REGROW HAIR: Does Red Light Therapy Help?

Picture a special type of light that is able to grow hair back on your head.

This light can take once bald areas, like crown balding, and restart the hair growth process. 

What light are we talking about?

Well, the therapeutic light being discussed is red light. And it has many benefits for your hair.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the red light hair growth solution.

Onto the light show!

What Is Red Light Therapy Treatment?

To know whether or not red light therapy works for hair growth we should probably explain to you what it is and how the therapy works.

First of all, red light therapy has many names. It is also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT), near infrared light treatment, and LED hair growth therapy to name a few.

As some of the names suggest, this therapy uses a kind of light from the visible light spectrum. Specifically red light.

And that is basically it. The treatment shines a specific color of light and that light unlocks many benefits. Including hair regrowth.

So why does red light help you and your body?

Well it has to do with your cell’s mitochondria. The powerhouse of the cell.

When provided with red light, the mitochondria are able to absorb the light and generate more energy.  This boosts the cell healing and regeneration cycle.

With better cell activity, your entire body benefits.

How Does Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth Work?

Now that you know what red light therapy is all about, let us tell you how it helps your hair grow. Or in other words slow hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by many factors such as age, genetics, diet, and stress.

Fortunately, there are proven solutions to slow the hair loss process down. If you can slow the hair loss process down then your hair will grow faster than you are losing it.

From above, we know that red light therapy boosts the cell healing and regeneration processes. And this boosted process can stop hair cells from going dormant.

With less dead hair cells, you will continue to regrow hair faster than you can lose it.

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth?

Time for the best news!

Red light therapy is clinically proven to promote hair growth results.

This means red light will help you grow longer and keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy.

But, how does red light therapy work for hair growth?

There are few reasons for why this treatment works so well for your hair.

First, the mitochondria in your hair cells absorb red light and, in turn, speed up the cell repair process.

Second, red light improves your body’s circulation and blood flow. This again leads to better cell health and thicker hair follicles.

Lastly, this type of light reduces free radicals floating in your body which prevent inflammation of your scalp.

This might sound intense, but it’s not. And the best part of all is that red light therapy treatments are 100% safe and non-invasive.

What Is The Best Red Light Wavelength For Hair Growth?

Red Light Wavelength For Hair Growth

Based on hair studies, the best wavelength of red light for hair growth is between 620-780 nanometers (nm). 

This range of wavelengths can penetrate the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth. 

Red light laser treatment has been shown to be an effective treatment for hair loss, and studies have shown that it can increase hair growth by up to 50%.

Cons Of Red Light Therapy

Now that we have spent a bunch of time talking about the benefits of red laser light therapy, let’s discuss the drawbacks.

While red light therapy devices are safe and good overall, there are some negatives. The first one being the cost.

With any life changing treatment, they can be more expensive than your average hair vitamins or DHT blocker supplements. 

Red laser light therapy will cost you a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars to get one of the best laser therapy hair growth devices.

This is a one time cost, but it is a decent amount of money.

In addition to the financial cost, there is a time cost.

If you have gotten braces or practiced your golf swing, you know that improving these things takes time. Your body needs some time to adjust and get better.

Similarly, red light therapy requires a few months to a year to see results for your hair.

Finally, the last downside of red light therapy is that it is best for early stages of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. So, it might not not work for everyone.

Red Light Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Side Effects

In general, you should be careful when trying out new treatments.

In particular, there are some important side effects of laser hair growth treatments.

There have been instances where red light treatment can interfere with some medications that you are taking for your health.

Also, red light therapy can increase your sensitivity to light. So you will want to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun.

Can low-level laser therapy cause cancer?

Fortunately, there are no known cases of cancer being caused by low level laser therapy. If anything, it is quite the opposite and red light therapy helps you.

How Long Does Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth Take To Work?

Like we mentioned earlier, red light therapy can take time for results to show up.

Even with the best laser hair growth caps, you will need to do multiple sessions per week for a few months to start seeing results.

So, how long for red light therapy results?

While results can differ for each person, you usually need to do red light therapy for at least three to six months.

Only then you can expect more hair growth and an increased hair count.

As we said above, there are always bad parts to go with the good.

But, if you have the time and money to invest, red light therapy is a game changer for your hair.

For detailed reviews of laser hair caps, see our reviews here.

Putting It All Together

Red light therapy also known as low level light therapy is a proven solution for hair regrowth and reversing hair loss.

The treatment works by shining a visible red light laser onto your scalp and boosting your hair cell cycle.

This results in increased hair density, more blood flow, and a reduction in inflammation.

On the flip side, red light therapy will cost you some time and money. Also, this treatment might not be right for everybody as it is best for people with early stage hair thinning.

But don’t worry, there are always cons for the pros. And the red light treatments’ benefits far outweigh any of the negatives.

Fact Checked by our Director of Dermatology We know that understanding how your skin and hair work can seem scary, so my team and I devote our time to thoroughly researching every single topic and product we write about. We hope you find our reviews helpful and informative.

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