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The 5 Best Watch Winders For Automatic Watches In 2023


Looking for options for watch winders? After days of review, we give you our the best watch winder picks.

The necessity of having an automatic watch winder is still an ongoing debate inside the watch community.

But for us, owning watch winders can be very beneficial if you have more than two automatic watches in your watch collection.

So if you are an avid collector like us (or aspiring to be one) who owns two or more watches, then this article is for you!

Today, we will share our detailed review of some of the best watch winders in the market that come with a very reasonable price, similar to what we did when we featured the best watch collector boxes.

We definitely choose the WOLF Windsor Heritage Double Winder as our top pick on this list due to its outstanding quality and effectiveness in winding our automatic watches.

But if you want to know more about this, continue reading this detailed review of the most in-demand watch winders in the market.

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5 Best Watch Winders From Affordable To Luxury

Here is a table summarizing the top watch winders watch enthusiasts recommend in 2023. If you want more details on what watch lovers think about a specific watch winder, keep reading along!

Watch WinderTypeNumber Of Watches
WOLF Windsor Heritage Double WinderBest Watch Winder Overall2
Modalo Watch WinderBest Multi Watch Winder3
LUKDOF Luxury Rolex Watch WinderBest Watch Winder For Rolex1
MOZSLY Watch WinderBest Dual Watch Winder2
Watch Winder Smith SingleBest Affordable Watch Winder1

#5. Watch Winder Smith Single

Check Current Price | Best Affordable Watch Winder

Best Watch Winders


  • Available for very affordable price points
  • Run by either battery power or an AC adapter


  • Can only accommodate a single watch at a time

Our Experience With Watch Winder Smith Single

Do you desperately need a watch winder for your watch collection but don’t have enough budget? 

If so, then try the Watch Winder Smith Single. 

It offers all the features and functions typically found on high-end watch winders, but at a very affordable price.

This single automatic watch winder has 4 winding programs with automatic clockwise/counterclockwise rotation to serve various watch winding needs and copy the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist.

It is also run by a Japanese Mabuchi motor with a noise-reduction feature to ensure a quiet and efficient operation that can be powered by two AA batteries or an AC adapter for convenient use.

Moreover, it features a 4 Leg “H” pillow design that can accommodate oversized watches while preventing watch instability during the winding process.

#4. MOZSLY Watch Winder

Check Current Price | Best Dual Watch Winder

Best Watch Winders


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Dual power supply


  • Have to screw and unscrew the cover each time you use it
  • Bright color is hard to blend in

Our Experience With MOZSLY Watch Winder

Next on our list is one of the aesthetically beautiful models of watch winders available in the market, the MOZSLY Watch Winder.

This double-watch winder features a durable case wrapped with dust-proof orange PU leather and a clear acrylic glass front panel giving this premier watch winder box a comfortable touch and a unique appearance that looks great with most watches.

It offers three winding directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional rotation) and 4 turn-per-day (TPD) mode settings to reach the ideal status of your watch’s power reserve level.

And like the previous model, this MOZSLY Double Watch Winder utilizes a highly reliable and extremely quiet Japanese motor so you can put it on your bedside table even while sleeping and be ready for the next day ahead.

It may appear and look like an expensive watch winder, but the truth is, it comes with a very budget-friendly price. 

So if you want to stylishly keep your watches wound, try this now!

#3. LUKDOF Luxury Rolex Watch Winder

Check Current Price | Best Rolex Watch Winder

Best Watch Winders


  • Offers more storage space for additional watches
  • Automatic motor-stop function


  • Requires constant plug-in to function
  • Takes up more space

Our Experience With LUKDOF Luxury Rolex Watch Winder

Want an inexpensive watch winder with storage space? 

If so, the best option is to go for the LUKDOF Watch Winder.

This single-watch winder has the design of much more expensive winders and also allows storage for another two watches. 

It showcases one winding slot lit by a soft blue LED light and two extra storage spaces for your other luxury watches like your Rolex.

Its exterior is made of the finest walnut wood and has a durable clear crystal glass cover.

The LUKDOF Watch Winder features an automatic motor-stop function, which stops the motor from functioning whenever you open the door of the winding slot to prevent possible accidents that may damage your watch while installing or removing them.

It is the perfect accessory that your luxury watch collection needs to keep them wound even if you’re not wearing them.

#2. Modalo Watch Winder

Check Current Price | Best Multi Watch Winder

Best Watch Winders


  • Stylish and elegant wooden design
  • Can wind multiple watches at a time


  • More pricey than other watch winders on the list

Our Experience With Modalo Watch Winder

One of our top picks for today is the Modalo Showtime MV4 Watch Winder, one of the most in-demand winders in the market and the go-to choice of numerous watch collectors. 

