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The 3 Best Rubber Straps For Watches From Affordable To Luxury In 2023


Looking for a comfortable yet elegant replacement for your watch strap? Discover our 3 favorite rubber watch straps that will give you versatility, comfort, and style.

Which type of watch strap is the most comfortable?

Rubber of course!

Like NATO straps, rubber straps are also a favorite among watch enthusiasts for their comfort, versatility, and performance.

So if you are looking for a high-quality rubber strap that you can trust with your precious timepiece, look no further!

With our top picks of best rubber watch straps, picking the best choice for you could be as easy as slipping on your favorite timepiece.

Recently we shared our top picks for the best watch case travel to travel comfortably, so today, we will be sharing a list of comfortable rubber straps you will love.

Our best overall rubber watch straps are Horus Watch Straps. They are made for their quality, unique design, and functionality.

But if you want to know more, read our detailed reviews below!

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The Best Rubber Watch Straps

Rubber Watch StrapType
Horus Watch StrapsBest Rubber Watch Strap Overall
BARTON Tropical-Style 2.0 Watch BandBest High Quality Rubber Watch Strap
Hadley-Roma Men’s Genuine Silicone Watch StrapBest Luxury Rubber Watch Strap

#3. Hadley-Roma Men’s Genuine Silicone Watch Strap

Check Current Price | Best Luxury Rubber Watch Strap

Best Rubber Straps For Watches


  • Water-resistant rubber strap
  • Tear-proof
  • Made for professional divers


  • Thicker than other silicone straps

Our Experience With Hadley-Roma Men’s Genuine Silicone Watch Strap

The Hadley-Roma Men’s Silicone Watch Strap is one of the elite silicone-made bracelets and one of the most in-demand straps on the market today.

It is made with hypo-allergenic black silicone rubber with a silky smooth finish for comfort and aesthetics.

This completely waterproof synthetic rubber strap comes with a stainless steel buckle, quick-release spring bars, and different color variations of stitching (yellow, blue, orange, red, and white) to add a stylish and personalized touch to the design.

Durable and comfortable, this is an ideal accessory to partner with your dive watches or other luxury watches in your collection. 

Perfect for professional scuba divers or even casual watch wearers.

In fact, the black rubber strap fits completely well when we pair it with our Rolex watches.

And the best thing here is the quality you can get at a very reasonable price compared to other rubber straps and watch bands in the market.

#2. BARTON Tropical-Style 2.0 Watch Band

Check Current Price | Best High Quality Rubber Watch Strap

Best Rubber Straps For Watches


  • Features a quick-release mechanism
  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • Compatible with any traditional or smart watches


  • Sizing holes are far apart
  • Stiffer than other rubber straps in the market

Our Experience With BARTON Tropical-Style 2.0 Watch Band

Tired of using stainless steel bracelets and yet has an affinity for vintage style? 

If so, the BARTON Tropical-Style 2.0 Watch Band would definitely fit your wants and needs.

Versatile and stylish, this tropic watch strap has a basket weave pattern with diamond-shaped perforation, which gives a unique vintage and quintessential 1960s Caribbean style.

This tropic strap is made with premium rubber and combined with BARTON’s signature brushed stainless steel buckle, which helps ensure that your watch is secured in your wrist, no matter what you do or even in front of an extreme environment.

This quick-release strap allows you to swap watch bands in seconds to compliment your wardrobe or mix and match.

Besides having different color variations of tropic-style straps, it also offers a wide selection of band sizes to cater to any wrist size you have.

Definitely, one of our preferred rubber strap options to pair with our personal watch collection.

#1. Horus Watch Straps

Check Current Price | Best Rubber Watch Strap Overall

Best Rubber Straps For Watches


  • Offers specific rubbers straps for different watch models
  • Made of high-quality artificial and natural rubber
  • Has an incredibly soft rubber material


  • More pricey than the others

Our Experience With Horus Watch Straps

And our top pick for the best rubber watch straps is the Horus watch straps


Simply because of its versatility, durability, and comfort it gives. 

And if you haven’t heard Horus yet, they are currently one of the most trusted watch strap companies in the watch industry.

Every watch needs a good strap, but not all straps in the market today are as durable as this. Their rubber watch band is made of high-quality material to ensure comfort and longevity. They also come with a preinstalled 18mm tang buckle in your choice of color.

Horus Watch Straps offers a wide variation of colors, styles, and sizes that can perfectly match different high-end watch brands and models.

