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5 Cheapest Omega Watches (More Affordable Luxury)


Check our list of cheapest Omega watches that you can buy online today. The cheapest Omega is the De Ville Prestige.

Ever wondered which Omega timepieces offer luxury that you can reach? 

Today, let’s answer that question and show you where to find them.

Omega is one of the most trusted watch brands not only in the US but also throughout the globe. 

They have become the official timekeepers of the Olympic games and several sports events which rely heavily on accurate timekeeping.

Omega is often compared to Rolex because of their watch’s quality and precision. 

Now, it’s time for us to share with our avid readers (like you) some of the most affordable mechanical watches from the Omega brand, just like when we featured the list of the cheapest Rolex watches.

The cheapest Omega watch overall is the Omega De Ville Prestige.

So if you are looking for your first Omega watch, read this detailed guide below and find out which Omega watch suits your style and budget.

What’s The Cheapest Omega Watch? 

Here are the 5 of the most affordable Omega watches on the market.

#1. Omega De Ville Prestige – $2,195

Cheapest Omega Watches.

First on our list is the Omega De Ville Prestige, one of the most acknowledged and a highly desirable luxury timepiece from the legendary Omega brand. 

Omega introduced this line of watches in 1994 to pay tribute to its predecessors, the iconic vintage models of the label.

These affordable Omega watches are famous for their classic style and understated vibe. 

The ​​De Ville Prestige showcases a stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass that protects its elegant blue dial adorned with slim hands and Roman numerals hour markers. 

It is run by a Co-Axial caliber 2500 with a power reserve of 48 hours and has been COSC-certified for its accuracy and precision.

  • Dimensions: 36.8mm diameter, 10mm thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire

With its competitive price, it is no surprise that this dress watch has been an affordable entry point for many men who want to buy their first watch.

The current pre-owned market price of the Omega De Ville Prestige is around $2,195.

#2. Omega Seamaster Quartz Chronometer – $2,250

Cheapest Omega Watches.

When we first held this watch, we immediately knew that the Omega Seamaster Quartz Chronometer is one of the most underrated dive watches we have ever tried. 

Omega Seamaster’s are absolutely stunning to look at and very comfortable to wear.

This watch features a stainless steel case, a rotating diving bezel, a helium escape valve, and a screw-down crown, perfect for recreational divers who want to explore the ocean. 

It also has a wave-designed blue dial with a date window paired with luminous hands and indices.

  • Dimensions: 36mm diameter, 12.5mm thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 300m
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Sapphire

They closely resemble the modern Omega Seamaster Diver 300m (their automatic counterpart), and the only difference between them is that models with quartz movement are slimmer and much lighter.

This discontinued model is available today in the secondary market for the price of $2,250.

#3. Omega Speedmaster Chronograph GMT – $2,615

Cheapest Omega Watches.

Next is the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph GMT.

Omega launched this watch model in 1993 for watch enthusiasts who are looking for something different, along with a few extra complications.

This Omega timepiece showcases a white dial with another three sub-dials for the chronograph function, 24-hour indicator, and day, date, and month aperture on its 12 o’clock. 

And besides its case bezel with tachymeter scale, it is also paired with a stainless steel bracelet, which completes its elegant and classy style.

It is powered by an in-house master chronometer movement with 42 hours of power reserve.

  • Dimensions: 39mm diameter, 14mm thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 50m
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire

Sadly, this model was discontinued and replaced by a much more modern Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, a timepiece inspired by the Omega Speedmaster Professional worn during the moon landing in the 1960s.

However, you can still find this exceptional timepiece in the pre-owned market for only $2,615.

#4. Omega Constellation – $2,900

Cheapest Omega Watches.

Another line of elegant dress watches is the Omega Constellation collection. And one of them is this 32mm Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer.

This watch features a distinctive black dial, an Omega logo on its 12 o’clock, luminous hands and markers, and a silver-tone bezel with engraved Roman numerals. 

At the heart of this luxurious timepiece is the Omega Master chronometer caliber 2500 with Co-Axial escapement, a revolutionary innovation for longer-lasting precision and stable power reserve rate.

  • Dimensions: 35mm diameter, 10.8mm thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire

It also has a sapphire crystal caseback where you can view the in-house automatic movement that powers the watch.

Omega Constellation watches can cost you around $2,900.

#5. Omega Aqua Terra – $3,995

Cheapest Omega Watches.

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra stands as a remarkable homage to the brand’s profound maritime legacy. It has a gray dial with a horizontal “teak” design inspired by the wooden decks of luxury sailboats.

Besides this, it also has a date window on its 6 o’clock position and blue-colored hands and indices with Super-LumiNova coating.

It is run by the in-house caliber 8900, a movement with Master Chronometer certification from the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), ensuring its unparalleled accuracy and preciseness.

  • Dimensions: 41mm diameter, 13.2mm thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 150m
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire

For its distinctive design and style, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch has been featured in different movies, including the James Bond Sky Fall movie in 2012.

A versatile timepiece that won’t break the bank, this model will only cost you $3,995.

How Much Is The Cheapest Omega?

From our research, the cheapest price for an Omega timepiece is around $2,195, which is the  Omega De Ville Prestige.

But note that this price only applies to pre-owned watches made by the company.

Also, the price may vary depending on the current state of the watch market. 

