Before Going To The Salon: Discover The Best Haircuts For Balding Men in 2024

Sooner or later you know it’s going to happen. Every man will have to deal with a phase in their lives where they have a receding hairline. This is a depressing stress ridden time where you have to live through losing hair after hair.

But, life doesn’t have to be terrible at all. We have done the research for you and found the best short hairstyles for guys that are on their way to male pattern baldness or have receding hairlines.

In this article we give you our best tips on how to style your hair when balding and a gallery of trendy hairstyles for balding men. Let’s go! 

According to many professional barbers, a balding haircut that is trending for men today is the crew cut. What makes this style great for those battling hair loss is the simplicity of the cut which gives your hair a thicker look. If you’re looking for an alternative to a shaved head, this is it!

This popular hairstyle is also known as a stylish military cut which features a high and tight cut skin fade with short hair on the sides with a slightly longer top.

Furthermore, the crew cut is a masculine and ageless look that takes a clean approach to all sides of your head. Essentially you have shorter hair on the top with even shorter hair on the sides and back. To close out this short hairstyle, your neckline and sideburns are tapered or squared off.

But, guys should be careful in trying to give themselves a crew cut. To make sure you pull off this look, you should have a professional razor off the edges of your hairline.

On the other hand, if you are a guy with naturally curly hair, then having a long moppy or messy look can help cover a balding crown and hide other thinner hair areas.

How To Maintain Receding Hair

If you have a bald patch forming on your head, it may be challenging to pull off a nice coiffe. However, we have some tricks for you to get around it.

For example, adding height to your hair is a way to help balding guys. With this style, you will need a section of hair that is longer in length on the top of your head and a shaved down bald patch towards the back. You can then pull the long hair over towards the back. The slicked hair will then cover bald spots.

Another style that works is a short and messy look. With this style, you are distracting onlookers away from the area of baldness. You might want to stay away from pompadour or quiff hairstyles.

Incorporating a gradual fade is another possible hairstyle to hide thinning hair. Here you will want to request your barber to fade the back of your head while keeping the top of your head short.

Finally, to maintain balding hair, you should get a haircut every five to six weeks. Compared to men with full heads of hair, men that are losing hair can afford to wait longer to get their haircut. Just make sure that the sides, back, and hairline are not too unkempt.

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Hair Products To Consider

Hair products are absolutely necessary if your hair is in the thinning or in the balding phase. Here the focus should be on products that increase the hair volume and give the illusion of thick hair.

Products that increase volume well are boost powders. Although not well known, you can find these products at good local barber shops or online. This product usually comes in the form of a powder rather than paste. Boost powders are great for guys with light colored or blonde thinning hair.

Alternatively, if you have long curly thin hair then you should keep your hair long and use a product to keep it in place. Do not cut it shorter. Given your hair is still growing, long moppy hair will do a good job at covering up balding.

​​Cover Baldness With Color

Unfortunately, guys with balding hair should not try to dye their hair as poorly colored hair will just draw attention to the thinning areas. If you absolutely want to color your hair, then get it done professionally. But, we think you should just work with your natural or gray hair. 

Another issue for guys with baldness when it comes to coloring their hair is maintenance. If you have to cut your hair every few weeks you will also have to reapply the color. We think the juice isn’t worth the squeeze in this situation.

Here is some inspiration for you, if you are looking for the best hairstyles for balding men. Below are a few celebrities that have made their thinning hair work for them.

Jude Law

Jude Law Balding Hairstyle

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Balding Hairstyle

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Balding Hairstyle

Jason Statham

Jason Statham Balding Hairstyle

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Balding Hairstyle

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Balding Hairstyle

Matt Damon

Matt Damon Balding Hairstyle

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Balding Hairstyle

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Balding Hairstyle

Adam Levine

Adam Levine Balding Hairstyle

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