So if you are looking for a gorgeous, reliable, comfortable rubber strap to pair with your luxury watches, then try the Horus Watch Straps now!

What Is The Point Of A Rubber Watch Strap?

Best Rubber Straps for Watches

Many of us think that rubber bands are specifically for easygoing timekeepers only. 

But the truth is, rubber watch straps have a lot to offer, and their advantages outweigh their limitations. 

And to know what makes these rubber watch straps special, here are a few benefits.


Rubber watch straps come in diverse designs, textures, and colors, making them a perfect partner for your dress watch in casual settings or sports watch for adventurous outdoor activities.

In fact, many high-end watch brands today use rubber watch bands to pair even the most elegant dress watches in their catalog. 

So it’s fair to say that these watch straps deserve more recognition, right?


When it comes to comfort, we are 100% sure that nothing beats modern straps made of rubber.

They are soft, lightweight, and flexible, which provides a comfortable fit on your wrist compared to stiff budget leather straps or unsized metal bracelets.


Rubber watch straps are known for their durability. 

They are dust and waterproof, can withstand extreme weather, and don’t easily get damaged with regular use. That is why many pilot and dive watches are made or offer an option for this kind of watch band.

Which Watches Look Best With A Rubber Watch Strap?

#1. Diver Watches

Due to its practical and functional nature, rubber straps are a popular choice for people who use a dive watch in their jobs or in their passion.

Their water resistance feature and ability to withstand exposure to moisture make them a perfect partner for your dive watches.

For example, when paired with Tissot Seastar you get modern looking style and aesthetics.

Best Rubber Straps For Watches

#2. Dress Watches

As we said earlier, many prominent watch brands prefer to pair their dress watches with rubber straps for their versatility and different side of elegance. 

And to prove that rubber watch bands can be sleek and stunning when paired with dress watches.

For instance, you can try this out with the Hamilton Watch Ventura Elvis80. 

The black rubber strap complements the classy dial of the timepiece, which provides a more stylish look and completes its overall elegant design.

Best Rubber Straps For Watches

#3. Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are known for their multiple sub-dials and timekeeping functions used in sports, particularly in professional car racing. 

With their nature, a rubber strap unquestionably can enhance the sporty appeal of these watches.

One example of this is the top-selling Longines Hydroconquest Automatic Chronograph Men’s watch. 

Sporty yet elegant, this timepiece is one of the best chronograph models for value and can stylishly be matched with rubber straps.

Best Rubber Straps For Watches

How To Change Your Rubber Watch Strap? 6 Steps To Follow

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to change your rubber watch strap.

  1. Prepare your tools, specifically your spring bar remover or small screwdriver.
  2. Find the gap between the spring bar and the watch case. Insert the tip of your tool into the gap and gently push the spring bar to release it from the lug. Do this to the other side of the strap.
  3. Take the new strap and align it with the watch case. 
  4. Insert one end of the spring bar into a lug hole of the watch case until it clicks into place.
  5. While guiding the strap onto the lug on the opposite side of the watch, use the spring bar tool to press or lift the other end of the spring bar inward.
  6. Once the new strap is attached, ensure that both ends of the spring bar are firmly seated in the lugs.

You can watch the video below for more information and a visual guide on how to safely change the rubber strap on your own.

Rubber Watch Straps – FAQ

Are Rubber Watch straps still popular?

Yes. Because of the versatility, durability, and comfortability it offers to its wearer, rubber watch straps will become more and more appreciated.

Can you put a Rubber Watch strap on any watch?

No. Although rubber watch straps are versatile, some types of watches may not be as suitable or compatible with the rubber strap, especially extremely thin timepieces and heavily customized watches.

Does Rolex make Rubber Watch straps?

Yes, Rolex introduced its first rubber strap in 2015, the Oysterflex bracelet.

Rubber Watch Straps – Conclusion

And there you have it! 

Those are our top picks for the best rubber straps available in the market today. 

With these watch straps, you can now enjoy outstanding comfort, durability, and style while effortlessly boosting the look of your precious timepiece.

Again, the Horus Watch strap is the best overall rubber strap for watches due to its quality and functionality that you can trust.

And for a short recap, here are 3 of the best rubber straps you must try:

#1. Horus Watch Straps

#2. BARTON Tropical-Style 2.0 Watch Band

#3. Hadley-Roma Men’s Genuine Silicone Watch Strap

And if you have questions, inquiries, or comments, feel free to leave a message below! 

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