Light Headed And Dizzy After Massage Therapy: What To Do

Getting a massage is a comforting experience where your body as well as your mind can decompress. After just a few minutes you can already feel your stress going away.

However, there are times where you feel dizzy after getting up from the massage table or massage chair.

So, if you are getting a massage for the first time or have gotten many already in your life, we will cover the different causes of dizziness and what you can do.


5 Causes Of Dizziness After A Massage

Causes Of Dizziness After A Massage

A massage is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Overall, there are many health benefits that you can gain from going to see a massage therapist or using a massage chair.

However, there are some minor side effects you can experience. One common side effect is dizziness. Below are five reasons as to why you feel dizzy after getting a massage from the therapist.

  • Postural Hypotension
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Prescription Medication
  • Toxic Shock

Causes Of Massage Dizziness

#5. Toxic Shock 

Toxic shock can cause massage dizziness because the toxins released by the bacteria can cause a person’s blood pressure to drop and their heart rate to increase. 

This can lead to lightheadedness and dizziness. Additionally, the toxins can also affect a person’s gag reflex, which can make them feel nauseous or vomit.

#4. Prescription Medication

Prescription Medications

Prescription drugs can cause dizziness because they can affect the way blood circulates in your body. Dizziness is often a side-effect of medications like antibiotics, painkillers, and antidepressants.

Massage can also cause dizziness because it increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. When you combine the effects of prescription drugs with those of massage, it’s no wonder that some people feel lightheaded and unsteady.

#3. Dehydration

The body senses dehydration and sends more blood to the brain in an effort to keep it functioning properly. 

This increase in blood flow to the brain creates a feeling of dizziness because there is not enough blood flowing to the rest of your body. It’s similar to when you stand up too quickly and feel lightheaded – that’s your body telling you that you’re not getting enough blood to your brain.

Massage can also cause dehydration because it increases sweat production, which leads to fluid loss. So if you’re dehydrated going into a massage, it’s even more likely that you’ll experience dizziness during or after the massage.

#2. High Blood Pressure

There are a few ways that high blood pressure can lead to massage dizziness. When the heart has to work harder than normal to pump blood, it can increase blood pressure and cause a condition called hypertension. 

This increased pressure in the arteries can cause blood flow to become restricted allowing less blood volume and lead to a number of health problems, including dizziness.

Another way that high blood pressure can lead to dizziness is by depriving the brain of oxygen. 

The brain needs a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood in order to function properly, and when there is not enough oxygen getting through because of high blood pressure, it can cause feelings of lightheadedness or dizziness.

#1. Postural Hypotension

Postural Hypotension

When a person’s blood pressure drops suddenly and significantly upon standing up, it is called postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension. This abnormally low blood pressure can cause symptoms such as lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision, and even fainting.

One possible explanation for why massage might make some people feel dizzy is that the sudden movement of the therapist’s hands combined with the increased blood flow to the head can cause a temporary decrease in blood flow and lower blood pressure. 

This decrease in blood pressure can lead to feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness for people who are susceptible to postural hypotension.

Is Dizziness After A Massage Normal?

It’s normal to feel a little dizzy after a massage, especially if you’ve had a deep tissue massage. It’s a sign that your body is releasing toxins and getting rid of the built-up waste products from the muscles. 

The good news is that it only lasts for a short while, and you’ll feel great afterward.

What To Do If You’re Dizzy After A Massage

Take your time. When you feel dizzy after a massage, it’s best to take it easy and avoid any sudden movements. 

Try to relax and drink plenty of fluids in the hours following your massage. If the feeling persists, or if you experience any other troubling symptoms, be sure to consult your doctor.

What Should I Do Beforehand?

There’s no need to do anything special before a massage. However, if you’re prone to dizziness or lightheadedness, it might help to drink plenty of fluids beforehand and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

It’s also a good idea to eat a light meal beforehand rather than going in on an empty stomach. 

And finally, make sure you tell your therapist if you have any health conditions or are pregnant so they can take appropriate precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Drive After A Massage?

Yes, it is safe to drive after a massage as long as you feel fine. Many people feel relaxed and refreshed after a massage, but it’s important to make sure you’re not feeling drowsy or out of it before getting behind the wheel.

If you have any concerns, it’s always best to check with your masseur or masseuse beforehand. 

Dramamine Before A Massage?

No, Dramamine is a medication meant to treat motion sickness. It is not recommended to be taken before a massage. 

Massages are meant to relax and loosen tense muscles, and should not be used as a means of preventing motion sickness.

How Long Does Dizziness Last After Massage?

The duration of dizziness after massage will vary depending on the person’s individual physiology and the type of massage they receive. Generally speaking, a more gentle and relaxing Swedish massage is less likely to cause dizziness than a deep-tissue massage that is more vigorous.

That being said, some people may experience a sense of lightheadedness or dizziness immediately after any type of massage, while others may not experience it until several hours later. If you do experience dizziness after your massage, it’s usually best to drink plenty of water and rest for a bit before returning to your normal activities.

Massage Dizziness – Conclusion

Getting a massage is a zen like experience. Your body is caressed to your liking and all of your aches and pains are wiped away. Overall, you cannot go wrong when going to see a therapist or using a massage chair.

However, you can walk away a bit uneven with your equilibrium off or feeling sick. There are a number of trigger points for why you are feeling weak and shaky.

To recap the five reasons why you might feel dizzy or nauseous after a massage.

  • Postural Hypotension
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Prescription Medication
  • Toxic Shock

If you are feeling this way then you want to understand why and potentially seek medical treatment.

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