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The 10 Best Blogs And Magazines For Watch Enthusiasts


Confused about where to start learn about watches or get the latest watch industry news? Discover the best watch blogs and online platforms here!

Are you looking for a reliable watch blog to help you learn about watch collecting or keep up with the latest watch news and trends inside the watch industry?

Then you are probably not alone.

As the number of watch enthusiasts grow, the need for accurate and reliable information and guides about watch collecting also increases.

There are plenty of books about watches, but you can also take your education online.

Luckily, many blogs, magazines, and social media channels feature the latest trends, in-depth watch reviews, and publish historical articles and specific technological advancements within the wonderful world of horology.

Of course, this includes our site,

But if you want to know our own list of other top-watch blogs that we continue to keep track of, check out our list of the best watch blogs and magazines tailored for watch lovers like us.

Read on to find out!

The 10 Best Watch Blogs For Watch Collectors

If you are looking for in-depth articles about watch culture and watch industry news, here are 10 of the best online platforms we recommend.

#10. Worn & Wound

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Worn & Wound is an independently owned watch blog established by watch enthusiasts in 2011. The main goal of this website is to make watch collecting more accessible and fun for everyone.

This online magazine features a broad range of content about watch business news, luxury watch reviews, and watch advice, and now even offers podcasts.

Besides publishing compelling content through extensive research, they made it more exciting by adding high-resolution photos and HD videos.

#9. Two Broke Watch Snobs

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

The Two Broke Watch Snobs is an online platform for watch collectors who want to read in-depth reviews about exquisite timepieces, from vintage watches to new watch models from various watch brands. 

They also feature the luxury lifestyle of watch collectors, news about watch collector events, and news reviews within the watchmaking industry.

This project was started by Mike Penate and Kaz Mirza, initially by making podcasts until they finally launched their website in March of 2017.

#8. Watches You Can Afford

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

As its name describes itself, Watches You Can Afford is an online magazine that gives honest and thorough reviews for affordable wristwatches. Like the Time Bum was launched on the belief that value-driven watches also deserve attention.

They are known for their familiarity and knowledge of reviewing watches made by independent or less-known watch brands, such as Casio G-Shock, Citizen, Timex, and many more.

All of their contents are penned by prominent expert watch reviewers led by their Chief Editor and owner, Adrian Prisca.

#7. Fratello Watches

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Fratello Watches is a global online magazine dedicated to helping the watch community grow by publishing interesting stories about fine watchmaking and luxury timepiece reviews.

In 2004, with a deep understanding of fine watches, Robert-Jan Broer created an educational, entertaining, and fun website to cater to the needs of watch collectors around the world for reliable information and watch industry news.

Over the years, Fratello has assembled a crew of experienced editors and skilled photographers, and they all share a deep passion for watches, which makes their content more enjoyable and fascinating to read.

#6. The Slender Wrist

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Slender Wrist is one of the best watch blogs that offer informative buying guides, watch reviews and other informative content watch enthusiasts care about.

Their content is focused on giving the best tips, tricks, and reviews, especially about men’s luxury watches for small wrists.

The content of this luxury watch blog is written by a hand-picked squad of watch enthusiasts who represent a wide range of styles and budgets. 

It was established and founded by Brock McGoff, who also serves as the editor-in-chief of the online platform.

#5. Time and Tide Watches

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

If you are researching online about luxury watches, there is a big chance that you have already seen Time and Tide watch blog. 

They are Australia’s number watch blog and one of the world’s leading publishers of watch news and reviews about different models of timepieces from multiple watch brands. 

From the vintage watch from Patek Philippe to the much more modern Rolex watches to much more affordable watches from TAG Heuer and Hamilton pieces, they extensively cover a wide array of contents, leaving no watch enthusiast’s inquiries unaddressed.

Their website also serves as a one-stop shop for watch geeks looking to buy affordable watches and watch straps.

#4. Wrist Enthusiast

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Wrist Enthusiast is one of the most popular watch blog sites today. They offer a wide scope of content for aficionados, such as watch spotting, watch collection overviews, and other recent watch news.

It was initially established by a litigation attorney and social media consultant, Craig Karger, as an Instagram account in 2015 before it launched itself as a complete watch blog in 2021 and built a new team of editors and writers who also share admiration for fine watches.

#3. A Blog To Watch

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

A Blog To Watch is one of the pioneers in creating content about luxury watches.

And just what you expect in a real OG of watch journalism, it is trusted by millions of its users and is read in more than 200 countries by watch geeks from all places in the world.

Founded in 2007 by Ariel Adams, A Blog To Watch has been enlightening and connecting watch enthusiasts and buyers with the most intriguing and outstanding watches available in the market.

Like Haute Time, this blog site is one of the most trusted online resources for luxury watch industry news, watch reviews, and step-by-step guides on exploring the horological world.

#2. Teddy Baldassarre

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Teddy Baldassarre founded the website and company named after him that focuses on educating new and seasoned watch collectors around the world.

He started this by creating a Youtube channel in 2017 and slowly built one of the fastest-growing retail companies in the US, which is known for selling watches with more than 25,000 customers served globally.

His watch blog contents are made by Teddy’s team of industry watch experts and content creators, which connects the modern customer with the luxury watch brands of tomorrow.

Today he has more than a million social media followers and is now an authorized retailer of more than 40 prominent watch brands.

#1. Hodinkee

Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts

Finally, the last and unarguably one of the best watch blogs in the online platform today is the Hodinkee.

Hodinkee is a New York-based online platform company founded by Benjamin Clymer as a simple pet project in 2008.

And in the course of 11 years since its establishment, the simple online watch pages became the world’s most trusted online magazine that shares curated information about luxury watches and other industry news.

It has been featured prominently in major international media outlets and received multiple awards for its outstanding online presence as one of the best watch blogs for watch lovers.

Today, besides publishing watch industry news and interesting watch reviews, their online platform also became an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and other famous brands.

Best Watch Blogs – Conclusion

And we’re done! 

Those are our list of some of the best watch blogs you may want to visit to enhance and broaden your knowledge about the exciting world of horology. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed and learned something new with this guide.

And if you want to know more about watches, check out our article about starting a luxury watch collection.

Now if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave us a message below.

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