp.

We would recommend the Hairmax Laserband 82 if you are looking for the following features in your laser hair growth device:

  • Produces Significant Hair Growth: Whether you have male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss or hereditary hair loss, the Hairmax laser devices are known to produce real results. As we have experienced ourselves and seen countless testimonials, the Laserband 82 is able to promote new hair growth with consistent use
  • Delivers Therapeutic Light Energy: Without a power cord or heavy battery, you can place the Hairmax laser device on your head and comfortably receive laser therapy. The smooth delivery of laser energy is quick and unnoticeable
  • Provides Consistent and Uniform Delivery: Hairmax laser devices work to deliver direct light energy onto your scalp to awaken dormant hair follicles. To do this effectively, this laser headband spans across the top of your head to concentrate laser light and stop the hair thinning process

For more information on the Hairmax Laserband 82, check it out here.

How We Rate Laser Hair Growth Devices

On our site, we test and hands-on review many different laser hair growth products or devices. 

However, it is difficult to rank these products without strict rules. 

Below are the three main areas we look at when we review laser hair growth products or devices.

  1. Effectiveness – Is the product or device good at it’s job?
  2. Appearance – What does the device look like?
  3. Safety – Is the product or device dangerous? Do we need to be careful using them?

See Also: How We Rate Laser Therapy Devices


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