3 Reasons For Why You Should Store Your Skin Care Products In A Fridge

It is great that you are finally getting a grip on your skincare routine. But, if your bathroom counter looks anything like ours, then it is covered with products. These products range from cleansers and moisturizers all the way to facial serums. However, keeping all of your products out in the open isn’t actually good for you.

Leaving your products exposed to heat from your showers or the room temperature is making your skin care products less useful. So what is the solution to maximizing the products you bought with your hard earned money? A skincare fridge. Storing your products in this mini fridge will actually improve the results of your skincare regimen. Keep scrolling down, in this article we will talk through all of the benefits by adding this game-changing storage device.

Benefits Of A Beauty Fridge

3 Benefits Of A Beauty Fridge

So why should I buy a forty pound mini fridge to store my skin care products? When you are in between a lady’s or guy’s facial, you want to maximize your at-home routine. Getting a mini beauty fridge will help you do that. Below we will discuss the top three reasons for why a skincare fridge helps your skin.

Increase The Shelf Life Of Your Products

Generally, most products include ingredients that can live at room temperature. However, there are a few ingredients that decay faster in warm temperatures. Unfortunately, the two most important ingredients that heat can negatively impact are vitamin C and retinol. Both of these ingredients are good for anti-aging. Storing products with vitamin C and retinol in a refrigerator can extend the lifespan chemically and extend their expiration date. That way you don’t have to throw away products even if they aren’t finished.

Chilled Products Provide Skin Benefits

The main advantage you gain by storing your anti-aging products in a skin care fridge is the physical benefit of colder temperatures. First, applying chilled products reduces inflammation and puffiness of your skin. That is why using a chilled jade roller or applying cold eye cream can prevent under eye bags. Additionally, using cold products stored in a fridge are more soothing for you. The cooling effect will allow you to relax. Sit back and enjoy your skin improving.

Increased Efficacy Of Chilled Skin Care Products

Storing your skin products in a mini fridge can also improve their efficacy. This means that your products actually work better than they normally would after being chilled. When you store beauty products in a fridge, they change back from active to an inactive state more slowly. Also, the cooler temperatures help lock your pores and seal the moisture in keeping your skin hydrated. Therefore, by keeping your skincare products in a fridge, the benefits of each product are enhanced. 

What To Store In Your Skin Care Fridge

Which Products You Should Be Storing In A Fridge

Overall, you can pretty much store all of your skincare products in your fridge. However it may make more sense to only store the products that you use more frequently. This will help you save space. Also, by only storing the essentials you can keep better track of your skincare routine. Below is a list of beauty products that could be stored in your beauty fridge.

  • Cleansers
  • Toners
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers
  • Anti-Aging Creams
  • Eye Creams
  • Lip Balms
  • Gel Sheet Masks
  • Jade Rollers

What Not To Store In Your Skin Care Fridge

Generally all of your skincare products can be kept in a refrigerator. However, there are a few items that you may not want to throw in there. Items you should not put away in a skincare fridge are the following: 

  • Clay Masks
  • Oils, such as Coconut Oil

The reason it doesn’t make sense to place these two products in the fridge is due to their chemical structure. Both clay masks or oils don’t conduct heat or cold very well. Also, for some types of masks, the cold temperature can harden their texture. This makes the products more difficult to apply. Typically, you want to be storing gel-based products in your fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Ideal Temperature For A Skin Care Fridge?

The ideal temperature range for a beauty fridge is between 40 to 50 degrees. Keeping your products in a fridge at this temperature will provide you with many benefits. By storing at a cooler temperature, your skin products will last longer, work better, and help your skin relax. If you want to store at even colder temperatures, you want to use a regular refrigerator.

How Much Do Skincare Fridges Cost?

On average the best skincare mini fridges cost approximately $100. These refrigerators can range from $50 to $150. Compared to a regular refrigerator, these mini fridges are a fraction of the cost. If you have the space and want to keep your facial in optimal condition, then these luxury fridges are definitely worth the investment.

Do Skincare Fridges Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Compared to conventional refrigerators, skincare fridges do not use a lot of electricity. A beauty fridge typically cannot go lower than approximately 40 degrees. Traditional refrigerators can go significantly lower. Therefore, traditional fridges consume much more energy due to their wider range of temperatures.

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Putting It All Together

Overall, skin product fridges are a great place to keep your products while you are in between facials. Once you are ready for your at-home skincare routine, your chilled skincare products will be ready to go. The main benefits of keeping your anti-aging products in a fridge are improvement in lifespan, increased efficacy, and relaxation. If you want to get a simple but perfect solution for storing your skincare arsenal then skin fridges are it. 

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