Are Massages Good For Scoliosis? Answer Explained

Imagine waking up everyday in the morning in pain. It is a nagging feeling with very little you can do.

The pain is from scoliosis and it is causing you discomfort across your back.

So what can be done? Well, you have to go to physical therapy sessions for starters.

But, another remedy for this painful condition is massage therapy. Studies have shown that it can be beneficial in many ways for scoliosis patients.

To find how you can incorporate massage therapy and some of its benefits. Keep reading along!

Can A Massage Help With Scoliosis?

The simple answer is yes, a massage can help with scoliosis. Regular massage therapy can help to decrease pain, improve joint mobility, and relax muscles. 

All of these benefits can be helpful for those managing scoliosis. In addition, massage therapy can help to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, both of which are important for people with scoliosis.

One additional reason to get massages is that massage therapy makes it easier for people with scoliosis to remain at home and still be able to exercise.

5 Best Massage Techniques For Scoliosis

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When it comes to remedying scoliosis, there are a handful of massages that help manage the condition. Here are the best massage techniques as scoliosis treatments.

#5. Cranial Sacral Therapy

First, let’s understand what cranial sacral therapy is. Cranial sacral therapy is a type of massage that focuses on the head and neck region. 

This area is called the craniosacral system, and it includes the bones of the skull, spinal column, and pelvis. By gently manipulating these bones, practitioners believe they can relieve tension in the body and improve overall health.

Now that we know what cranial sacral therapy is, let’s talk about how to give a massage for scoliosis specifically. 

When massaging someone with scoliosis, you’ll want to focus on relieving tension in the muscles that run along the spine. These muscles can become very tight due to the abnormal curve.

If you ever feel discomfort or experience any acute pain, make sure you go and see a professional right away.

#4. Swedish Massage

There are many ways to give a Swedish massage for scoliosis since it depends on the individual’s specific condition. However, there are some basic steps you can follow below:

  1. Begin by warming up the muscles with a light gentle massage
  2. Second, use long and smooth strokes to massage the affected or area in pain
  3. Apply gradual pressure to the area and use more force as you move down the spine and back
  4. Lastly, finish up by applying heat to the area gently

#3. Shiatsu Massage

The best way to give a Shiatsu massage when you have scoliosis is to customize the massage based on your severity and spinal curvature. For more general steps, see the following:

  1. Begin by putting the patient in a comfy position with their back facing you
  2. Next, have them lie down on their back with pillows underneath their head and knees
  3. Put one hand on top of the other and rest them on the patient’s upper back, right above the waistline
  4. Apply gradual pressure with your fingers and thumbs to the areas of the spine which are curved sideways. Massage this region in a circular motion for two to three minutes
  5. Repeat these steps for each side of the spine

#2. Myofascial Release

A myofascial release is a type of massage that targets the body’s connective tissue. This massage can be extremely helpful for people with scoliosis, because it can release tension in the tight muscles and surrounding tissues. 

To provide a myofascial release massage for scoliosis, you will need to find the areas of tightness in your back and work on loosening them up. This will require gentle strokes using your fingertips and/or using tools such as tennis balls or foam rollers. 

#1. Deep Tissue Scoliosis Massage

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the person receiving the deep tissue massage is comfortable and relaxed. This may require gently stretching the muscles before the actual massage and using pillows to support the body during the massage. 

For technique, a massage therapist will use slow, smooth strokes and apply pressure gradually so as not to cause discomfort. The strokes will be applied across your upper to lower back.

For the areas with tight muscles or have muscle spasms, then you may have to use an elbow or knuckles to loosen knots and relieve tension.

Benefits Of Scoliosis Massage

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A massage can provide a number of benefits to those that are suffering from scoliosis. Here are some of the main benefits of getting a scoliosis massage.

#5. Improved Sleep

When you massage the spine you are able to help improve your sleep because sleep massages help improve circulation of blood and lymph. 

When these fluids are allowed to flow freely, toxins are removed and the function of your nervous system is improved. Ultimately this will help you get a good night’s sleep.

#4. Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Massages can help with mobility and flexibility by loosening up your muscles and fascia around the spine. 

This will help to improve range of motion and make it easier to move around. Additionally, massage can help to relieve tension in the muscles, which can cause pain and stiffness.

#3. More Blood Circulation

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that occurs when the vertebrae in the spine become misshapen. 

This happens for a number of reasons, including congenital abnormalities, neuromuscular conditions, or even from habitual poor posture. 

Over time, this sideways curvature can start to compress the spine and nerves, causing pain and numbness of the limbs. 

The condition can also lead to less blood circulation since the extra pressure on the blood vessels in your spine can restrict blood flow.

The reason why massages help here is because of the increase in movement of your lymph. The additional flow of lymph will increase blood flow and also reduce inflammation at the same time.

#2. Better Bodily Awareness and Increased Sensitivity

There are a few ways that scoliosis massages can help with body awareness. 

First, it can help to increase your bodily awareness and sensitivity to your own body. This means that you’ll be more aware of the body’s position and how it feels when you move.

Second, a scoliosis massage can help to increase your awareness of other people’s bodies. This is helpful when you can’t orient yourself to others.

When you’re more aware of other people’s bodies, you can better understand their nonverbal communication and react accordingly.

#1. Improved Mental Health

The primary benefit of a scoliosis massage is to help you relax and de-stress. 

The gentle, fluid movements help to release tensions in your muscles and joints, which can lead to improved mental clarity and a more positive outlook on life. 

Also, the massages can be quite therapeutic and comforting, providing a much needed sense of calm and relaxation. 

Finally, because massages are usually performed with the use of essential massage oils, scoliosis massages can also help to improve your sense of smell, which is another key element in promoting good mental health.


Massage therapy is often used for everyday relaxation and stress relief or massages can be used for cancer patients. However, it can also be utilized to treat scoliosis patients to help manage their muscle pain and provide pain relief in addition to their regular physical therapy.

Scoliosis massages provide a variety of benefits including better sleep, mental health, and decreased blood pressure. For those that have to deal with this condition on a regular basis, these benefits could mean a lot!

Finally, to give you some tips on how to incorporate a scoliosis massage into your physical therapy. We provide the best five massage techniques for scoliosis.

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