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Should A Man Wear A Watch? (And Why They Need Them)


Do you want to be more attractive man? Then you should investigate getting a new watch. A watch demonstrates success and trustworthiness.

So once upon a time, only a few men could use a pocket watch or a wristwatch, as having one also symbolized a high social status.

But now that almost all of us have a multifunctional smartphone capable of telling the precise time of the day. 

So do we still need to wear a watch? Or is wearing a watch still necessary for modern gents?

For us, the short answer to these questions is yes.

Watches are still relevant, or rather a necessity, making them one of the best gift ideas for your dad or partner.

And to further discuss this topic, here is our detailed guide on why a man still needs to wear a watch.

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Should A Modern Man Wear A Watch?

Even though we now have advanced digital devices that can provide accurate timekeeping, there are still compelling reasons for a man to wear a watch beyond its primary task of telling time.

Besides their practical function, watches evolved into one of the most fashionable accessories men can wear.

They reflect their personality, sense of style, and the success they achieved in life.

Moreover, with the help of technology, modern wristwatches today offer various features that provide additional functionality and added benefits to their wearers, such as alarms, countdown timers, dual-time zone, and many more.

This makes wearing a watch still necessary for men, serving as both a statement piece and a functional tool for everyday use.

Why Is It Important For Men To Wear Watches?

The truth is, there are hundreds of reasons why you should wear a watch, even though we live in a fast-paced world where digital devices and gadgets can do a lot of things to help us in our daily lives.

But to sum it up, here are five reasons why wearing a watch is still necessary for men.

#5. Improved Style

Does A Man Need A Watch

If you want to instantly improve your style, wearing a watch is one of the easiest tricks you can do to enhance your overall look. 

A plain outfit can be transformed into a fashion statement when wearing a great watch.

These stylish accessories can add elegance and finesse to your overall outfit, thus, making you look more intelligent, confident, and trustworthy.

In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, wearing a watch on your wrist can make you look more responsible as well as organized. 

That is why some studies also show that wearing a watch during a job interview can improve the chance of getting hired.

#4. More Attractive

Does A Man Need A Watch

A watch is one of the most important accessories a man can wear.

Besides making you look more stylish and presentable, wearing watches can complete your look, which makes you more appealing to others.

As a matter of fact, some women find men wearing a wristwatch more attractive than a man with an unadorned wrist. 

This gives women the impression that a man who wears a watch values his time and is likely to be dependable.

#3. Very Convenient

Does A Man Need A Watch

As we all know, wearing a wristwatch is more convenient. 

Watches can provide accurate and accessible timekeeping. 

When you want to know the time, glancing at your wrist is much more effortless than bringing your phone out of your pocket or bag.

They are also more durable. 

Modern timepieces are designed to function even in extreme conditions. Most watches are built with high-quality materials with shock and water-resistant features.

Moreover, many modern watches offer additional functions and features beyond keeping track of time. 

This can give you an easier way of managing and doing various tasks without depending on another separate device.

#2. Display Craftsmanship

Does A Man Need A Watch

Like other masterworks of famous artists, watches can also display the exceptional craftsmanship of their makers. 

Luxury watches, especially high-end models, are made with intricate mechanisms and require precise and skillful hands that an average man cannot do. 

These timepieces have been assembled for months with meticulous attention to detail.

That is why most often, luxury watches have heavy price tags. Remember that they don’t only display the time. 

But also exhibit the creator’s experience, extensive knowledge, and impeccable skills.

#1. Prevents You From Being Stuck On Your Phone

Does A Man Need A Watch

The last and probably one of the most important reasons why people should still use watches to keep track of time is to prevent them from being “stuck” on their phones and reduce the amount of time they spend looking at screens.

It may sound simple, but this can mean a lot. 

Especially for people who are unaware that they are spending a lot of their precious time scrolling through their phones.

From our experience, using watches to keep track of time can help prevent you from getting preoccupied with notifications or other apps on your phone. This also means more time engaging with real people in the real world around you.

How Many Watches Should a Man Own?

Honestly, there is no hard rule on how many watches a man should own. As long as he has the money to afford it, then it’s good.

But for an average man, like many of us, we recommend having at least three types of watches that you can alternatively use on your wrist, depending on the situation and environment. 

These include a dress watch, a dive watch, and another watch as a casual everyday timepiece.

How Many Watches Should You Have In Your Collection?

Does A Man Need A Watch

Like the previous point, there is no hard rule on collecting watches. 

There is no minimum or maximum number of timepieces your collection should have. 

As long as you want to add one, then go for it!

But with many designs, brands, and functions available, you should be open-minded in picking the best piece that would suit your collection. 

And to give ideas on what watches you should collect, here are some of the most in-demand watches in the market. 

Dress Watches

Dress watches are famous for their classic watch design. 

Some of them are made of precious metals, adorned with gemstones like rubies and diamonds, and paired with a leather strap.

Because of their timeless elegance, dress watches are often used to attend formal gatherings such as parties, business meetings, and any other special occasion. 

But don’t get us wrong, dress watches are versatile and can also be used even in non-formal settings.

Diving Watches

Clearly stated by its name, diving watches are watch models designed to be used underwater.

They are highly resistant to water and often have screw-down crowns, rotating bezels, and highly legible watch dials.

But aside from using it underwater, they can also be a good companion even on land. 

These watches also feature a versatile and sporty design without compromising the comfort they can give while it is on your wrist.

Everyday Watches

Everyday watches are watch models that you can wear on a daily basis. 

These timepieces feature specifications suited for day-to-day needs. That is why when looking for an everyday watch, you must consider its versatility, comfort, and durability.

Most often, these watches offer a versatile design that complements the overall style and fashion of the man who wears them.

Tool Watch

Tool watches have at least one or more functions beyond keeping track of time. 

It is a timepiece that provides functional tools on the wrist. These include but are not limited to GMT functions, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator, and alarms. 

There are many variations of tool watch design as manufacturers like to experiment with forms to display these features and functions. 

But don’t worry, most tool watches are easy to read and user-friendly.

Racing Watch

Racing watches are also often called chronograph watches. 

They are equipped with functions such as a stopwatch to measure and record time and a tachymeter scale that is usually engraved on its bezel.

Its dial features two or three sub-dials intended to enhance the overall readability of the measured elapsed time by breaking down seconds, minutes, and hours separately. 

Does A Man Need A Watch – Conclusion

And that’s a wrap-up for now.

We hope that with this detailed article, you can now further appreciate the purpose of watches and fully understand why men should still wear this conventional timekeeping device.

If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to comment down below!

And if you are looking for the perfect watch gift for your husband, you can check out our most recommended timepieces that will fit his sense of style. 

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