Sometimes a watch may decrease or increase its value and is often influenced by supply and demand in the watch market.

Omega Prices

The Omega watch brand has built its reputation as one of the household names in the Swiss watchmaking industry. 

As a result, their watch models have become some of the most sought-after timepieces in the market today, causing their prices to exceed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

And to give you an overview of Omega watches and their equivalent prices, here is an updated retail price table.

Omega De VilleStarting at $3,750
Omega SeamasterStarting at $5,100
Omega SpeedmasterStarting at $5,350
Omega ConstellationStarting at $5,850
Omega Aqua TerraStarting at $5,500
Omega GlobemasterStarting at $6,900
Omega OlympicStarting at $5,400
Omega Planet OceanStarting at $6,450
Omega RailmasterStarting at $4,900

Why Is Omega So Expensive?

Cheapest Omega Watches.


By the early 20th century, Omega already gained recognition for its timekeeping prowess in various sports events and international exhibitions. 

Since then, they have become the go-to timepieces of numerous athletes and famous celebrities, cementing their status as an emblem of precision and fine craftsmanship.

Today, wearing watches like the Omega Seamaster Railmaster and Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Professional does not only convey enormous wealth. The brand also represents a man’s success, diligence, and accomplishments. 

Quality Materials

To maintain the outstanding superiority of their watches, Omega only uses high-quality materials, such as 316L stainless steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance, a trait often sought after in the field of aeronautics.

This ensures that each timepiece not only meets but surpasses the strict standards set by experts across various industries.

Superior Craftsmanship

Omega has a long-standing reputation for producing top-tier timepieces that are meticulously created with attention to detail, precision, and innovative technology. 

Before releasing their watches to the market, they ensure that each timepiece undergoes various research and testing processes to guarantee their quality and functionality.

Limited Supply

Every year, Omega produces an estimated number of around 500,000 watches. However, due to the increasing demand for their timepieces, although the supply is high, it is still not enough for the growing market.

How To Save Money On An Omega?

Cheapest Omega Watches.

Size Is Important

One helpful tip when it comes to purchasing timepieces and saving a considerable amount is to opt for a smaller watch.

If you opt for a smaller watch, you could potentially save a few hundred dollars. 

However, if you have a larger wrist, this may pose an issue. Unless you’re comfortable sporting a watch that looks awkward on your wrist.


Learn how to negotiate. 

Generally, authorized dealers of Omega watches often add a slight markup to the price, allowing for potential negotiation and the possibility of lowering the initial price.

If you’ve learned this helpful skill, it will guarantee you save at least a few hundred dollars on every purchase.

Opt For A Leather or Rubber or NATO Strap 

Most often, opting for alternative straps like leather, rubber, or even NATO watch straps can lower the final cost of the watch. These materials are far cheaper than other precious metals like white gold or stainless steel.

When you’re looking to buy a new or pre-owned watch, it’s a good idea to ask the seller if there are any additional straps available. 

By doing so, you could potentially save a few dollars each time you make a watch purchase.

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Where To Buy Cheapest Omega?


For more than 20 years, Fashionphile cemented its place as one of the world’s top resellers of pre-owned luxury items, including Omega watches and other timepieces. 

They are known for curating high-quality supply and providing best-in-class shopping experiences for its customers.


Jomashop is one of the premier online shops who are selling some of the most sought-after luxury fashion items to customers around the globe. 

They are known to only sell 100% authentic new and pre-owned Omega watches and other luxury timepieces.

Bob’s Watches

With more than two decades of experience in the watch trade industry, Bob’s Watches has built a solid reputation as a respected dealer of authentic and affordable Patek Philippe watches. 

They also offer a money-back guarantee option if you’re not satisfied with their product.

Is Omega A Good Investment?

Omega models may not hold their value as Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. 

However, with the current trend in today’s market, some vintage Speedmaster models have increased in value over the past years, making them a potentially good investments for future profit.

About Omega

Since it was established by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848, the Omega watch brand became one of the most respected watchmaking companies in the world for their watch’s quality, design, and functionality.

In fact, in recent years, Omega has ranked second in terms of the highest number of watches sold worldwide, next only to Rolex.

Some of the most in-demand models from this brand are the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m, and the original Railmaster watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Omega more expensive than Rolex?

No. Generally speaking, Rolex watches can still be considered more expensive than Omega timepieces.

How much is the cheapest Omega Watch?

The most affordable Omega watch is the Omega De Ville Prestige, which is currently sold in the secondary market for $2,195.

Is it hard to get an Omega watch?

Getting an Omega watch is easier compared to other high-end brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Cheapest Omega Watches – Conclusion

And there you have it!

Those are five of the cheapest Omega watches in today’s market. With this guide, we hope you can choose the best timepiece that suits your personal style and financial capacity.

The cheapest Omega watch overall is the Omega De Ville Prestige.

And to sum up the list, here is a recap of the cheapest Omega watches:

#1. Omega De Ville Prestige – $2,195

#2. Omega Seamaster Quartz Chronometer – $2,250

#3. Omega Speedmaster Chronograph GMT – $2,615

#4. Omega Constellation – $2,900

#5. Omega Aqua Terra – $3,995

Now that you know about the most affordable timepieces from Omega, why don’t you check out our article about Omega Seamaster alternatives?

And if you have questions, comments, and suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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