It is made by a German-based company that is also known for making high-end watch rolls and cases.

The Modalo Showtime MV4 features multiple winders that are run by the brand’s own silent motor with various winding programs that can be conveniently set using the innovative touch display features.

The case of this watch winder is made of New Zealand wood with a high-gloss piano lacquered finish. It also has a safety glass door with integrated LED illumination to highlight your collection while keeping the watch wound.

And the best part here is that the Modalo Showtime MV4 is one of the best watch winders you can buy for less than $1000.

#1. WOLF Windsor Heritage Double Winder

Check Current Price | Best Watch Winder Overall

Best Watch Winders


  • Pre-programmed rotation to prevent overwound
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Elegant design


  • Doesn’t have an LCD display

Our Experience With WOLF Windsor Heritage Double Winder

And for our favorite watch winder on the list, here is the WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder.

It has a two-watch winder slot that can do 900 turns per day in a pre-programmed rotation and even include sleep and pause phases to prevent your automatic watch from being overwound.

This particular Wolf Watch Winder is part of the Windsor Collection, a homage to the mid-century style that combines sharp colors and smooth edges to achieve a classic and modern style. 

It features a high-quality faux leather case and a synthetic leather interior.

Other features include silent nylon gears, a dual power supply, and a lock-in cuff to handle bigger, heavier automatic watches.

So if you want a superior watch winder without breaking the bank, we highly recommend the WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder.

In fact, we already have it too. So get yours now! 

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What Is A Watch Winder Box?

Winders are devices used for automatic watches to keep the watch running even if not worn for days. 

It also assists our timepieces in maintaining the time, date, and other functions on set. Watch winders are often designed to look like a box or a container.

It is an essential tool for enthusiasts with more than one watch in their personal collection to keep their timepieces constantly wound.

These watch winders work only for mechanical watches with automatic movements. 

If the wristwatch is manual-wound, these devices cannot keep the watch wound. 

This also applies to a quartz watch.

How To Pick A Watch Winder

We have a more detailed article that will show you how to pick the best watch winder for your old and new watches in your personal collection.

But to give you a short preview of this, here are some tips you need to know.

#1. Power

Some watch winders are battery-operated, and some must always be plugged in. Choosing between the two basically depends on your preference.

The good thing about having a battery-operated watch winder is that you can place it anywhere you want to display your watches. 

However, in plug-in watch winders, you don’t have to worry about frequent battery changes in winding your watch to fill up the power reserve.

#2. Noise

The noise from a watch winders motor is the first sign that you have bought a device that will not last long. 

This means that the watch winder is not finely crafted and made in mass production for the manufacturers profit.

Noisy motors are irritating for most of the people who have used them. 

You can commonly hear this complaint from people who buy a cheaper device without researching or knowing its quality.

#3. Quality

Always look for the quality of the watch winder more than its design and showmanship. 

Most watch winders on the market are low in quality, making them easier to break and prone to damage.

A quality watch winder is built with fine materials, making them more durable and can last long for years. 

Their motor is also shielded to prevent magnetizing the watch’s inner movement, which sometimes causes a wristwatch to work inaccurately.

Best Watch Winders – FAQ

What is the best watch winder for Rolex?

The best watch winder for your Rolex watch is the LUKDOF Watch Winder. Besides having a high-quality single-watch winder, it also has additional space for your other timepieces.

Is it ok to leave a Rolex on a watch winder?

Yes, it is. As long as your winder is properly configured for your wristwatch, your Rolex watch will be fine.

How do you keep an automatic watch when not wearing it?

The best way to keep your automatic watch when not wearing it is to place it inside a winder.

Besides protecting your watches, it can also keep them wound to maintain the time, date, and other functions on set.

Best Watch Winders – Conclusion

So that is it!

Those are our honest thoughts about some of the best watch winders in the market. With this guide, we hope you can now choose the ideal watch winder that fits your needs and budget.

Again, due to its exceptional quality and exceptional effectiveness, we definitely recommend the WOLF Windsor Heritage Double Winder.

And to have a short recap of our list of the best modern watch winders today, here it is!

#1. WOLF Windsor Heritage Double Winder

#2. Modalo Watch Winder

#3. LUKDOF Luxury Rolex Watch Winder

#4. MOZSLY Watch Winder

#5. Watch Winder Smith Single

Do you have questions or thoughts? Feel free to comment down below!

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