Cost Of A Massage Chair: Guide On How Much Should You Spend On Them


Yes, massage chairs can actually cost that much. Let us tell you why.

For starters, it is because of the ultra luxurious italian leather, dynamic vibrations that you can barely hear, and a sturdy frame that makes you feel like you are floating.

Afterall, a good massage experience is a long term investment.

But, if you don’t want all of the bells and whistles, how much should you realistically spend on massage chairs?

Luckily, you are reading this and we have all of the answers for you when it comes to the cost of a massage chair. We have spoken to massage therapists and reviewed many massage chairs, so you don’t have to. 

Keep reading along!

What Makes Up A Massage Chair’s Price

Massage Chair Cost Drivers

There are two main drivers of massage chair price, features and performance. Performance determines how well the chair does its job and features are the unique ways your massage chair can help your body.

Below we will dive deeper into each driver.


When you try to find the cheapest massage chairs, not only will they lack performance, but the chairs will not have any of the below popular features for massage chairs.

Zero-GravityAllowing your spine to decompress, this technique stretches your legs and raises them about your heart. This creates a feeling of weightlessness.
Leg MassagersMassage rollers that specifically target your knees, calves, and thigh areas.
Head MassagersMassage rollers right below your headrest that specifically target your neck area and shoulder region. There are even chairs which can provide a scalp massage.
Body Scanning TechnologyCutting edge technology that will scan your body and find your pressure points allowing the massage rollers to target those areas.
Heat TherapyProviding a more effective massage, infrared heat helps ease tight muscles.
HydromassageBetween the massage chair’s machinery and upholstery, heat and water are combined to help relax tight muscles.


On top of having the latest features with the newest technology, higher cost massage chairs perform better.

For example, the rollers are not just 2D and are 3D or 4D massage technology with more dynamic motions and full body coverage.

With higher-end chairs you get more customization giving you the option to have multiple massage programs / modes that tackle different issues that you may have.

Finally, less expensive massage chairs have less durable materials and equipment. This means you will likely need to spend extra money on repairs or finding replacement parts when your chair breaks down.

How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost?

Generally speaking, a massage chair without all of the special features will cost you approximately $1,500. But, after reviewing 100+ massage chairs, a good massage chair cost will start around $2,500.

A good massage chair will not let you down and it will incorporate a mix of premium features like zero-gravity, heat therapy, and space saving design.

Massage chairs are thousands of dollars. So, to reduce your risk, you can expect your chair to come with a limited warranty that will typically cover labor and parts for one to five years.

Now, if you want the absolutely best, you should be ready to fork over at least $3,000 for a quality massage chair. However, the most advanced and best massage chairs can easily be more than $12,000.

Be Careful With Cheap Massage Chairs

Cheap Massage Chairs

Everyone wants to save money when they buy massage chairs. Before you do that, look through the below before you consider cutting costs and buy a cheaper model.

Risk Of InjuryCheaper massage chairs will come without dynamic machinery that can potentially harm your body and hurt your pressure points. 
Static mechanisms will work the same area repeatedly without any variation. These chairs may leave you less relaxed after use or in pain.
Poor FeaturesMassage chairs that are cheaply made will likely have features that are less effective. This means you won’t even feel the massage chair when it comes to vibrations or heat.
Bad Customer ServiceLower cost massage chairs sell often and quickly due to their price. But, this is also because new chairs are needed since cheaper models break or stop working properly. 
This means that customer service reps at these companies are not having great conversations with their customers which results in bad reviews and a negative reputation.
Hard To Find Parts And Repair Cheap massage chairs mean higher product turnover. This means certain models can have a short lifespan which makes finding replacement parts harder.
Additionally, repair workers might be cautious in wanting to fix your chair because they know this will be one of many fixes and finding parts will be harder over time.
Bad Or No WarrantyThe worst thing about cheaply made massage chairs is that there are promises made to get your money back if something is wrong with your massage chair.
Short-term warranties (less than one year) mean that the manufacturer doesn’t care about their reputation and that the product will malfunction or break down in the first year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost range for a zero gravity massage chair?

$1,600 to $12,000.

What is the cost range for a heated massage chair?

$1,600 to $12,000.

What is the cost range for a luxury massage chair?

$6,500 to $12,000.

What is the cost range for a hydromassage chair?

$2,800 to $20,000.

What is the cost range for a leg massage chair?

$1,600 to $12,000.

Is there a massage chair buy now pay later plan?

Yes, manufacturers offer buy now pay later (BNPL) plans for their massage chairs with providers such as Affirm and Klarna.


When you are buying a massage chair you will have hundreds of options from different manufacturers. These products will also have a wide price range.

Making the decision on which chair to buy is not simply choosing the lowest cost option and saving money. You will have to consider the main cost drivers to understand what you can live without and what you can expect with your purchase.

We hope the above better informs you on the costs of a massage chair and helps you find your perfect chair.

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