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10 Best Watch Brands That Hold Value You Can Invest In


Wondering which watch brands hold the highest resale value or increase high enough to profit? Our secret list covers to most investable watches.

Did you know that luxury watches are good long-term investments that can hold their value and can yield returns over time?

Yes, in fact, unlike sports cars and other high-fashion goods that depreciate in value once they are sold, some luxury watches experience the opposite.

So, if you are planning to buy valuable timepieces to invest in, let us help you!

Today, we will share with you some of the best luxury watch brands and their popular watches that are known to retain their value, making them the most worthwhile investment watches you can buy in the luxury watch market.

Keep reading our detailed guide below on the best watch brands for watch collectors who want to invest in luxury timepieces.

Watch Investments + Will My Luxury Watch Hold Its Value?

Want to buy luxury watches as investment pieces? Then that’s good! 

But you should know that although luxury watches are generally profitable in the long run, not all timepieces can hold their value. 

Moreover, there are watch models, even though they come from a renowned luxury brand, are still pretty hard to resell in the pre-owned market.

Picking the best watches out there is not an easy task. But if you know what luxury brands to choose from and what models would most likely retain their value or appreciate over time, then you are on the right track to make a profit.

Luxury Watch Brands That Hold Their Value

Here are ten luxury watch brands that hold and increase in value.

#10. Breitling

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Established in 1884, Breitling is a Swiss luxury watch brand known for creating watches with precision-made chronometers in a classic style designed for the aviation industry. 

All of their watch models, from mechanical to quartz, are powered by COSC-certified movements and made with exceptional quality, making them one of the most respectable Swiss watchmakers in the watch industry.

The most recognizable and in-demand timepieces in their current active catalog are the Breitling Navitimer BO1 Chronograph models.

This pilot’s watch features a circular slide-rule bezel, which allows pilots to conduct various computations and conversions essential to their flight navigation. This unique feature can be used to calculate airspeed, rate of climb or descent, and time/distance calculations.

#9. Cartier

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Want to buy watches with timeless appeal and made in high-quality materials? Then you can never go wrong with Cartier watches.

They are one of the most famous luxury brands in the watch industry and are often chosen as the go-to timepiece of high-profile men and women. This fact contributes to the desirability and value retention of their watches.

The cheapest Cartier watches have a retail price that can range from $4,000 to $7,000, making them a good investment classic timepiece if you are just starting to build your luxury watch collection.

They have several iconic watches in their catalog. But the best investment grade model made by the brand is the world-famous Cartier Tank.

#8. Jaeger LeCoultre

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

The Jaeger-LeCoultre is another iconic luxury watch brand respected for its long history of innovation and superb watchmaking prowess.

This Swiss watchmaker may not be as famous as other watch brands on this list. But those who know their watches will surely agree that they belong in the upper echelon of the watchmaking industry.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are favored by many watch enthusiasts for their elegance that perfectly showcases modern-classic designs. 

But more than that, they are also highly regarded for their complicated and ultra-thin watches.

One of their best-known vintage models that still retains its value up to this date is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch that was introduced in the 1930s. 

In fact, until today, this watch is considered one of the best square and rectangular watches in the market.

#7. Tag Heuer

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Due to their high-precision chronographs, Tag Heuer won many prominent partnerships for almost a century that cemented their place in the watchmaking industry, especially when they became the official timekeeper of Formula 1 racing.

Tag Heuer watches are synonymous with the world of motorsport. So it’s no surprise that legendary racers and other sports superstars can be spotted wearing their best-limited edition watches. 

Because of this, their brand recognition continues to soar high, helping their watches hold their value more effectively compared to others.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph remains their best-selling model and one of the hottest pre-owned watches in the grey market today.

#6. Tudor

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Established in 1926, Tudor was established by none other than Hans Wilsdorf, the same gentleman behind the world-famous Rolex brand. 

Tudor offers much more affordable timepieces in the watch market without compromising its quality, precision, and designs, which we think are embedded in its Rolex DNA.

And like their Rolex counterparts, Tudor watches are known for their great resale value. And one of our favorite models from the brand is the Tudor Black Bay.

Inspired by the Rolex Submariner, this luxury timepiece model features a stainless steel case, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a black sunburst dial. It is also paired with a polished three-link steel bracelet for maximum comfort and additional style.

