How To Get The Patrick Bateman Haircut (From American Psycho)

If you are a fan of psychological horror films, there’s no chance you still haven’t watched the movie American Psycho. This film is about a wealthy bank executive named Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) that hides his alternate psychopathic character from his true nature. 

This is a film adaptation of a 1991 novel written by Bret Easton Ellis that was highly regarded by film critics and most people who have seen it.

But more than the plot of the film and the acting skills of its cast, many fans admire the haircut Christian Bale wears in this particular movie.

So if you are one of us who admire not only the film but also the Christian Bale hairstyle, let’s learn more about this together in this article. Let’s go!

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What Is The Patrick Bateman Haircut?

Christian Bale American Psycho

The actual cut of Patrick Bateman in this movie is none other than the slicked-back hairstyle. This style gets its inspiration from the favorite hairstyle of Wall Street in the mid-80s.

The slick-back with a side part Christian Bale haircut would fit with most men’s hair texture. If you have wavy natural hair, it will look good to you, but this would be picture-perfect for men with straight hair.

If you have enough hair length and want a professional clean look, this is another reason you should go for this Christian Bale haircut. This can be worn by men with medium-length to long hair.

But if you are still hesitating and afraid that you will end up looking out of fashion because of this 80s Patrick Bateman hairstyle, don’t worry. This iconic slick-back hairstyle will never grow old. In fact, this is still one of the most trendy and stylish hairstyles in the fashion industry today.

How To Get The Patrick Bateman Haircut

If you are interested in having this cool and sleek hairstyle, then here are some tips on how to get the best Christian Bale haircut:

#1. Have Patience

If you have short hair, we suggest that you should patiently wait a little bit more for at least two to three months. To wear this hairstyle, you should have at least medium-length to long hair to style your hair backward to your head properly.

With that length, styling your Christian Bale haircuts will never gonna be a problem. It will give you more room to style it the way you want. You can go for the classic and smooth American Psycho look or for a much messier contemporary style.

#2. Get A Quality Haircut

Of course, it is impossible even to imagine that you can have the haircut Christian Bale has without having a visit to your barber and having a great haircut.

To get this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair at a specific length around your head. This style is pretty easy to cut on your own, but we suggest getting your hair cut by an expert who knows how to work with long hair with slick styles to avoid any mistakes.

#3. Use Quality Hair Product

Having high-quality hair products such as gel or hairspray is essential to replicate a nice-looking Christian Bale hairstyle that could stand out among the rest. This will ensure that you can get the right texture for your hair and maintain the shape of your desired look that can last all day long.

Is This Haircut Right For You?

Christian Bale American Psycho

We know that you are here because you are interested in getting a Christian Bale haircut. We understand that because we want to have it too. But the question is, is this haircut best for you?

To answer that, let’s talk about our face shape features. Not all hairstyles can be worn by anyone who wants them because not all haircuts can suit their face shape.

And for this particular American Psycho cut, this would perfectly work with men with square faces. But this can still be rocked even if you have a round face. This can also be partnered with a beard if you want a much more mature look to complement your overall style.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Patrick Bateman Haircut

To order this kind of haircut, talk to your barber and tell them the exact details of what you want them to do with your head full of hair.

Tell your barber the length of the hairstyle you want. In the front, hair should be at least 2 inches while maintaining at least 1 1/2 inches of hair in the middle or crown area.

Meanwhile, leave at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches of hair on the sides and for the nape area on the back of your neck. This will give you the classic look of a Christian Bale hairstyle.

To make sure that you would get the same hairstyle you want, you can also bring a picture to your barber for him to fully understand the look that you want to have.

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How To Style The American Psycho Haircut

Christian Bale American Psycho

Now that you get the haircut you want, you must also learn how to style it on your own. To do this, here are some tips and step-by-step ways to groom this haircut:

  1. Take a shower and wash your hair and scalp with shampoo to remove dirt and excess natural oil from the hair. Rinse and towel dry.
  2. While your hair is slightly wet, brush or comb it to get it into a slick back shape. You can also blow dry the damp hair to completely dry it.
  3. Add some pomade or hair wax. This will give the texture and the illusion of thick hair. It would also provide the shine it needs for a much classier look.
  4. After adding products, comb or brush the hair backward. Blow dry the hair from front to back.
  5. Lastly, you can use a hair spray on hair strands that are still sticking out. This will also help to set your hair for the rest of the day.
Malin Goetz Pomade

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Patrick Bateman’s haircut from American Psycho?

The Patrick Bateman haircut in the American Psycho movie is called the square haircut with a slick back.

Can I wear a slicked back haircut in a casual setting?

Patrick Bateman’s slicked-backed hairstyle can be worn in casual or any setting. But this is best for a corporate environment such as on Wall Street.

Can I get a Patrick Bateman haircut with curly hair?

Yes, you can but don’t expect it to look like Christian Bale’s hairstyle that he wore in the American Psycho film. To replicate it, you might need to straighten your hair first.

Patrick Bateman Haircut – Summary

Those are things you need to know about Patrick Bateman’s haircut. We hope that with this guide, you can recreate this iconic hairstyle in your head.

And now that we know how to have this classic hairstyle, this is the time for us to check the difference between the two go-to hairstyle options for the modern gents of today – the pompadour vs. the quiff.

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