Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Massage Chair Review 2023: Our Honest Thoughts

The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune massage chair offers comfort and an impressive list of advanced therapeutic features at a budget-friendly price. So, we were eager to test it out for ourselves.

We carefully studied its functionality and thoroughly tested its programs, accessibility, and ability to perform advanced features like zero gravity recline. We also looked into Ergotec’s company history and the feedback received for their other products like the Ergotec ET-300 Jupiter massage chair.

Overall, we can say that the ET-150 Neptune is a relaxing and reliable option with multiple massage programs and a decent design build. However, we were disappointed that it didn’t allow for heavier bodies or taller body frames.

Overall, our rating for this massage chair is 3.5 out of 5.

We cover our in-depth analysis below. Let’s dive in!

What People Say About The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Massage Chair

Short on Time? See what the glad owners of the Ergotec ET-150 Neptune are saying about their chair.

Enjoyed By Friends And Family

Not only was the happy customer able to enjoy the massage chair, but so were their family and friends!

Ergotec Neptune enjoyed by family and friends

Total Relaxation

This joyful customer spent many months researching to find the right massage chair. They ultimately landed on the Ergotec ET-150 and could not be happier with their decision.

Ergotect ET 150 Neptune Provides Total Relaxation

Helped My Wife

The customer was at peace after they saw how this massage chair helped their wife’s body aches finally.

Ergotec ET 150 Neptune Massage Chair Helped My Wife

What Makes The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Special?

The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune is a robust and efficiently designed massage chair. It includes space saving design, at no expense to relaxation, to fit the chair anywhere in your office or home. This amazing product from Ergotech is a staple in the massage chair industry and is worth your consideration.

After we analyzed the features of this massage chair, we summarized our favorite features and their benefits that stood out to us.

Reflexology Foot Roller Massage

Ergotec ET 150 Neptune Massage Chair Foot Rollers

Targeting the main pressure points in your foot using pressure point spheres as well as a compression massage using the multiple airbags located along the side and back of your legs and feet.

Benefits of Reflexology Foot Roller Massage:

  • Foot rollers provide complete massage coverage of the body include feet and calves
  • Rollers relieve pain points in the feet and help you relax after working
  • Leg massage improves circulation (generally less circulation in lower extremities)

Zero Gravity Recline

Ergotec ET 150 Neptune Massage Chair Zero Gravity Recline

This position raises your feet above the heart. Designed by NASA engineers, the recline helps reduce pressure on your spine and improve blood circulation. When in this position you will feel weightless to maximize the therapeutic effect.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Recline:

  • Immediately reduces back pain
  • Minimizes amount of stress on heat and reduces any swelling
  • Improves flow of blood through vessels

Space Saving Technology

Ergotec ET 150 Neptune Massage Chair Space Saving Technology

Allows the distance between the wall and the massage chair to be a few inches. Chair owners do not have to worry about the massage chair damaging their walls.

Benefits of Space Saving Technology:

  • Lightweight design allows for moving chair with ease
  • Can fit device into tight corners
  • Makes chair suitable for small and bigger rooms

Other Key Features

  • 2D Quad Massage Rollers Technology: Providing you with pressurized massage strokes, a 2D massage kneads out stress from your back muscles. The quad style massage robot can also perform kneading, tapping, classing, and rolling massage techniques.
  • Heat Massage Therapy: Chair provides you with a relaxing sensation and loosens your lower back muscles by using heating pads. The additional heat will better prepare your body for a deeper and effective massage.
  • 43” L-Track: Following the curvature of your spine, L-track massage chairs allow the roller to move up and down your back from your neck to lower back to your gluteus. This design feature will ensure you get a luxury level massage.
  • Airbag Compression Massage Therapy: Throughout the chair there are air compression bags that inflate and deflate to provide your muscles with a humanistic feel and massage. The ET-150 Neptune provides the right amount of pressure for a relaxing Shiatsu massage covering your shoulders, arms, and hands.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Allows technology to connect to your smartphone or personal devices to play soothing music and also helps mute surrounding noises to prevent any interruption to the massage.
  • Intuitive Remote Control: Easy to read access control on the side helps you recline and pick which massage programs you want to run. The handheld remote displays each step of your massage and provides information about each massage action.

Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Pros And Cons


  • Wide frame to comfortably fit different body today
  • Airbags go all the way down to our legs and calves
  • Includes advanced features such as zero-gravity recline and heated lumbar massage


  • Chair dimensions cannot handle heavy or taller users

Chair Specifications

Ergotec ET 150 Neptune Massage Chair Specifications

Below is a list of important specifications and features included on the Ergotec ET-150 Neptune:

Roller Type3D Quad Roller
Roller Length43”
Roller Track TypeS-Track
Massage TechniquesKneading, Tapping, Clapping, Swedish
Total Airbags16 Airbags
Air MassageShoulders, Arms, Feet, Calves
Auto Programs5
Upright Dimensions55.5” x 29.1” x 41.7” (L” x W” x H”)
Reclined Dimensions65.7” x 29.1” x 32.1” (L” x W” x H”)
User Height Range5’0’’ to 6’0’’
Chair Weight187 pounds (lbs.)
Maximum Weight Capacity265 pounds (lbs.)
Color OptionsBrown, Gray

Who Should Buy The Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Massage Chair?

The Ergotec-150 Neptune massage chair may be the perfect product at this price point when we also consider the cheapest massage chairs.

When you’re looking for yourself or your family. The process to find the right massage chair can be intimidating. After reviewing all of the best massage chairs, the ET-150 Neptune stands out as a strong choice.

This Ergotect ET-150 Neptune is a great solution for people looking for a blend of comfort and affordability.

We would recommend the Ergotec ET-150 Neptune if you are looking for the following features in your massage chair:

  • Extreme Comfort: The Ergotec massage chair was designed to provide you with an ultra relaxing experience with their massage chair. This product uses top design principles and adds the latest therapeutic features to improve your experience.
  • Full Body Coverage: Ergotec wanted to make sure their chair provides massage therapy to the entire body and we think they have achieved it. All of your aches and pains from your neck to your feet will be relieved.
  • User Friendly System: Massage chairs can be daunting since they come with hundreds of different features and settings. With the ET-150 you can expect simplicity while not skipping on functionality.

For more information on the Ergotec ET-150 Neptune Massage Chair, check it out here.

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