#5. Omega

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Omega watch brand holds the 2nd place for the most popular watches in the whole world (next only to Rolex). 

In their long watchmaking history, we can say that only a few brands can match their achievements. Some of their legacy includes being the official timekeeper of the Olympic games, the first watch worn on the moon, and introducing the Co-Axial Escapement.

Due to these accomplishments, their watches became the watch favorites of many collectors and enthusiasts from all walks of life. In fact, even James Bond even wears them too!

The most iconic timepiece and top-performing piece in their watch collections is the Omega Speedmaster model. Although they are not the cheapest Omega watches, they are definitely the most desirable among their timepieces from an investment perspective.

#4. Vacheron Constantin

As one of the oldest watchmakers and a member of the “Holy Trinity” of the watchmaking industry, there is no doubt that the Vacheron Constantin watches will have a special place on this list of brands that hold value.

Vacheron Constantin watches are highly respected for their high craftsmanship standards, timeless designs, and intricate watch movements that amaze the whole watch world.

Their authentic approach to watchmaking is reflected through the initial value of their timepiece, which can be priced to tens of thousands of dollars even in the secondary market.

The best valued models from the brand can be found in their Historiques collection.

#3. Audemars Piguet

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Audemars Piguet watches definitely must be considered if you are looking for a watch that can retain its value for a long time, even if used. 

Like the previous brand, it is a member of the “Holy Trinity,” widely regarded for its outstanding watchmaking prowess, unique aesthetics, and use of cutting-edge technology to create exceptional timepieces that can last for a lifetime.

Besides its exclusivity, the limited production of its timepieces results in long waiting lists for Audemars Piguet watches, which most likely makes their wristwatches highly coveted in the watch community.

The best watches in their collections are the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak models, designed by the legendary Gerald Genta.

#2. Patek Philippe

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

The Patek Philippe is the final member of the “Holy Trinity” of the watch world. But although they are the last, this doesn’t mean that they are inferior compared to the others.

And even if you ask any serious watch collectors, they will all agree that Patek Philippe watches can be considered the grail timepieces in the community.

Their workshops are known to create some of the most highly complicated watches that the world has ever seen. Every timepiece from them is made in the best possible way based on the highest possible standard of watchmaking.

However, they are also known for their astronomical price. But don’t worry. There are still affordable Patek Philippe watches available, and one of them is the Patek Philippe Calatrava.

But if you want a surefire timepiece famous for its value retention, the best choice for you is the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

#1. Rolex

Best Watch Brands That Hold Value

Rolex watches don’t need any introduction, as everybody knows the brand, right?

And the fact that they are the most famous watchmakers in the world makes Rolex watches hold their value more effectively than others. Even their simple vintage watches can still be worth thousands of dollars today.

This popularity is due to their excellent quality, iconic designs, and incredible durability, proven by their long history of exceptional watchmaking reputation.

Some of the best investment watches from the brand are the Rolex GMT-Master II and the Rolex Day-Date. But actually, for us, any Rolex watch will do.

Which Watch Brand Has The Best Resale Value?

According to our research, Rolex watches still reign as the best investment timepieces due to their outstanding capability to retain their value and even increase their resale worth over the years.

In fact, we personally observed these traits after we thoroughly compared Rolex to Omega watches to find out which is really the best between them in terms of sales.

What Watches Are Rising In Value?

Although Rolex still holds the top position in terms of most watches sold for the longest time, even in the pre-owned market, we cannot deny that Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are starting to challenge this norm. 

So don’t be surprised if the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or the Patek Philippe Nautilus will become the next most in-demand timepieces in the market.

Watches That Hold Value – Conclusion

And we’re done!

Those are 10 of the best luxury watch brands in the market that are known to hold their value. With this guide, we hope you can now choose the best investment timepiece that will suit your preference and budget.

And to have a short recap, here are 10 of the best watch brands that can retain their value:

#1. Rolex

#2. Patek Philippe

#3. Audemars Piguet

#4. Vacheron Constantin

#5. Omega

#6. Tudor

#7. Tag Heuer

#8. Jaeger LeCoultre

#9. Cartier

#10. Breitling

And if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a message below!

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